Monday, September 26, 2011

Second trip to Leipzig!

The Train-
"i know i ruined the picture but <3"

I have so much to blog about and i'm sorry for the delay to anyone who reads it.

We went to Leipzig again for the second time just cause.. there was a party i wanted to go called "amaya" it's an asian party. All the cool parties are at Leipzig according to > Vicky.
We took the "ICE" Train on friday, it was a really cool train it's not like the dirty ones you see in Malaysia. It's the total opposite here. The minute you enter in you feel like you're entering an airplane so it's pretty cool!

We were greeted by Charleen, hai long and martin at the main station. "hai long and martin are vietnamese" , there are a lot of vietnamese here in germany -it goes back all the way in history- .
We waited and met song, after that we headed back to charleen's to clean up and went back out. We went to club velvet and spitz somehow no one felt like partying on that day so it was a pretty bad day. Came home around 4.30am , that's day1.

here is day 2.
Fortunately, it was a better day. It was the day of AMAYA's Party. It was kind of weird to see so many asian's around, there were some "hotties" too and Lala's. It was cool- We also went to Club velvet and i had one of those small cup vodka's thingy that borys got us. It was sweet and nice! After that we went back to Amaya, and it was starting to get Hot inside. It was somebody's birthday and he had a birthday present from his friend and SURPRISE - it was a stripper who stripped completely naked and ... ? It was an interesting day-
P.s we went home at 6AM .

The Stripper and Birthday boy!

Song, Cher minn (i don't know why but i look fat) , Charleen!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


i know i have not blogged much about school well here's something about school.
Meine Schule heißt Phillip-Reis-Schule.
My school's name is Phillip-Reis-Schule and i am in Year 11 along with the 15-18 year olds.
Yes, there is a kid in my class. I feel old ):
I'm in class 11T3 and the subjects i take are (Look at the picture below)

and here is my Timetable ( if you don't understand please tweet me @cherminnrawks or who cares? :3 )

Yes, we have "Buku Teks Pinjaman" here too and looks they have HARD COVER books and a lot heavier except no one really bothers to bring it and at most we have like 3 subjects a day?
People here carry big bag's only in Primary school, in high school everybody just use handbags well i do :P

ARTS, my current favourite class. I didn't know i had a talent to draw =D i guess i got so bored that i had so much patience to put my bordem into drawings, does that make sense? i think it does TEEHEE!

So guess what happen? We we learning how to do shadings in our drawing and there were a few technics for example, the shading technic, the striking technic and the dot technic. We could draw anything we want or see and and my drawing with 7 others was shown as an example.
"london tipton moment - YAY ME *clasp hand* (unfortunately she's already pregnant now with that cyrus dude)

okthxbai! :*

Monday, September 5, 2011

Festive seasons.

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Eid Mubarak!

i hope everyone's having the times of their live eating delicious food for Raya which i miss so dearly but i got to taste some of it, yes we had a Raya gathering here in germany!
Weirdly the restaurant of the gathering is in the main train station area so when we were walking up to the place, everyone was like staring at us, it was so awkward since we had out "Baju Raya" On but it was still cool ^^ it's not everyday you see caucasian people wear "baju melayu..kan?"

Steffi, mami, me, vicky

hendrik, mami, papi, me, vicky, steffi

The happy family in traditional malay outfits :D

kthxbai! :*

Monday, August 29, 2011


Jeden tag, wir sind zum Mädchen Flohmarkt gegangen!
(Yesterday we went to the girl´s Flohmarkt)
we didn´t stay for long though because we didn´t see anything we liked, well we didn´t really look into it much so yeah. We went to Coa to have lunch instead it´s an asian restaurant. But before that we got lost in frankfurt and belle was like "welcome to frankfurt" and we were laughing non-stop. We took a u-bahn from a place we did not know and ended up in hauptbahnhof which we were suppose to get off but we did not know, so we waiting inside the train and the train took us back to where we came from, it was so funny. Then we took another train to hauptwache, finally we knew where we were from there we went to coa and i had FRIED RICE!
the fried was surprisingly good, like malaysian good which is awesome but it's thai fried rice i think? the restaurant is pretty cool cause it goes by season, for example on this season they have korean food, then the next chinese and ect but all asian food :3
I think i spent like almost €10,00 for my drink and food, no kidding nothing is cheap here in Europe.

