Friday, November 28, 2008


The Tickets :

*WARNING : There might be spoilers of some movie so beware if you are reading it and not want me to spoil it for you :) *

OH MY EDWARD, it was just awesome, My expectations were way better but hey nothing is perfect! Atleast there is a movie :) It was pretty good, i like the way everyone reacted. When the Movie started everyone was like "SHHHHHHHH" Besides that, When the Cullens were walking into the cafeteria everyone was like "AHH OMG!" But then when EDWARD came in everyone was "OMG HIS SO HOT!!" it was awesome. A friend of mind who set bellow next to my guy friend was literally screaming! LOL. Anyways, i hate malaysia for cutting the MOST interesting and intense part of the movie which is the "kissing scene" i was like waiting for the to kiss! It was like the slowest kiss ever but they freaking cut the scene! PFFT! It was so fustrating! I want the DVD so badly. Actually i want to watch the movie again. HEHEHE.
Oh yeah, My favourite scene was the ending the kissing scene it was so romantic!
anyways i 'll just stop here on twilight becase i might spoil it for anyone whom has not watched it yet.

So anyways, SAM was bored out of his wits at the movie, he poured the whole popcorn on himself seriously something wrong with him.. even most of the guys liked the movie!

Before the movie me,my mom,my friend,my sis,grandma,grandaunt went to jusco for this jcard sale. It was so pack that i was suffocating and i got restless. Anyways, i bought myself a new jeans and a hoodie jacket :) Oh and i bought hair curlers too! hehehe.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emotional Day.

Today was a very distraught day. The burial Day for my grandfather.
Last night, i slept at 3 am, my 3 cousins were here too and so was my grandaunt's and aunty's. My 3 cousin's and i stayed up. One of my cousin's was the earliest to sleep on the couch. At about 3 am my other cousin and i fell asleep. While my cousin brother stay up untill 6am to take care of the coffin'. My 2 cousin's left at 6 something in the morning while me and my other cousin slept through untill 6 something i woke up untill 7 we both when upstairs to sleep on our cosy bed. At about 8 something we were awaken by my grandaunt as we need to get ready for the burial day. We had to wear black, as this is my first christian funeral, im actually a budhist but my grandfather is a christian so yeah. We had to wear black. I think about 10 something everyone started to arrive and the memorial service started . It was conducted by my uncle who is a pastor. I didn't join them ,i was sitting with my cousin on the other end. Then it was the last time to pay our final FINAL respects . Everyone lineup and await for their turn. My family was the last because my father said so. It was very emotinal. When we bow 3 times together and went to look at him for the last time. All of us cried it was so sad. I took my final look and walk away. My maid too cried hard. *sighs* They carried the coffin into the van and we wait turning our back towards it as it is known as bad luck to look at it. When all was settle we got into the car well me and my cousin's. The other relatives walked behind the van for a short distance before turning back to their car to follow the van out to the cemetry. I watch my grandmother in tears and it was sad looking at her like this it made me want to cry. So after everyone went back to the car my uncle the first son drive behind the van followed by my dad's car and so on. It was i think about 1 hour drive to the place as it was in nilai. The place looked very peaceful and very clean. Looks like a hotel for the dead. *gulp* . We had a short singing ceremony and speech then it was time to put the coffin down. We turn our backs once again untill it was down. We each received a flower to throw it in to the grave. Once again, my family was one of the last to throw it in. All in all it was quite an experience. Finally everything was done and we went for Lunch at one of the restaurants, the food was luscious. We went home after washing ourselves with the water with flower inside ( don't know what to call it) . That's about it .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

r.i.p grandfather (kong kong)

My friend and Me
The Thing that i made for my grandad's display thingy.
i'll try get pictures so you can see what the funeral did look like.

What a day. Yesterday, i went to one of my skating friend's house for a sleepover it was overall not so bad. After christmas practice which was a mess i followed her home to leave our stuff there. At about 10 am we left for mines wonderland to attend a 'chinese book fair' which was very boring since i have no idea how to read. We went there is also because her little sister went for this computer competition. I end up going back with nothing but my sister and my friend bought a few books. (that reminds me my sister owe's me RM 5 ) . We went home about 3pm and refresh ourselves with a nice shower. At night, we watched tv in her little cinema room which was awesome, it really looked like a cinema with the projector and curtains. We watched about 4 movie's. My sister eventually slept at 12 am, while me and my friend were watching movie - come to think about it i was on my lappy =) . At about 12 something i received news from my dad that my grandfather had passed away and i didn't know what to feel eventhough he live's in my house but i was never really close to him so yeah but i think it was best for him after suffering for a long life. 'So, god bless him and may he rest in peace.'

