Wednesday, January 14, 2009




Edited Picture !
We had diciplinary check for girls too, lucky my hair was all pined up as usual.
well let's say 70% of the girls had their hair styled up or even more.
We can't have sideways fringe =( and we have to wear socks above our ankle.
Uniform must be not so tight. Logic rulse but i don't like the hair part.
i feel lazy to write.
I just write everything in short.
Physics was hard ,confusing, actually if we had a better teacher i would probably have understand it. The teacher we had as an atrocious command in english and bm language.
Yesterday i forgot to mention that pn thye ask me to carry all the books to her table well outside since her table is in the "bilik peperiksaan".
Moral was horrible, the teacher sucks like hell she's worst then abitch and even looks like one.
She seem to be always praising her old school and complaining about our school why don't she just go back to her old school. *gosh*
well im so excited for tomorrow, woopee!
Will miss you guys at school though!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Everyday, my homework get's more and more and more, just imagine if i have not finish yesterday's homework? lucky i did. Okay maybe im exagerating i only have 3 homework today but still there's tons of writing to do. Even i bought a new pen and only half the ink is left, what a wastage. We should use computer to do out homework and just print them , save energy and okay maybe the printer ink ain't that cheap but still!
I solved most of the modern maths problems except one question which i left out because i had 'effin idea how to do and neither do my other 'friends'.
Sejarah (history) , was writing notes which i simply just copy from the text book- i need to read it and understand it but i just can't seem to find the mood. I wish i can magically zap it so it would be in english then magically zap it back. That'll be cool! but i've got to stop dreaming and face the music. The last one is Bm rumusan which i have not complete yet and will do it after blogging since i need to hand it in tomorrow, talking about that pn.thye ask me to collect everyone's book tomorrow morning and put it on her desk. Which i have no 'effin idea where but shiva offered to show me , actually i was the one who ask him.
School was not so bad today, Pn.Thye rearange our places and i like my place better then the other one but i was getting the hang of it, oh well atleast im sitting in the middle row and is sitting with a girl. Vanishri is sitting infront of me well no direct but the row infront of me. (=
Oh yeah, about the school diary, my class teacher pn.jeyanthi ask everyone to buy it and we're not allowed to use any other diary. I disagree with this. Im not going to waste rm4 for a small diary book which is so not practicle and all when i can get a leather bound diary for free! seriously. Only that i don't have the school information but i can just fotostep it and paste in it im sure i can find space to paste it in. The other thing was , about the class curtains, our curtains didn't fit so the dumb headmistress is going to make a new one for my class and C class , the bad news is we might have to pay half of it which i don't think i will because it's not exactly my problem. The principle should be the one paying for this crap of load. I don't mind studying without curtains it makes the room lest stuffier . Seriously with curtains it makes the class room even more DUSTY.
2 more days =) .
Cher Minn

Monday, January 12, 2009


I officially hate my class even more.
First, Sarah transfered to C -yay for her- now im all alone.
Pn jeyanthi my class teacher even made the day worst for me by changing my sit and now im sitting with some nerdy looking guy, but shiva sits infront so i guess i don't mind but i still prefer my old sit because it's right infront of the white board and nearer to the fan.
I wanted to sit with Vanishri but teacher made them sit behind and i didn't want to sit behind because i have trouble seeing the board. I was sad that sarah had changed class because then i'll be left all alone again like last year. No one to talk too.
For almost the whole day at school i didn't really have mood to study my mind keep wondering off topic. I guess what's change is change and it's not up to me to make Sarah be in E class because it's her own will. Anyway, she'll probably enjoying everyone's company there.
Leaving me a Loner.
I need to leave this country .Pronto.
I feel like im living in misery and wish i wasn't.
I guess im back to reading to keep me accompined.
Cher Minn.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I hate it when my eye starts to -itch- , even saying that word makes me go itchy.
i went to Pyramid today with my sister and father.
We had breakfast-lunch in MCD i had fish-o-fillet was very filling with the coke and french fries.
Did you know that coke use to be made out of cocaine? but not anymore they changed it.
It was in the olden days when they want to make their workers work harder on construction side or something so it's like to make them have energy.
I bought my reference books today and i'm suppose to wrap it but im just plain lazy today.
Talking about lazy i have a tons of homework well okay maybe only 2 but still it's something.
History and English essay.
History - Boring
English essay - i don't mind (but i have no mood to do now)
Didn't do much for the rest of the day , was practically on the computer since i got back.

Friday, January 9, 2009


My right eye hurts now from rubbing it this morning while i was half asleep.
I must cut my nails again before i get more scars and become more u-glay!
Yesterday was my dad's last night in the Hospital -home sweet home- Dad says when he came back.
Below here are the pictures of his 'sleeping test' - they need to check his respiration system while his sleeping because he has breathing problems . This disease is actually called "Apnea Sleep" you can do a reasearch on it to get to know what it is really because i don't really know how to explain.

I'm so exhausted today from school and everything. I didn't came home untill about 12am.
This few days my transport seems to come like 6.50am and when we reach to school it's like super early usually the transport comes at 7.
We had Sport teams meeting. We have 4 teams named 'red,blue,green, andyellow'. I am in red team the meeting was fun and boring fun when we were fighting with blue team. Like "blue team lose!" in malay. Last year blue won and i think red got second? if im not mistaken. Sports practice starts next week and im so lazy to attend this activity it's actually wasting my time.
Well i have to go get ready for tuition.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So i have something interesting to tell, well it's not good but interesting.
This are the picture's that are taken in the hospital.