After lunch, we just went chilling around frankfurt cam-whoring and laughing like maniacs over nothing.

Karin and me :D

belle and me :)

Four of us together (left karin,me,steffi,belle)

kay that's all for now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

1 Monate

it's been already 1 MONTH in Germany, that means i have 11 more months to go D:
Don't want time to pass so fast.

Last friday i went to vicky's school which was AWESOME, you can totally see the different between her school and mine. Of course hers is way cooler cause you pay €200,00 a month.
It was a school festival, so that's why i got to visit her school for a day. it was fun, we ate bratwurst and made a friendship bracelet =)
Before that vicky took me shopping at H&M and i bought 5 items in total it cost me about £52,65
I got myself a new beige pants (hose) , tank top, cardigan,top and a pullover :3
Yes, im a happy girl and i know this is kinda old news but yea.

(delayed post ^^)

it's FRIDAY!

one thing that ruin my friday's are cause i would have sports and it's like at 3.25-4.45pm and i finish all my other classes at 1.15pm But today sports wasn't actually so bad. We played handball it was kinda fun (when i mean fun it means by just watching people play) i was kinda running away from the ball or avoiding it :/ i really should change and be more active, gahh i'm still kinda shy-ish? everyone doesn't really care here so i don't know why i care!
and my german isn't really improving either but vicky says i'm improving so that's good?
both of us can't imagine me speaking in fluent german actually :/
i should start using common phrases like "entschuldligung!" (excuse me) or "wie bitte" (pardon).

Viele Grüße :*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Progress :*

Good NEWS!
i think i'm making some progress in school.
Today school wasn't so bad, i did an introduction of myself in german in my Presentation class.
We wrote it in an invisible paper, posted the picture on my FB so if you're my friend you get to see it (:

Deutsch class was boring cause as usual i did not really understand but i occupied myself!
English, i had to concentrate since i can understand english :P
It's weird, we had to do a presentation about what are our points of views about 'sex'
like is it okay to have it? what are the points of view if the guy or girl does it, stuff like that.

ughh, i'm hating tomorrow's timetable, cause i have 3 class with 1 and a half hours in between break each. Last class would be at 3.15 ):
Don't like Long days!

i also need to find the post office tomorrow or maybe the day after? hmm.. teman me someone?


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i know i haven't been blogging much but yeah finally i'm ready to TYPE it all out.. well not all but some? :D

So it's been 2 weeks plus since im already in Germany and school has already started. Today was like my second day and i'm still not very fond of it except for English class cause that's the only class i truly understand but oh heck, it's GERMAN-y, what can i do :/

Last thursday -
Me,vicky and Papi took a road trip to Halle-Berlin-Leipzig!
It was WUNDERBAR! (wonderful)
We had to stop at Halle which is a town near Leipzig to meet an Artist (a painter) as papi asked this 'dude' to paint a portrait of his Parents. According to him painters can get paid up to thousands of Euro's just for paintings, it's insane..
We stopped by at this cafe where they are famous for their chocolates, the original one wasn't really my favourite though but the capuccino was good!

After Halle, we stopped at Berlin for a few hours and it was awesome. Berlin was filled with tourist and i think it's more of a tourist area cause DUHH it's the capital of germany.
I did took picture with the wall but vicky has the memory card and i have no idea where she put it but i'll try find it and upload it on facebook - maybe if you're lucky (:
But i do have a picture of me with the jewish monument which is WAY cooler.

Next stop : LEIPZIG!
i remember vicky telling me how awesome leipzig was and she wasn't lying. IT's the best PLACE ever and all her friends are so nice and friendly <3
At night we hanged out for a bit at pub's it was nice to observe around..
Then we went to the Panaroma tower which was so PRETTY, like the view is just so WUNDERSCHÖN! With the breezy wind and twinkling lights it was just so romantic.