So i slept at about 2 am? and soon later my friend too fell asleep. I woke up at the sound of the tv blaring so i hit the button play so it wouldn't repeat the whole same thing again and went back to sleep. At 8 am i was awaken by my phone alarm and i didn't went back to sleep. We eventually left at 12 pm to pyramid to visit my dad's shop for a moment, there NH teached me how to use photoshop, finally i understand how to use it but im still on the blur side.. So anyway when i went home i saw the coffin and i freaked out so i went to change and went to see, i did overcome the fear and it wasn't that bad anymore. At about 8pm people started to arrive to show wish their deepest condolences. It's kind of like a party too and a funeral. People liked my cucpakes that i just made and im happy to hear that!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


No work today. So i did not do much, really. I was just chilling in my room practically on the laptop for the whole day. I started reading twilight again for the second time and i forgot how addicting it was. Even reading it for the second time i was still eager to read it. Oh yeah i for all the words that i did not understand i took the effort to look it up on the dictionary. I did not doodle much on my black book today but i did take some pictures which i have posted above.
Twilight next thursday and i am so excited ! *drools over edward cullen* Oh yeah, my mother bought me some new clothes too nothing really to show. This Saturday i will be have skating class at 7 AM ! I know so early, pfft. That's because there's going to be a hockey game at night.
Well i have work tomorrow so if i so happen encounter anything interesting i'll write. Will keep you posted, Averriderci .


From USA/ Cupcakes from England.
From Hungary
From Canada received today (19.11.08)

Here are the postcards i was suppose to post ages ago but i was too lazy to scan it in but today i finally scan it in woo hoo! Hope you enjoy seeing this. xx-

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today i woke up, lying on my bed hearing my sister's foot steps tapping around. I woke up approximately at 7.59 but opening my eye lids and closing it back once more till it was 8 o'clock when the alarm from my phone rang and the song 'love story by taylor swift' was played. At the very moment it wasn't my favourite song because it was hurting my ears as it rang louder and i finally turn it off and got up from bed.
This morning was the same as the last and the last and the last.. Moving on,
After having my shower i packed my bag for my skating class at 9.15. For breakfast i had pancakes it was just okay' not as nice in my opinion. I spread it with butter and honey, it actually tasted like sand? i suppose she did not cook long enough or stir enough. Anyways, we were late so we had to rush a little. The traffic was not too good but we got there in time *Phew*. When we got there sergay ( my coach) was already inside the rink waiting. So we had to hurry when we tie our shoelaces. My sister finish tying her shoes first and at the time i only finish tying up one. Class was slow today i did not have the mood , i don't know what's wrong with me, i use to love to skate but now i feel so 'lazy' . But i do not want to give it up after learning for 6 whole years. I don't want to waste my father's money his hard earn money. I still like it in some ways. Hopefully i can land my axel soon. If you don't know what's an axel it's a jump where you spin on the air and you must have 1 and a half rotation. Not very easy when i don't have the power but i got the tecnique right. *sighs* After class i stayed at my father's shop because he had an apointment today is my sister's duty to work and tomorrow is mine, very much looking forward to it . . . Not.' I suppose it keeps me occupid but im like wasting my time there, the good thing is i earn money. Need to buy all those christmas presents for my friends esspeicially for michelle but that girl just won't tell me what she wants. *pfft* When my father was done with his appointment and such we went to the computer area because i wanted to see some laptops but as usual my father ask me not to buy because in 2 years time i'm going to college and most likely i will have to get a new one . Lucky for my sister she got a new one. *sighs*. I really want one. Anyhow, my father say he will get mine repaired untill i'm in college then i will get one, hopefully it's a macbook.
Going back in time..
Last sunday, i tried the contact lense but i just couldn't put it into my eye, it's fustrating when i got in my eye kept flickering so now my hopes for getting a contact lense is gone probally next time i'll try again. That leaves with the laptop which my dad says that in 2 years time only buy a new one. So now i want an ipod. Honeslty, i have no idea what i want anymore.
I wish i get heap of storybooks this christmas.
The future now,
So after having a look at the laptops we head back , i don't know why but everytime when any of my family members talk to me i get pissed, i listen to my father talk for awhile after he was done i put on my ear plugs listening to crushcrushcrush by paramore. After that, i didn't do much i was watching some tv and then i fell asleep. I woke up for dinner and that's about it.

