Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i know i haven't been blogging much but yeah finally i'm ready to TYPE it all out.. well not all but some? :D

So it's been 2 weeks plus since im already in Germany and school has already started. Today was like my second day and i'm still not very fond of it except for English class cause that's the only class i truly understand but oh heck, it's GERMAN-y, what can i do :/

Last thursday -
Me,vicky and Papi took a road trip to Halle-Berlin-Leipzig!
It was WUNDERBAR! (wonderful)
We had to stop at Halle which is a town near Leipzig to meet an Artist (a painter) as papi asked this 'dude' to paint a portrait of his Parents. According to him painters can get paid up to thousands of Euro's just for paintings, it's insane..
We stopped by at this cafe where they are famous for their chocolates, the original one wasn't really my favourite though but the capuccino was good!

After Halle, we stopped at Berlin for a few hours and it was awesome. Berlin was filled with tourist and i think it's more of a tourist area cause DUHH it's the capital of germany.
I did took picture with the wall but vicky has the memory card and i have no idea where she put it but i'll try find it and upload it on facebook - maybe if you're lucky (:
But i do have a picture of me with the jewish monument which is WAY cooler.

Next stop : LEIPZIG!
i remember vicky telling me how awesome leipzig was and she wasn't lying. IT's the best PLACE ever and all her friends are so nice and friendly <3
At night we hanged out for a bit at pub's it was nice to observe around..
Then we went to the Panaroma tower which was so PRETTY, like the view is just so WUNDERSCH├ľN! With the breezy wind and twinkling lights it was just so romantic.

From left top : Vicky,song,josef
from bottom : ME , charlene
Top from left : Borys,song,josef
bottom from left : ME , Charlene

i was pretty sad to leave leipzig by the end of the day cause everyone was so awesome!
We stayed over at charlene's apartment which was really cute, german apartments are just WAY different from malaysian's and it's like really cool! With the creaky floorboards and cosy area.


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