From left top : Vicky,song,josef
from bottom : ME , charlene
Top from left : Borys,song,josef
bottom from left : ME , Charlene

i was pretty sad to leave leipzig by the end of the day cause everyone was so awesome!
We stayed over at charlene's apartment which was really cute, german apartments are just WAY different from malaysian's and it's like really cool! With the creaky floorboards and cosy area.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Homburg

A day in Bad Homburg with Victoria, Song and hanna.
We took the train to BH, one thing is weird in germany is you just need to buy the ticket and you don't have to actually scan it at all you can just walk in to the train, so it's shocking.
We went to the dvd store to return some that we borrowed and then walk down a street of shops and finally stopped at this ice cream shop to have some ice cream :D
the weather was sunny but obviously not as warm as Malaysia.
We had to walk a lot!

This one belongs to song, i forgot what's it called but it's chocolate ice cream!
This one's vicky's and it's strawberry ice cream!

This one's Hanna's and it's strawberry spaghetti ice cream :D

Finally, HERE's MINE! The Chocolate Spaghetti ice cream with walnut!
i seriously has the spaghetti taste no kidding. This will probably be the most expensive ice cream i paid for which cost med 5 Euro's which is equivalent to 5*4= Rm20

TA-DA and ice cream day for us!

when we were walking back, we passed by this cool looking house, ok i made it look haunted but it's actually this blue nice house =) so schön!


Street Festival

so i went with Stefani, charly, fabi and (i don't know what's the other friend's name)
It was pretty awkward if would have been more fun if i had known people there but i didn't ):
There were some hotties there but too bad s doesn't know any oh well.. i'll just have to wait for vicky to introduce ;D
no picture for the festival.. saw scary punky people though.
OH! I had this creps' (however you spell it) It was yummy yummy good!
It's something like "hot n roll" with nutella chocolate!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here is part of frankfurt city in the eyes of my camera.

This picture below here is a a typical "bratwurst" , it is said that bratwurst and beer are famous in germany. It does taste really good!
The buns are called "brötchen" They are a little hard but the sausage is really good!
Das schmeckt gut!

i think had more Bubble Tea in Germany then in Malaysia which is funny but their bubbles are a little weird, they have the black typical ones and popping bubbles, it's like they have different flavors such as laici, strawberry and ect in the bubbles.
So the flavor that i pick was vanilla and strawberry popping bubbles, doesn't it look pretty?

This is a picture of hendrik,song and me with the big €uro sign behind us.

and here is a picture of me and vicky taken in the streets of luxury. There were like lots of expensive cars example ferari and such, it was really cool. Unfortunately i can't afford to buy anything there.

i know this isn't the complete story of my day but there are lots of words to describe from the picture's i have taken =)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hallo von deutschland!

Hello from GERMANY!
12 hours of flight wasn't so bad, slept through most of it ofcourse i woke up in between.
First impression when i went in to the boarding room was like woah 97% of them were ang moh's. I already felt like i was in another country, haha.
i set with a german family, we just shared smiles . The family were like really close to each other and it kinda made me miss my parents too.
When i first arrived the airpot we actually had to take the terminal bus to the airport and i was like what! where am i suppose to and stuff was pretty freaked out as it's my first time traveling alone but it's not so bad, alles ist gut! :')
The minute i walked out of the aiport, the whole family was there and my host dad took pictures of me, i was pretty tired from dragging both my luggage out. haha..
it felt like a dream for the whole day, i couldn't believe i was standing beside vicky again.
I met Song and josef at home, both of them are AWESOME and funny especially josef cause he speaks like SUPER FAST. i would always interrupt and go like *blasdgsjdhkasdksjkd* ahaha. You get me right? ;P
there are many things different here for example it only starts getting dark at 9pm so i would always think that it's only 7 but it's actually already 9.30pm.