Cher Minn

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was just letting go my hurt feelings.
i feel stupid writing that down.
Anyways, blah blah blah blah..
Here's a video that i think it's totally AWESOME =P

THIS IS SO EXCITED ! 11 more days to go !! AHHHHH !
i'm so so so so excitedd !!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

fucked up.

I hope you read this.
Today, you asked me to work i work.
Now you freaking want to go and buy cupcakes incredients which is EGGS
You want me to go just to BUY A FREAKING EGG!
I work today and im tired. everything i do is not enough?
everytime SHE get's praise and i get the garbage.
yeah i know she's smarter and whatever shit you think she is way better then i am.
it really hurts me . you have no idea what im going through.
you think i don't think of the family.. the truth is i do..
everytime when you all say im no good and this and that, i forgive you.. eventually
in the end i just let it go.. everytime when you criticize me , it hurts and i just blink my tears away. i don't know what the hell you want for me. SHE always get the easy way out and i get the
hard way.. IF YOU DON"T BELIEVE ME , ask my friends they even notice that you YOU!
spoil that freaking girl.. (not exactly u , u know who). or i can give you some of the example .
everytime when i ask for something she Fckingly complains and complains and complains.
Can't she just shut her stupid mouth and let me LIVE in PEACE! Everytime she ask for something i hardly complain.
i don't feel happy living in this house or even being with you guys.. because everytime i'm the one who get's yelled at. IM FED UP!
probally im just happy being with my friends. i don't know.. i don't know anymore..
every i go it's so depressing..
all i know is reading helps me to calm and takes my mind off things..
it takes me away from this world and to my own fantasy land.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have today working life is not easy.
It's actually very boring actually it is quite easy but it's boring !
Today, i was working at my dad's proshop and it was okay i guess i get to be the cashier . Fun?
LoL. Oh, me mum took me to jusco to buy my mixer! wooo can't wait to bake my cupcakes again. Maybe i should i try to bake a cake. Must ask ML for some easy recipe's.
Well i didn't do much today i was working for like the whole day oh yeah i had sushi today that's about it. xx-

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today was a terrible day well atleast in the morning.
My life is going downhill i tell you.. Sucks for me..
You know sometimes i despise my dad but sometimes i pity him alot going through this hell.
The world is actually between hell and heaven . When you are in the worse situation you are in hell and when you are in the best situation you are in heaven. This world can really surprise us humans and animal. hahaha ! I'm doing my best to help him i guess but not my very best so i need to work harder and better to get back my normal life.
I can see this holiday is going to be a boring one again. No traveling =( . Just hoping when we got enough money to get away from this troubles and explore the world.
So enough of this crap.

Christmas is coming..
My wish list will be posted soon! SO remember to get me something.. hahah
kidding.. but if you want i don't mind =P
well i better head of to bed now
i have work tomorrow *sighs* - CMxx

Friday, November 7, 2008


I was just watching this movie and it's so romantic!
If you like romance watch this movie.
It's so so so awesome =)
"Imagine if your love life is like this " -sighs-

Postcard 2

This is the second postcard i received today from Japan.
The stamps were pretty i was too lazy to scan the other side of the postcard. Hehe =)

Today, school was boring as usual but time past so fast . It is the last day of school.
ML came to my house today and we baked cupcakes it was pretty good actually better then the last one i made =) . But no icing this time because we had not enough ingredients .
I also finish reading this book called "Killer Cruise" it was a romance thriller book and wow it was so exciting and scary, i've never really like this kind of books and i didn't know this was one of them. It's is about this rich girl she's not bitchy but the opposite. So she has a half sister who is actually insane but she acted to be a lovely sister but actually turn out a phsycho. She plan on how to kill her and all and the logan the guy whom fell in love with the popular girl was trap because the girl popular one thought it was him but it was a set up. So yeah.
I'm going to read another book RL borrowed me you can go visit her blog to have a look at the book, i'll post the picture after i read it. =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is she.
Saying that tomorrow will be the last day for 'lower high school'
She can't believe how time past so fast! *weeps*
She is going to be 16 next year *gasp*
Holiday starts tomorrow , which she is not looking forward too.