So the story goes, on the 7th jan which was yesterday my dad got admited to the hospital because of gastric - nothing serious it was that his stomach hurt like hell.
At 1am my mother took him to the clinic but the medication didn't help him.
So my mom and dad practically didn't sleep the whole night. At, 4am my dad was still suffering from the gastric so my mom asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital then he said "no" .
My mother was like what if you faint or 'knock off' - my dad quickly wake up and got dress then he said 'i want to see my grandchildren' . - that was hilarious i laughed when my mother told me that. So he only got admitted to the hospital at 5am and by time my mom came back it was already 6 am. I was already awake. That day, i also had trouble sleeping i kept waking up every hour checking the time. It was so anoying! Then it was about 5.55am my maid called me up it was like freaking early i usually wake up like 6.10 , you see.
I couldn't remember what i did in school so im just going to skip untill after school.
When i got home my mom asked me to clean up and i was going to spend the day at the hospital with my dad. So i had my lunch and packed my homework and ofcourse my laptop to entertain meself! I help my dad with what it needs, btw- the AC in the hospital is like freaking cold!
I only went home at about 10 something before that we drop by to giant and was suppose to get my sister 'mahjong paper' for some projects of hers but in the end they were already close so instead my mom got us pizza. *yum yum*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second Day of School.

My Eye, it still hurts. I think it's all swollen and i'm suffering from it. Each time i blink it stinks.
About school, Today i wasn't as excited as the day before to wake up early. The minut the alarm rang i hold the bell i went back to sleep untill at 6.15 i heard my maid called me so i had to get up. We had Assembly, as it is the first week we're probably going to have alot of assembly's because there's like so many things to settle. Today it wasn't the Headmistress who was yapping away instead it was the head dicpline teacher. They keep talking about the same thing over and over and over again - My leg was hurt-ing like cra-pp again untill i just couldn't stand it but to change it's position. I think there was no blood circulation for not moving my legs for so long.
After the boring speeches, Pn.saras announce who was the head prefect which was my friend's brother Mikail he did a speech which was like -woah- and then he introduce all the other AJK's. Suddenly his face was like all serious and no play since he was the head prefect now.
I had my first modern maths class today, i learned about the 'significant figures' like regina said it was easy but challenging. I didn't really understand the decimal one though. We didn't study much mostly we just did some introductions on what we were going to learn.
I had my first Chemistry lesson too and i must say it was 'confusing' but the introduction was quite easy come to think of it. Our teacher gave us homework to do for chemistry which i would to proudly say i have completed (=
This was what i did that i found interesting, hopefully tomorrow i will have a more interesting story to tell.
Cher Minn .T

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Of School.

The first word that came out of my mouth. School was utterly and completely boring but i will just tell you readers how was it. So i woke up at this anoyying alarm clock sound, the minute it rang i touch the bell so it would stop making noises that can make you go deaf or wake the whole neighbourhood up. The minute i woke up i was like "school" - crapp;
So when i was ready for school i look at myself in the mirror and i looked so neardy! Well according to my friends i don't but oh well, i took some pictures but im just too lazy to plug in the usb plug and besides the pictures were ugl-ay.
When i got of the car yvonne and michelle was already at the main hall so i hang out with them for abit. After that, we had to go line up in our old classes from last year for assembly.
The assembly was so boring and my legg hurt like cra-p. Our headmistress was like yapping and yapping that i just wanted to shut her up. When finally she finish her boring-ess ever speech puan saras talked for a moment but everyone didn't mind because she's rocks the schoool! *wooot* Anyways, all the form 3's and form 5's were asked to return the their respective classes while we the Form 4's waited to be stream. Most of my friends were in pure science 4 C, im going to miss them, i thought i was not going to be called because almost everyone i knew was like in pure. Even stefan, i know! -shocked- i felt left out again - so finally my name was called and im in 4 E , sub science class. I am in the same class as Sarah -wopee- i guess. Over the holidays i got closer to yvonne and them but i guess they probably won't care anyway, school sucks. Our class was in block C? it's on the lowest level so we don't have to climb on stairs which is a score! My class teacher is Pn.jeyanthi she's really nice and she's our english teacher. Me love english. We didn't do much for the rest of the day because all the teacher's were very busy. Mom took me home, we had lunch out.
"This layout was help put up by megan hoo"
-hugs megan and thanks-

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last Holiday )=

So tomorrow's the big day and im very nervous because im going to be in form 4. Time past so darn fast. I cleared up my stuff and everything but my bookshelf is still messy and i'm not please with it yet.
Me,my mom and and grandma went to my mom's clients house to settle some insurance stuff, i use to be friends with their kids but now were all grown up so kinda shy shy ~ Anyway after that we went to IKEA, i bought this old fashion clock, it's awesome i find it cool (= weird? i know.
i also bought a new rack for my form 4 books and change my study table ect.
Will try to take picture but school's starting and all i have no time.
It's weird, me and my family have this tradition of rearagging my room at the last resort! Even last year we did it. So my bags are all pack and my uniform is all set. Well i guess i have to go 'sleep early' - yuck! I'm going to miss the late night sleeps. Back to study now.. Wish me good luck ya'll !

New Year '09

So it's a new year already,wow that was fast. I can just remember it was the first day of school last year and now it's another year another first day of school.
School's starting on monday and i'm not exactly please about it, i still prefer the holidays. There's just too much 'politics' as my dad says it in school.
I got my PMR results on 30th dec '08 i'd say i didn't do really well compare to my friends who were which most of them got straight A's but im please enough to say that i have 3 A 2 B and 2C.
Atleast i had 3 A's i usualy only get one. So on monday i have to decide which class i want to be in and it's so tough. I'm thinking Accounts would be appropriate but then my dad told me to try science, should i? I still feel Accounts is the best choice, well it's up to me to decide.
I dread for monday to come..
This is my new years update, not as exciting? i know.
Hate it? peace off (=