But everything here is really good, i took some pictures today when i visited downtown frankfurt which i will talk about next time when i do finish transferring the pictures, for now das ist alles :P


Friday, July 15, 2011

Living a life

Hello Readers,

i have been really busy as you can see with me leaving for Germany and everything ;)

The day before yesterday i had lots of fun with Patrick, ivan and yvonne.
We watched the most amazing movie ever "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS : Part 2" I really want to say something about it but i don't want to be a spoiler so i'm keeping my *mouth zip*

After the movie we went to OUG's Pasar Malam, we had char kuey teow. It was good but i couldn't finish it as usual.. *small tummy*. We walked around for a bit, sweating like mad cause it was crowded, Since patrick is so tall it's so easy to spot him from far if we lost him or something. OH! we also tried chow tau fu, smelly taufu/ actually it's fermented taufu. It stink like poop or as patrick put it rubbish. But it wasn't so bad actually except that our mouth taste and smell like smelly tau fu :P

From left ivan, yvonne, ME, patrick and Brenda

Ivan , patrick and me went back in one car cause we had to send Patrick home, which we had a hard time finding it, we actually went one whole round before successfully finding his condo.
It was still a good day!


We were early this time to the airport, woke up like 5 something. Our flight was at 7.40am at LCCT, don't really like that airport but that's where all Air Asia plane took off. We were just in time, when we check it they were just about to Open the gates. That's what i call PUNCTUAL! Mom ordered breakfast on the plane which she actually doesn't have to cause the plane ride was like 5 minutes. Here's what happen i was just opening the nasi lemak packet and taking a few bites then there was an announcement saying "we will be landing in 5 minute" ad i was like WHAT!? i'm not done eating yet. My mom and sis were like just pack it or something, i had no choice but to do that cause we had to place back the tables and blah blah.. the first joke early in the morning.

Taken at Kelly's house

haha, iceko such a cutie. As you can see all of us are in WHITE!

the view from the bedroom we stayed in, it's so PRETTY and so happen they were rehearsing for singapore's independence day (:

i know this was a really delayed post and im sorry i have just been really preoccupied with stuff.



Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here goes, The good news is i'll be leaving for Germany in 2 weeks yes exactly 2 weeks.
bad news is i'll be missing my family and friends like CRAZY!
I'm even feeling a little bit homesick now and i haven't even gone yet!
i'm starting to have doubts, cause i know once i touch down to germany my life will be very different cause then i'll have to be independent and not depend on my parents anymore.
i'm asking myself if i'm emotionally prepared? am i? well i suppose i have this 2 weeks to really prepare myself. I feel like i can't really look at my parents and wished they would annoy me more so i wouldn't miss them so much. (as im typing this i'm trying really hard not to tear up).
Okay i have to get hold of myself.
fuuuuh. Okay im chilled.. i suppose i can do this, 1 year, being independent *laughs* , i'll be back again next year with vicky and stephanie, maybe i'll be a totally different person? who knows ;)
Cher Minn will change for the B E T T E R!

14 days / 14 tage

So so, i'm going to SINGAPORE tomorrow i suppose most of you who's followed me on twitter will know this cause i was whining about packing my bag and all a while ago.
suppose to be sleeping now cause of the early flight tomorrow. have to get up at 5AM, seriously have not gotten up that early since national service, i think i've said that before woops :P but yeah, it's been awhile since i woke up THAT early.
it's going to be a blast, will write after when i get back <3


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Pink Baby!

So as you know, well for those of you who are close to me you'll know that i'll be flying to Germany SOON, can't tell you exactly when. Well i actually want it to be a

Today was definitely filled with Up's and Down's.
We were late to the embassy as it closes at 11.30am, as usual mom got caught up with work. By time we arrived KL it was 11.15am and we were rushing like mad, everyone got MAD but thankfully we got there in time. I think if i were a few minutes late i wouldn't be able to already go in.
We go it, B U T..
i needed to take like a new passport picture cause the one i had was with me smiling we teeth and it seems that we can't smile with teeth..
The lady told us to come back at 1.30-3.30pm, so mom had an appointment to attend first. After the meeting we 'accidentally' met an old friend of hers, who suggested a very far walking distance (well not far but a waste of time) place to have my picture taken. Eventually we rushed back and went to KLCC walked up and down to find a place that i can take my picture. By the time,we got the picture done it was like 3.15pm and yes we have 15 minutes to go to the embassy. Luckily, it's not that FAR.
By the time i arrived in front of the embassy the guard was standing outside, he told me it was suppose to be 1.30pm but then i said till 3.30pm right? which was already is and we all know how punctual german's are. But the lady was nice enough to let me in and accept my passport,money and picture. But i have to come back again tomorrow to collect it which i could have done it all by today if i arrived a wee bit earlier. Oh well..