Okay- 'stop right there'
I'm me again =)
Tomorrow, ML is coming to my house 'woo' i have no idea what are we going to do.
Maybe i'll ask YK to come too wait, if i ask her she doesn't have any clothes to wear later?
oh well.. Next time i guess?

-i am ready to fly- amy pearson


My first postcard from finland =) .
Next time i'll show you what the person wrote.





Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On this very day, i went to pyramid to work at my dad's shop and it was boring as usual. H was there the worker , she's nice ,smart and sweet and a good friend she has become to me. =) there's this other girl too (no idea what's her name) she's the same age as me but she says she wants to quit school so i decided to just ignore her , She's creepy in my opinion eventhough she doesn't look like one. She's also been clubbing (that's what H told me) H also say she's weird which is the FACT. Half of the time she goes to the toilet ,talks to her friends who are off her age like in their 20's or 30's? i have no idea who knows people like her should not EXPERIENCE this yet. So people please do not follow her act it's B.A.D . Get it? Got it? Good. Hahaha.
So, continue.. yada..yada.. oh yeah i forgot to mention that before we went to the pro shop me and my dad went to KL to solve some things like we went to the Korea embassy the place was beautiful then we went to pekkeso? and then MATRADE and the lift was just AWESOME. hahahah! At 6 something we left the proshop and then headed home. Now i'm at home :)
hahahha well DUH. =PP
So twilight is coming soon! woopeee*

will blog more later, CIAO-

Monday, November 3, 2008


Got Some New Clothes. =)
Pictures with my sister.



Sunday, November 2, 2008



i've been not blogging for a couple of days now but i guess i must continue writing and keep it a habit. Right now, i'm sick and it's just awful.
first, i had sorethroat
Second, i had fever
Third, (now) i have cough and flu.
What a perfect timing..Not. I can't wait to recover . But alteast the fever and sorethroat are gone that's the worse part when we get sick.
So, Moving on, Today morning my family and i had breakfast at a restaurant and we had bak kut teh for those who does not live in malaysia will not know what is it but for those who live in malaysia will know it. So i explain to my fellow oversea's friends. It's actually pork soup kinda like that with rice doesn't sound good the way i explain it because i don't know how too. (LOL) But it's actually delicious, seriously. If you ever do come here do try it out if not it's just a waste.
After breakfast me and my mom sent my dad and sister to the mall then we headed home. At home, i was watching the movie called the journey to the centre of the earth it was actually pretty good/okay.
At about 3PM my mom had a meeting at the clubhouse so i followed her as my skating buddies were there too. We deeped our leg into the pool it was fun . Then people start coming in so we decided to re-arange our hangout location . We went to the library since i borrow my friend my TWILIGHT book (precious) okay i know i'm overeacting over a book but i always treasure my books like my gold. It was cold inside since the air-condition was on. Later on, we had some sandwiches and when the meeting was done we headed home. After that nothing much happend. I'm just sitting here typing it all out oh yeah i was watching gossip girl before this. ^^ oh, i join this new club check it out
everyone is welcome i think ^^
will post pictures asap.
Cher Minn

Saturday, November 1, 2008




Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Minutes ago.. xD
Totally Random.

i heart storybooks.

Hey ya'll,
as you know i love to read books! (i enclose in the picture of the cover.)
The latest book i'm reading is Thanks for the memories by cecelia ahern. The writer who wrote "ps i love you" . The book Thanks for the memories is pretty funny,sad almost all kinds of emotions. It's about this woman name Joyce and this man name Justin hitchhock ( i know funny name) lol. Moving on Joyce lost her baby and was losing alot of blood so happen justin donated his blood and she got his blood and yada..yada..yada.. i know you guys don't understand what i'm trying to explain so here's some

How can you know someone you’ve never met?

Joyce Conway remembers things she shouldn’t. She knows about tiny cobbled streets in Paris, which she has never visited. And every night she dreams about an unknown little girl with blonde hair.

Justin Hitchcock is divorced, lonely and restless. He arrives in Dublin to give a lecture on art and meets an attractive doctor, who persuades him to donate blood. It’s the first thing to come straight from his heart in a long time.

