Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life back home

Hello People!

i know it's been a while and YES i'm back in Malaysia, it has been already 3 months and lately i've been busy with college. I must say i miss my days in Germany where i don't have anything to be stress about. In malaysia it has been really hectic and sometimes stressful, back to the fast lane! 
So whats new? lets say i've been through almost everything in this past few months back home, i think i can list 'em all. 
Things i've been experiencing:
1. Great Food!
2. Best friends
3. Friends 
4. Shopping, a lot of it till i should really stop :/
5. Family
6. Bedroom
7. Car to drive around 
8. No public transport
9. Drama
10. love
11. heart break
12. New friends
13. Studies
14. Having FUN
15. LIFE

Things i miss about Germany:
1. Host Family (college friends will probably tease me about this)
2. Public transport (they have really amazing transportation system)
3. Cold Weather
4. Sammie the dog
5. Friends (our cinema+bubble tea session)
6. Leipzig
7. Traveling around Europe
8. Taunusstrasse, Friedrichsdorf (my house)
9. My bedroom in germany
10. Hugging host mami <3 p="p">
11. doing laundry (yes i actually had fun doing that haha)
12. Using the dishwasher! 
13. Brat wurst (German hotdog)
14. Speaking in German

About college, what can i say about it? there's a lot of things i want to express but i think it's best if i don't say anything just yet. 1st semester is almost over and i'm looking forward to the holidays but first i have to face exams and un-finish assignments, can't wait to be done with it! 
Talking about assignments please take a minute and watch this video? It was edited by me and most viewers wins a prize =) 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ich kann zahlen wie viel Tage habe ich noch D':

I can't believe i have less then 2 weeks till i return home D':
I don't know what am i suppose to feel. My head is floating high above with the clouds, it's like i am dreaming right now. I can't believe it's already 1 Year, this is insane, how fast can the time fly? PLEASE STOP TICKING! I wish i can have the best of both worlds but that isn't going to happen unless i can have half of me in Germany and Half in Malaysia. Part of me is happy to be going home and part of me is sad because i don't know when i would be able to come back again (Hopefully soon and i have a reason cause i need to practice my German if not i'll definitely forget it). The good thing is some of my friends promised to visit me :-

BELLE UND KARIN , Ihr hat schon versprochen! ;-D

So this past few days i've been doing a lot of packing, i seriously have way too many stuff my luggage is already full and vicky's is half full with my stuff like 70%! Oh GOOD NEWS, vicky will be flying over to Malaysia for 3 weeks for the Summer but she will be flying 1 week after me ;-) 
Anyways i hope my luggage won't cost me problems, this is just so annoying! I wish i own my very own airplane with a pilot, hihihihi *dreaming*

so i currently have this Hat obsession , it belongs to my host mom and i borrowed it from her ;-) Adorable isn't it? ;-) 

till then, 

i have a party to plan, farewell party :( 

Aber keine Sorge , ich komm' bald wieder nach Deutschland!
ich liebe euch ;D 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Okay, it's been a while since i last blogged and now that i am back there seems to be MEGA changes in blogspot. I guess everyone is updating their sites for the better.. DUH! 

It's already 2nd May, that means i only have a month and a half left in Germany, yes time flies way way WAY too fast. I can't believe i've been here for almost a year. Things has been good and i have been keeping myself busy, meeting up with friends, watching drama's and going to language school (of course). As you guys know it's already the Month of MAY and do you know what month is it? :D

Yes, i am turning N.I.N.E.T.E.E.N  ok i'm exaggerating, turning 19 is nothing big but this is my first time celebrating it away from home. ANYWAYS, i think i've already got my wish list ( MUMMY AND DADDY IF YOU'RE READING THIS *WINK*)

1. (1 1/4 iron curler)
2. hair straightener
3. Long champ sling bag (navy blue) - cause it matches everything :-P
4. iPad or and e-book reader
5. iPhone ( but i guess i'll buy that myself when i get home)
6. Make up items