Here's the good part of the day, mom decided to go to Subang Parade and what she bought me
my beautiful 'Peti sejuk' Luggage, isn't it just lovely?

i would have totally done a sound effect thing but i can't unless it's a video ;P

S H O P P I N G S P R E E M O D E !
I T ' S M E G A S A L E !


Monday, July 4, 2011

Skate Malaysia + Part-time job + EUPHORIA!

yellow,hello there people who reads my blog.
I know i have been avoiding the blog for the past few days but i'm just too lazy to put pictures so i'll just continue with words and you guys can just imagine,aight? :P

So Skate Malaysia was alright, it brought back lots of memories when i was still young,fresh and have so much love for ice-skating. I actually do miss it a lot ): I was planning to start skating again but some maybe good news came up? which i'll tell you guys later about it ;)
Dad opened a booth during the competition, we sold, small candy hampers and stuff as gifts to the skaters, it's a tradition where close friends and relatives throws gift after the participant has finish their program. i really missed this moment ;P

The pass few days were BORING, except FRIDAY, cause..
i went to EUPHORIA.
and yeah i've got pictures for you ;D

a group picture taken, from left ivan, jihan,me,yvonne,some dude (forgot his name),yen li,another dude and leo i think. those who are sitting down, uh not sure who they are :P
Most of them are Yvonne's College mates. The Ausmat kids.

Yes, me met EAN from , SO FRIENDLY

And JJ from

we actually met Jin too but the picture did not turn out well ):
Oh and ivan actually posted it on twitter and it was on the huge screen on Euphoria MOS.
I was like shit, its an ugly picture! But the Experience was really FUN!
Suppose to be clubbing but it was more like a mini concert. BUT-anyway it was plenty of Fun.
After that, we went for a movie MONTE CARLO, which was typical but i liked it. Especially the FRENCH dude, gosh his accent was making me MELT. I actually watched it twice with my sister on the second time and her bunch of funny friends. The second time was already boring, so watching the movie once is good enough. Next movie to watch TRANSFORMERS!

Did i say that i'm officially jobless? Yep my part-time job is OVER and DONE.
Now all i have to do is WAIT WAIT and WAIT, which im getting really sick of.

Au revoir.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


hey hey hey, guess who replied me?
Even though she's only a young girl but she's still a very talented star.
the britain most talented finalize

i was asking her what happen to her youtube channel cause when i searched it, it wasn't there anymore. so she told me someone complained about it, screw that person. 'it's probably jealous of this young starlet'.
I mean seriously there are so many people out there who posting videos of themselves singing songs why can't connie do it?


Friday, June 24, 2011

Package from JAPAN

I'm happy that i stood up for myself today.
My shift was suppose to start at 10am but i went earlier cause my colleague asked me if i could come at 8am instead so i said fine i will. Next day, when i went to work she came at 8am too and i was like i thought you asked me to come at 8am and then i said i already would come but yeah. So After that, customer came and i had to settle their payment, so when she was sitting like a dummy there i told her to do the cleaning, and she was like you came early so you do it and i was like Excuse me can't you see i'm busy? of course i did not say that. i just said this with a straight face "you're here doing nothing while i am handling the customers, so you CLEAN" and she was like "heyy" but i just turn back to my job and continue , OH YA! I'm no longer the person i use to be. So while she was cleaning the place up i felt like she got a wee bit mad and i was like whatever it's your job too 'in my heart la'. But i did help to sweep so yeah, i'm just too nice. She told me that she wanted to quit i mean 5 years of experience and you want to quit? and she also said not to tell anyone but i'm telling the whole world right now, but no one know's who is she anyway, no names mentioned. But i secretly, already knew before that she was going to quit because... jang jang jang jang! Her boyfriend is quitting that's why.
who the heck cares anyway im done working soon.
Forget the negative part of my day, to the more positive day of my day

Sis passed me a package today and it came all the way from JAPAN :D
I love getting mails especially packages, they are just so fun to open!
So this is from my penpal Asuka Kimura she's a really nice girl and
things inside of the package are my belated birthday present too (:
She sent me lots of Cute items..
The envelope when it arrived!