When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident, with her life and her marriage in pieces, she moves back in with her elderly father. All the while, a strong sense of déjà vu is overwhelming her and she can’t figure out why …

Cher Minn<33

Paradise for food.

so let's see i did not update yesterday because i was l-a-z-y. That word can kill ya; .
So yesterday i went to Pyramid again because my dad had to do some work in the proshop.
While he was doing his work me,my mom and my sis went shopping for a gift .
At noon about 2pm we went to uncle raju's house for deepvali and the food was delicious especially the mutton , ah talking about it makes my stomach grumble. Moving on, after that we went home to rest . I took a short nap as i was very tired but when i woke up i felt sick actually i still feel sick not .. 'must be the hot weather' . At night, our neighbour has a deepavali open house and so we went there to eat the food was alright but not as good as uncle raju's. :) i'm craving for it now!! -i'm hungry-

In the morning, i had skating lessons and it was tiring since i haven't been practicing for quite some time now and i should probally start to exercise in the morning more often to gain stamina as i'm lack of it. Then, i followed my dad to the bank as he had to settle some stuff. Oh, we had lunch at an indian store.
I had roti canai. So now i'm just chilling and chatting nothing much going on.
by the way my first postcard arrived to germany! woohoo! i'm so excited to get one back :)
I'm writing to another one now this one is from Hong Kong.
will write more soon!

Cher Minn<3

Monday, October 27, 2008




Sunday, October 26, 2008


It's sunday, notice how time past so fast ! Sometime's i just wish time will stop for a moment.. don't you? Just capture this picture for a moment of the world.
Today, I woke up at 9 something and had breakfast at face to face . Had some noodles then went to pyramid. My sis,my mom and i went to watch High School Musical 3 and it was awesome! This time there was alot of hippy-hoppy song (hip-hop) . After the movie we ate at the waffles world and it was delicious. That's about it..
I can't think of what else to write.. oh well .. Will write more next time.

Cher Minn<33

Saturday, October 25, 2008

time moves when you are dreaming

I didn't do much today so there's not much to tell.
I woke up at about 5 am and realise i slept without turning the laptop off so i woke up and played a little then went back to sleep again.. yada..yada...yada..
Woke up about 10 because my sister woke up so i didn't want to be the last one. =P . I basically hanged out in my room on the computer and being bored..
My parents are coming home tonight! woohoo! I feel like a prisoner at home.
Finally i can go out soon, again and have a life. So tomorrow my dad says we can go watch HSM 3 can't wait i heard it was awesome well that's what my cousin says. Hopefully it is :-) . The whole day well half the day i was watching one tree hill season 1 i just finished 1 whole season finally! 1 down i think 5 to go? I prefer gossip girl though much more happening and more hot guys ^^. So now i'm sitting here writing all this down and being bored! Deepavali is coming so i wish to all my indian friends and not my friends 'Happy Deepavali'.

CherMinn.T <3


I take back my words.

Friday, October 24, 2008


taken by: YvonneK.


=( .esle enoemos ekil eh
.dias hguone
.secnahc ym esol i niaga ecno

'-back to my boring life-'

*if you can read this i 'salute you'*


I know it's been a day since i got back from Genting but i was lazy to write all about it since there's nothing much to say either.. It was actually Raining on that day so we didn't get to play much at the themepark which was quite a disspointment after i paid RM100 for the trip.
Lucky for the Second trip it wasn't as rainy on that day. So let's see what did i do..
We stayed at the first world hotel the place was okay i guess but the food was atrocious .
Oh well can't help it as we only paid 100 bucks for the trip. =) My roomate was YK and the room number is 2820. In my opinion the best thing about the trip was at snow world i was soaking wet because all of my friends keep throwing snow at each other . I even got to throw at him. =)
I finally face my fear by riding cockscrew the rollercoaster and it was a blast eventhough i close my eyes for the whole time but now that i know that it's not as scary i might try it again the next time i go to genting. I didn't dare ride spaceshot again it's just too crazy. On the day i got back i felt a little sick my head was spinning and i was missing everyone like crazy but i recovered a tiny wee bit the next day. My mom and dad went to thailand yesterday, wished i could have gone with them. They are coming back this saturday and then Sunday we can go watch High school musical 3 on sunday ! Woohoo.
Today , School was absolutely boring i didn't do much just played games and hang out with my friends. Will write more when i feel like it , toodles!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm off to Genting tomorrow!
I'm so so so excited!
Today i didn't do much at school we mainly just return our SPBT books.
Later on, we had a deepavali gathering at the hall.
There was like a few performance and it was okay not as boring as i expected.
My dad was there too and i got to go home earlier than usual school time. x)
Lucky me.
When i got home i played some computer then i was off the pyramid (mall) with my dad.
I got some postcard for the postcrossing program.
My dad also bought me a new book!
After that, we went to summit to get some computer software and i had 2 games and
1 scrapbook software.
well that's about it..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Back In Town .