So yeah that's all i really want for now :') 

Pweety pweety , PLEASE? :-D 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Language Class + ECT


i've been so busy lately that i don't really go online as often as before but i still do of course i can't keep myself away from the computer ;D
So if you don't know, i took 1 month away from school and currently attending a German language class instead, which is so much more fun then being in school because i get to learn something NEW and UNDERSTAND what i learn. Al though not everyone in my class seemed friendly but i made friends with another aunty (she's from belgium so she's sort of french, Super nice!) i don't know why but i get a long with Aunty's well :-S and then another girl name Elisa and she's from Columbia she's doing an Au pair program here, Au pair program is like Being a nanny + you get paid and you study here in another country. 'Google it if you want to know more about it'.

If you want to know more about the language school i am in Please click:

P.s they should pay me for promoting them ;-P

The other good thing about going to the language school is i get a monthly train card and that means i don't have to keep paying for the train ticket every time i get on the train. So i've been really busy lately meeting up with friends and going shopping, Yes i am broke!

That was actually the old news and the quick update of what i have been up to.

Today i was at Korean School (koreanische schule) in Frankfurt for the 3rd time and it was fun to learn something new even though i had some trouble understanding when majority of the time they were speaking in Korean but they do speak in German too which is good because i actually can understand that language *proud*

Korean Worksheet we did today ;-)

Frankfurt Korean School! (Peurangkeupu reuteu hanguk hakgyo)

KimBab (김밥) - Best kimbab ever, it was really delicious. Talking about that i'm craving for some, i didn't get to buy some today :'( Keine Zeit!

This was last saturday with Koharu and Julia in the City shopping!
Koharu is from Japan and she was in the same exchange program with Julia in Korea, she's is so Kawaii! (귀엽다) ㅋㅋㅋ.

and TODAY i was having lunch with Aleyna at a chinese restaurant and then we went to her house and played some wii with her cute little brother and and took banyak banyak gambar ;D

Take #1

okay that's about it for now ;-)

뽀 뽀!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There are so many regrets i have and sometimes i wish there were such thing as a time machine. i'm going to be 19 in a few months time. Man, time past way too fast! Please slow down. I think the older you get the faster the time goes by. I could still remember me in my Kindergarden years how i miss those times, free from worries and no stress! Now all i can think about is College, Future, Earning Money to avoid my Parents from being stress.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

PRS New Building

♬ Hallo hallo hallo i'm back with more stories to tell ;)

Last saturday i was at the school opening since Vicky wanted to see what the new school building of Phillip-Reis-Schule looked like and during the first week at the new school i haven't been around much so i didn't realize it was so cool, big and so pretty compared to the old school which was just really really .. not pretty!

This is just one part of the school, see the graffiti?


The Main hall, looks like an office right? (Sorry for the blur quality)

LOCKERS! ( but i don't have one cause i don't need one :P)
I think this is the PM-Action room, where you can chill, damn cool right? (@Cherminnrawks)
This is like an empty plot in the middle of the school building.
The main entrance to the school ;D

The Sports hall 1 (see on the left there's this wall climbing thingy there)
Sports hall number 2!

The School has a really modern concept. It doesn't look like a school as a matter of fact. It looks more like a University. Inside it's all really Grey and neutral colored which i find it really nice but not for a high school, maybe for a university. The toilet has a really striking color though. Girls > Green (YES of all colors they picked green well if they wanted to make it stand out, it does). Guys > Orange. Unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of the toilet, there's also the theatre hall which is huge but i didn't take any picture and also the class room :S Maybe next time? ;)

♬ xx-

Saturday, February 11, 2012


"Who are you to judge the life i live? I know i'm not perfect and i don't live to be but, before you start pointing fingers, make sure, your hands are clean first."

Lately, i've been browsing through my old post and i realized my writing hasn't really change. I'm still the same and i feel like my english has gone worst it's probably cause everything is in german here so my kepala became a little german too. Haha I'm even sometimes thinking in German language which is odd but when you're here for 7 months that is bound to happen.