and TA-DAAA!
The items inside :'D

There was the Chopticks, facial mask, some Yen coins, necklace, lipgloss and a type of chocolate. Plus a birthday card and letter with a Horse origami, which i haven't take a picture of yet :X totally forgot about it until now , oh well maybe next time!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

conflicts or cornflakes?

teehee, hello there Readers!
So today was my first day doing the working SHIFT alone with my newbie Partner, Theva.
She's awesome and we click (: Today was quite good. We did well *bangga*
There has been some conflict lately at work, no names mention. It has nothing to do with me but you guys get it i think *hint hint*
SENIORS can be bullies, they seriously think they have the right to look down at you but let me tell you something does not mean if you work longer and have more experience , the newbies can't over power you. They could be better, much better then you especially when you bully and talk bad, you're just spoiling your name. AND for doing that, GROW UP. Stop being childish.
okay i'm done ranting about this (:
Customers should try working in CUSTOMER SERVICE, seriously, can't you stop thinking about yourself and think what's it like if it's in our shoes? Little single shit, i want to talk to your manager. WELL GUESS WHAT the manager does not have time to hear you whining about a tiny little mistake. You're not the only customer in this world ok!
So today, i've got a call. And i distinctly remember i'll call her back 'soon' cause i wasn't sure yet. Basically i should have to her as soon as possible so i admit it was kinda my fault there. But i did told her today most of the coaches had OFF DAY. My soon turn out to be few hours later. So my colleague called in for me, and she said i told her i will call her in 5 minutes, WHEN THE FUCK did i say 5 minutes? you dumbo ass hole don't make up story, i know what i said. DON'T ASSUME and change my words. So she said she wanted to speak to the manager tomorrow. well go ahead, be whiny customer that people hate this little pest. Rant all you want customers aren't always RIGHT. Gosh, you make me piss.

Tip: Customer service are always the WORST job you can get.

Talking about this makes me more pissed so i should just end it here.


Monday, June 20, 2011

hang out

I'm so tired from today but it was a whole lot of fun!
Finally Aina has her sem-break, ivan and i had the day off to have a hang out session.
All though we did not spent much, because of the lack of time we had from the stupid ass movie which i will be talking about in a while took up most of our time. We had our breakfast at LEVAIN (i think that's what it was called) it was a pretty little place that has a french style. It was a surprise ivan had for us. They had macaroons which were so PRETTY. Macaroons are actually not my favourite i just like them cause they are pretty :P We have the blueberry and chocolate one , the chocolate one was yummy! Then we had some buns and stuff.
We spent our day mostly at Pavilion which a place i hardly go to but yeah i mean i don't print notes and i don't have a job so basically im just there to window shop. Got some kiehls product that i will try it out thanks to Aina. Ivan bought a versace polo which he kinda regrets buying now but it's over so just be thankful now that you already have it, and you should sleep with it too :P We walked to Sephora which was across pavilion and it was like heaven there, i might get something the next time i go there but i'm not sure when will be the next time.
Ivan brought us to starhill just to use the toilet which was pretty cool but it was seriously really dark in there. The janitor there started talking to us so it was kinda awkward. She thought we were 20 :/ so so anyway we went to watch Ladda land at 2pm , as i told everyone i only watched 95% of the movie as most of the time i had my hands to my ears and my face , facing aina and ivan. haha but i did understand the whole study. i didn't watch the gruesome part though. Which is good ;P

i should head to bed now, nights!

Saturday, June 18, 2011



So yesterday i tried uploading a video that i made for my mom but somehow it didn't load at all.
Took me about 5 tries or more? i was super boiling mad yesterday.
So, today i decided to search what was the problem and i finally found what was the problem after surfing the net.
finally my CREATION (:

We went out for dinner for mom's birthday, we had italian food.
Surprisingly i enjoyed the food. It look so little but it was actually quite feeling.
My favourite was the soft crap and the other one i'm not very sure.
Again, i did not take any pictures :S camera was actually out of battery so yea.

hope you enjoyed the video (=


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old news

I know i already told everyone on facebook by writing that i passed my german test on my status but i have not wrote about it on the blog yet so here it is.
(i know everyone wants a picture but .. you know :P)

My score was just AVERAGE but i suppose its good enough for a person who doesn't study and only does her homework and half listening in class.

so here it is

1 more mark and i'll get better then Average ): Oh well i guess this isn't malaysian's marking so we can't do anything about it. heh!