Greetings ,
Finally, PMR is over now is just the results which i so
do not want to think about right this moment.
After PMR was over which is now i feel so bored.
I'm still not use to not study and all after for the past few months
i have been studying and busy with this and that but now i have nothing
to do .
I can't wait for my genting trip which is next tuesday!
Me and my friend are gonna have a fabulous time =)
Oh yeah, btw i just had my hair done im going to post
a picture of me on my next Post.
I'm by far sastified with it.
so, now at 12.12pm i'm in pyramid working and it's
like super boring. So i thought i should blog.
So let me see what i did this morning..
I woke up at 7am because i was sneezing like crazy and i couldnt
take it so i woke up and played with the computer and than i posted my
postcard and can't wait to get some back =)
well that's about it i'll add more up later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Whether by strange coincidence or divine guidance
in the course of our lifewe cross paths withmany people.
Some move towards us,others move away.
Some we choose to remember,others to forget.
But with a special few we seem to have no choice,
for each has made an impact on the other,
and their memory will live on forever.
These people we call friends.
You, to me, are such a one.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

inlove ?

im bored.
wide awake.
woots. now school holiday but still have to study for dumb
urghh..the word 'study' makes me wanna hurl../puke? haha
you get what i meant.
i want a zuca bagg! and the new crogs! lol
ok wateva thts the update for this month
xoxo you know you love me-
Cher Minn

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Good Morning ,
How's everyone doing on this finee morning?
So far my morning is alright.
I chatted with Shelley my pen pal.
She's really awesome .
Im'm still chatting with her now . (11.18 am)

I had cereals for breakfast.
It was goooood. x]
It was raining earlier it was a good time to sleep and i slept
through the rainy times. hahahhah!

Currently : Listening to David Archuleta Songs.
His an awesome singer.


i still Love JOSEPH ADAM JONAS <333.

Cher Minn.T

Friday, July 18, 2008



How ya'll doing? I'm doing fine here , i guess.
well life is getting stressfull now because of PMR drawing nearer
2 more months to go. *screams of terror* .
Anyways, getting on to my other problems.

Do you believe if there is any such things as 'true friends' when
you start going to high school ? In my point of view, i think not.
I know , it's really a sad case .
I feel like im always the one who get's ditch and it hurts alot but you don't
show it.

Here's something about me (well how 'k' describes me):
She says : I look dull and boring but actually im crazy,hyper and funny person.
well i think that's how she describe me.
You don't expect me to remember she said that about 2 days ago.
i have stmp (shot term memory problem).

Here's a recent picture of "Me" :

Well that's all about my boring life.
Cher Minn.T
P.s Name's of my friends are confidential , don't think it's youu it might be someone
else. x]

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hey Ho,

Sorry for not writing for so long. I've been lazy and busy.

I've got a few things on mind to talk about.. Here's one.

"I Love Joseph Adam Jonas"



I've totally inlove with Joe Jonas.

heheheh. Okay i'll stop. I don't feel like talking about life.

So i'll just babble nonsense.. hahaha..

Tomorrow is "Open Day" . Oh-oh..

Im feeling sleepy :P .

Looking Forward To :

Breaking Dawn - 4th August '08 "Book"

Twilight - 12.12.08 "Movie"

Midnight Sun - undecided "Book"

Yes, I'm still a Twilight freak no matter what.
Cher Minn<33
P.s Me <3>

Saturday, May 24, 2008

depressed, no?

Am Depressed for no reason?
okay maybe it's because "stupid piczo" Im not going to say anything.
This penpal of mine of so called "penpal" She's like so rude. I bet she's a spoilt kid .
Somehow i don't feel excited. Mom asked me what i wanted but i have no Effin ; idea.
Anything i want cost alot alot.. or many i shall ask her for the sims2 game, no?
Pfff ! ;
I already got TWO presents:
  • A story book - from sister
  • RM 50 - from grandma

Yeps. I think i need emergency book cheering up. =.-

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


  • Storybooks:
  1. The ashleys: Jelous
  2. Twilight
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  4. and any others that is interesting :)
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  • anything nice XD


