Sunday, November 2, 2008


i've been not blogging for a couple of days now but i guess i must continue writing and keep it a habit. Right now, i'm sick and it's just awful.
first, i had sorethroat
Second, i had fever
Third, (now) i have cough and flu.
What a perfect timing..Not. I can't wait to recover . But alteast the fever and sorethroat are gone that's the worse part when we get sick.
So, Moving on, Today morning my family and i had breakfast at a restaurant and we had bak kut teh for those who does not live in malaysia will not know what is it but for those who live in malaysia will know it. So i explain to my fellow oversea's friends. It's actually pork soup kinda like that with rice doesn't sound good the way i explain it because i don't know how too. (LOL) But it's actually delicious, seriously. If you ever do come here do try it out if not it's just a waste.
After breakfast me and my mom sent my dad and sister to the mall then we headed home. At home, i was watching the movie called the journey to the centre of the earth it was actually pretty good/okay.
At about 3PM my mom had a meeting at the clubhouse so i followed her as my skating buddies were there too. We deeped our leg into the pool it was fun . Then people start coming in so we decided to re-arange our hangout location . We went to the library since i borrow my friend my TWILIGHT book (precious) okay i know i'm overeacting over a book but i always treasure my books like my gold. It was cold inside since the air-condition was on. Later on, we had some sandwiches and when the meeting was done we headed home. After that nothing much happend. I'm just sitting here typing it all out oh yeah i was watching gossip girl before this. ^^ oh, i join this new club check it out
everyone is welcome i think ^^
will post pictures asap.
Cher Minn

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