I did quite well in my speaking though,
Sprechen 22/25
*proud moment*

Lesen (reading) 18/25

Horen (hearing) and Schreiben (writing) pulled me down.
Can't remember the marks :/ You don't have to know anyway :P

Monday, June 13, 2011

Strangers, again

This tells you that being a relationship is never perfect and being in one has its ups and down. if you belong together then you are if not then it's not.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This was the book i was reading =)

In Beatrice Prior's dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On an appointed day of every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is—she can't have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself.

During the highly competitive initiation that follows, Beatrice renames herself Tris and struggles to determine who her friends really are—and where, exactly, a romance with a sometimes fascinating, sometimes infuriating boy fits into the life she's chosen. But Tris also has a secret, one she's kept hidden from everyone because she's been warned it can mean death. And as she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society, she also learns that her secret might help her save those she loves . . . or it might destroy her.

Debut author Veronica Roth bursts onto the literary scene with the first book in the Divergent series—dystopian thrillers filled with electrifying decisions, heartbreaking betrayals, stunning consequences, and unexpected romance.

Recommended by Amanda (:

When i first looked at the book, it looked so DULL and uninteresting but then i read the Synopsis and decided to check it out. So after finish reading the latest book of Private series i went to MPH to buy this book.
One i opened and read it , i couldn't put it down. Finished it in 3 days and i must say it was definitely something different and the ending was satisfying (:

you've been in my mind.

Guess what guess what? Yesterday i went to the ULTIMATE POWER STAR by 8tv
Concert just to see U-kiss since i did not go for the one in Pavillion.
When we arrived the venue , there was a bunch of fans for that show which i do not watch at all probably cause i wouldn't understand :x i know i know i'm chinese but a banana. What can i say?
at least i can understand a little, no?
We were there like
Super early thanks to Cher
ninn. But we got this free tickets for the Musical show in sunway lagoon that's been showing everywhere :D It's TOMORROW, probably will go with mom, dad and a bunch of their friends.
MOVING ON - U-kiss did Two songs which were man man ha ni and 0330 there were FANTASTIC , i only get to see them like really small cause our sits were like quite far but what can i say it was free. No pictures again cause i was lazy :/ i really should start taking lots of pictures cause i know people prefer pictures over words!

So so so i've become a fan of Eun Jung (t'ara)
and Jang Woo's WGM series.
Jang Woo reminds me of Justin bieber at some angel :P no kidding and i just love guys that look like him and his super sweet with full of surprises.

doesn't he have a million dollar smile? *melts*
plus his so GORGEOUS.


Friday, June 10, 2011


Heard of Meganheartsmakeup or MeganJuliaParker on youtube?
well she's an awesome youtuber who does tutorial on Make up and such. Recently she posted Her and her boyfriend's favourites which i find it really sweet <3

Aren't they just so perfect for each other?

bought a new book today, won't tell you what it is till i'm done reading it.
all i can say is i can't seem to put it down from the beginning i started reading it.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


i know i've already made one video from iMovie but it was only pictures but
my 'Jakun' Sister went to the airport today just to get a glimpse of korean boy band U-kiss for the second time (we went to see them last year). So we finally get to experience editing videos
on iMovie, well she did most of the work and i helped out on some of the parts that she didn't so *bangga* haha. So, anyway here it is!

I had a very awesome outfit on today, but i did not take any picture ): So maybe next time!
There was a fire drill today at Sunway Pyramid while i was working. suddenly the Alarm rang but nobody was bothered. So safa went to check what happen and she said the shutters all went down and i was like seriously? then i went to see for myself, upstairs all the shutters were really closed which was awesome, darn it should have taken a picture but :/ hehee!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

will you look me in the eye?