WOWZERS . Time sure past real fast.
My best friend ever is soon leaving to Japan . So lucky i know. Im so jelous of her right now. :)
Sorry i hadn't have time to update it's just i've been busy with my freakish exams.
I think i did badly in this exam. :(( I WILL DO BETTER ON MY NEXT EXAM!!
Lives been suckishly boringg. :
Someone here *jumps out at down meemem* turning 15 soon. o0oh yeah! hhahahah WOO!
Tomorrow is the last day of exam. WOOO!!
well imma just keep this shortt.. =))

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hallo :)
Yesterday at tuition i feel ditched by SW. It got to me that SW prefer to hang out with SA.
But i got to know Kam better. She's going to tutor me. :)
Getting on with the day. I was tired today. Don't know why but i've been tired this pass few days.
I didn't do much today so there isn't much to say. I'm just stressed with the exams coming knowing that i'm dead!! LOL ! Okay im not dead. XD
I had tuition it was super super boring we got a test i got 24/40 judging by the book i wasn't too bad. ^^ hahahha. maybe i copied a few and simply do some about 10 questions. :)
well later.
17 days till Miss Cher Minn's birthday :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the suspense !!!

OHMYGAWD! i have less than a week to study for my exam. ahhhhhhh!
I'm so dead ! I only remember most of the sejarah but i can't remember in straight detail only
know how the stories goes. =(( And i have to really study up my Kemahiran hidup after failing it before. -cries-
So this is what i did today. I went to school. SAM was absent no idea why. Who cares. LOL!
umm didnt do much today. Puan cik ah call me to see her today but i didnt cause i have no idea where she will be im so not going to the pejabat. HHAHAH! Scary in there. So yeah . i think she meant when ur free i think? today i went to class straight away as i saw her talking to other teachers so i decided not to disturb her. LOL! i don't wanna be a prefect or librarian their so boring jobs and i need to get good grades i cant keep up. So yeah.. they rest of the day was boring. i chatted with katy today with webcam it was hilarious. XD Soon i have to go to tuition. BOO!
oh well i better study some sejarah! hahahahah. cya's.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tired-y Day.

Yawns. I'm so tired.
Indeed i am. I didn't do anything speacial today. Just the same old same old.
OH btw it's 19 more days till my 15th birthday! YAYY!!! hahahhhah.
Ok . So i woke up and got ready for school. Umm.. i had chicken pop? for breakfast.
Don't know why but im feel really tired today. hahahha.
I didn't do anything special at school. I had recess with YK and she wasn't really in a good mood as i can put it but she was aight. I wonder what happend to her and rach. -hmmm thinks of what happend- My dad was in school having PIBG meeting. BORING. umm.. On sivik period it was awefully boring. The teacher gave like so much notes to write that i nearly fall asleep TWICE. GAWD! haha
So moving on. today i went home early YAY. KZ hit a bird but luckily it wasn't dead. The wing just broken. haha so she took it and ask one of the students to care for it . She wanted to ask me but i say NO WAY! LOL. im scared of most animals. hahaahahha! FUUU!
I online when i got back i chated with katy with webcam ofcourse than she had to go to school. Now i just finish some of my homework. just now i was chatting with thomas = tom with webcam now his finding a job so i have to wait an hour to on it with him again. BAHHAHAH! his accent is cool! ^^ and so is katy's. Now im feeling sleepy so imma stop here now. XD

Monday, May 5, 2008

boo. im lazyy.

Say Hello , hello !
Bahahahha! Okay i know i'm going nuts. I'm really lazy to tipe everything down now but oh well.. I'm trying to continue writing. ^^ hehheheh. So what i did yesterday that i didn't blogged in? is.
My cousin celebrated his 21st birthday in my house. He had about 8 friends and all are guys. BOO!
But my cousin sis came YAY! hahhaha. We didn't do much just ate and watched movie "gameplan" . hahhaa! The macaroni was good. So was the salad and cake was ok. hahhaha!
Okay! Moving on.
Today 5-05-08
The stuff i did. Wasn't really interesting. hahahha. I go to school and study blah blah blah..
Than i had recess with rach and YK it was fun! I was talking and laughing again.
YAY ME! haahhaha. It's not like i ditched SJ she's just not really interested in what i am in. And besides half of the time im talking to the wall and She doesn't really gets what im talking. sad i know. hahahah cheh wah! hahahha. So i recently finish reading the "shopaholic and baby" it was just FABULOUS ! I loveee it! hahah. The baby was a girl and named minnie brandon!
How cute it that? hahahah.
well if anyone is reading this u'll probally don't get what im saying. hahahh!
You know you love me
Gossip girl
NOT! hahahahah

Saturday, May 3, 2008

bimbo. ordinary day.