"The longer he looks you into your eyes the more he is interested in you. if he can't look in your eyes long enough, there is a great chance that he just wants to conquer you. After That he will leave you. "


She's Dakota Fanning's Sister , ELLE FANNING.
She's 12 years old and SUPER GORGEOUS <3
She models for TeenVOGUE.
She looks like an absolute DOLL, with her mesmerizing green eyes.

The lastest movie she starred in is SUPER 8 and it just came out in Malaysia.
Shall watch it when i have time =)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woke up another person

Today was officially my last day in Goe-the institut.
it was EXAM DAY D': I had a bad case of stomachache when i arrived the place.
It is a normal thing but you know me i just love to exaggerate A LOT! =)
Aunt Alison (my classmate) picked me up earlier then usual cause we don't want to get caught in the traffic and be not punctual.
When we arrived, there were a number of new faces, we were sorta freaking out cause we thought we were going to be partnered with a different group but HALLELUJAH, it was with the same classmates. So technically it wasn't so bad.
1 Test was : Hearing (hoeren) and Reading (lesen)
das war schwerig! (it was hard)
2 test : Speaking/ Oral (Sprechen)
das war okay aber..
i did a mistake, it was die Jacke but before i could stop myself i said Die Jacke!
i think i was freaking out the most in my whole class ;x
Results will be out after 5 working days so i'll probably get it by next tuesday or wednesday.
i hope i did okay.. *cross fingers*

"i woke up today asking myself if it's worth pursue-ing you?
i think it's best if i just leave things as they are and go with the flow."

Monday, June 6, 2011

baby boy

Baby boy, you've got me thinking about you.

i've got exams tomorrow and here i am wasting my time.
My plan of studying today , was a total failure FAIL!
that means i'll get stress all night by last minute studying, i can't seem to help it :/
i really need to get a live. If i stay home i'll just get hooked to the computer which is NOT
GOOD at all.
Here's a promise to myself (you're the witness) :
Promise when i go to germany i'll get a live, means no more online-ing too much!


p.s sorry for the short post but long post are draggy and boring besides nobody reads
my uninteresting blog, so auf wiedersehen!


i fell for you on the first day i met you.
it's been a while since i felt this way, My heart has been broken for one too many times.
did i made a mistake? i asked myself.
will things work out? i am uncertain.
the future holds many surprises.
only when time comes we will know the truth.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Gosh, it's been ages since i last post well to be exact 2 months?
the reason for me being M.I.A was cause i'm just plain lazy to blog but lately
this whole new customize blog thing has given me some 'semangat-ness' to blog again.
The last i blog was about me having german lesson well last thursday was actually
my last day of German class and yes time has really FLOWN by.
Can you believe it's already half a year? well i can't.
i felt like i have not done anything for this period of time.
Well i suppose National service took up quarter of this year already.
Here's a video link :

i made , memories from NS =)

there's a lot of have no update on like my birthday party which i will write about it soon?
i hope.

i'm suppose to be studying right now as im having my final german exams this coming tuesday D: i hope i'll do fine, it's going to be scary with the Sprechen (speaking) , Hoeren (hearing) and Schreiben (writing) . So wish me luck guys <3


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

german lesson #1

i feel like starting a new blog but i really should maintain this old blog that i have for years!
Anyways today was my first day at GOETHE INSTITUT.
Had my first German lesson and it was really fun to learn the language although there aren't many people my age. Wait! let me rephrase that 'there aren't anybody at my age'. Most of them are 25+ and above and are graduates. So im the youngest :x No fun ): i was hoping to find a new friend but now i really miss all my old friends who are busy taking AUSMAT in SUNWAY UNI!
So what did i learn today?
basically we did introductions, ABC and 123 :B
I'm glad to say that i've already memorize 1-20 in german, but to spell it well that might be a problem. let me try!
Null - 0
zwanzig? (ok i don't know how to spell twenty) HAHAH But yay i spelt it all out *claps*
-shock sendiri- LOLS :D
so im not entirely friendless but i made friends with this indonesian girl she's nice.
hmm wanted to make friends with those med students but they already have their 'own'
gang so i'll feel like an intruder what more is im just this JUNIOR! ):
pfft so tough! anyways can't wait to get this over with and start making real friends.