Hallo !
Today is a boring day. Nothing interesting however i wished it was. But sadly it isn't. Oh well ..
So i chatted with tom and katy on midnight with webcam. It's aye normal thing but fun! hahahhaha.
I also watched Gossip girl season1 epsode 14. I wish i could watched 15 but it wasn't working. sad. It was getting interesting again untill this bad luck thing happen. GRRR ! Than i chated for awhile. I got tired and decided to sleep about 2 something in the morning. hahaha! I woke up 9 something the next day . I was probally the last one who got up. Than i played some computer, watched tv and practice a little of my piano actually it's an organ but i dont have a piano so i have no choice. bahahahha! I had tuition at 1pm-2.30pm it was okay. Not as boring as thursdays. LOL. I took some pictures today i would post it but maybe later hahaha! i'm lazy to do now. =)) After tuition i headed straight to piano lessons , it was horrible. LOL! that's cause i suck at it. I have no talent in music. But without music no life. Music brings life ! hahaha! Now im back at home blogging and chatting and listening to music. boring boring..
maybe i'll update this post later. for now

Friday, May 2, 2008

i need a true friend, desperately.

Ni hao.
Urghh what a day. Everyday it's getting suckish. boo.
I hardly remember what i did today. letme think for a sec. ^^
Okay. I woke up at 6am than on the laptop, ofcourse. -snickers- muahhaha!
Than on the music but not too loud as my sister was sleeping. zZz..
Than i got ready for school. When i was all dressed up i chat for awhile with my fellow friends. :)
At 6.35am sharp i put my computer to sleep. Yep there is such things. hahahha!
So i went to school blah blah blah it was so boring. I was suppose to get back my sejarah
paper folio thingy from SJ but she gave it or in this case borrowed it to one of
her boy classmates i was like pissed at her but i controlled. I mean like WHAT THE HELL
is wrong with HERR!? GRR!. Okay chill..
Today i had recess with my friend YK and RC. =) they were okay i guess but
i never felt like i use to with my old friends i miss them so much.
GAWD! i feel like cyring thinking about it :'( . But everyone seems to have
gone their own way except me. poor me. a loser i am no wait A WINNER! hahahah!
-think positive minn =) - bahhahah!
Than i got home and ON the laptop straight away again. HHAAHAH!
i chatted with my friend "katy" with the webcam it was fun. hahah!
"tom" was asleep though. bahahahha!
I had tuition at umm 2.30 pm - 4pm it was super boring.
My other tuition at 5.30-7.30 pm tuition was boring too. But i guess i had some friends there
like SA and SW but i think she SW prefers more to be with SA. If SA were not there
she would definetly hang out with SA more . as what she calls - SA is her twin-
Yepp, and i'm left ALONE once again. -sighs-
I guess im that boring, huh. My life in virtual world is better.
That why i guess most of the time i stay online more often than talk to so called friends
whom makes me sad all the time.. they totally don't know how i feeel.
It's really depressing esspecially not having a best friend. ='(
well that's about it for today.
adios amigos.
muax muax!
hahahhaha !

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Aye Day.

I slept about 12 am ++. I'm not sure because i dose of without
offing my laptop. LOL! Apparently i was too tired. swt.
I woke up at 6++ because my phone alarm was BLARINGGG. But i went back
to sleep again. I finally woke up at 9 something. I couldnt find my glasses but i found it on the
floor anyway. HAHHA! What a morning. Than i came online for awhile.
Chat with some of my friends.
I had brunch near Giant. I had roti jala -yum yum- bahahhhha!
When i got home again i went straight to my room and turn on the computer. LOL!
So i had great chat with my newest e-pal from england "katy and tom"
Their a funny bunch. haahha! It was awesome we had the webcam on and everything.
I totally adore their accent. HAHAH!
I was late for tuition because i was chatting with them but it was
worth it. Tuition was and absolutely bore. With didn't do much just completed our
unfinish work. :) bahahhah! It is soooo HOT! today. Till i can dive in a bucket full of ice.
LOL! nah.. i won't seriously do that i'll get freeze. >.<
So yepp that's about it for today. We might have pizza. YAY! =)