Since i have the sudden mood to blog i'm going to update all of you my old news, Those who probably have me as a friend on Facebook and follow me on twitter will know what's been going on in my life and those who aren't well you'll find out now :D


Last Saturday, i had a mini Chinese New Year Celebration with all of my dearest asian, half asian friends. It was a potluck so everyone of us had to contribute something to EAT. Before the cooking started we had to pick up Edmund from Friedrichsdorf Bahnhof (Train Station) It was a freezing cold morning even the bottle of water in vicky's car was ICED. Yes it was literally a bottle of ice. [Sorry no picture ):] When we arrived home the cooking begin, Edmund helped a bit he cooked "egg+tomato sauce+tomatoes" i made the "wanton" and steamed the "siew mai" (a Dim Sum Dish) and of course RICE.

Yes, i actually cooked this ^_^

Photography by : Cher Minn (@Cherminnrawks)

Look at that, it looks and even TASTE good.

Karin brought some Japanese fried prawns with mayonnaise and OMG it was mouth-watering-delicious! (Picture above *drools*)

I'm not usually a Vege person but this one is too good to past ;D

Belle brought salad and pork (chinese cooking style) Which was really delicious too. Talking about this, is making me hungry again. *tummy grumbles*

Okay, this picture doesn't really show you how good it is but yeah. You get the picture.

When everyone was seated we just stared at the food for a moment because everything looked so good that we don't know which to start first, i just had to have everything at one go. Yes, it was that good! *Huge puppy eyes*

i actually have more to write but i have to save that for the next post cause now i have to skype with Sangie <3


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confidence and Independence

"An umbrella can’t stop rain but allows us to stand in rain,the same way confidence does not bring success but it gives power to face the challenges."

I think today has been one of the happiest day i've had so far. Auf Deutsch : Ich bin heute sau gluecklich! If you don't know me then you probably should know i'm not one of the most confident person. I'm pretty much scared to do something alone and always have to have someone stick by me. I'm afraid of being lost. I'm afraid of taking risk. I'm afraid of being alone and not being able to find my way back. But there has to be a day where i have to break free of that cause living in this world is taking a lot of risk and i think today is that day. I know i should have break free from this from the day i arrived here but i guess i'm a late bloomer. But it doesn't really matter cause as long as i can bloom that's what counts!

It snowed yesterday so today the roads were filled with light snow it was really pretty with the snow. Surprisingly it wasn't as cold as last week but still cold since i had to walk all the way to school. Which was btw a 20 minute walk. My school moved to a new building so it's not a 5 minutes walk anymore. The old building was really ugly and old filled with graffiti but the new school is really pretty. They have this modern outlook it actually doesn't look like a school. It looks more like a university or office. Which is pretty cool. I'll try to take pictures next time but it would be weird. i'm not sure if im even allowed to bring a camera because we are not allowed to bring phones to school but nobody cares. After school, i took the train to rödelheim ffm. That when when i first got my confidence cause i've never really took the train alone all the way to frankfurt. Plus i had to find the German centre myself which i have never been too but have looked a far. At first i was lost but then i started opening my eyes bigger and found the place that i was suppose to walk too ~phew~ . The minute i got in to the Centre i was overwhelm by the people in it. There were so many international students, (P.s i saw koreans ;D) I felt like i have finally came to the right place. Cause then i'm not the only one who has trouble speaking german. They were facing the same problem as me. The guy who worked in the reception was pretty cute too ;) There were also lots of cute guys there ;D Moving on, i had to take the A2 and B1 test unfortunately, my grammar was horrible BUT the guy said i could speak and understand well *thumbs up* for me. What's good is i can speak and understand just that my grammar needs some brushing up! So i start in March and i'm looking forward to it! Hopefully i'll find some friends :-S
Then i called Mami and decided to visit her in Bad Homburg at the hospital that she was living in. I was practically jumping with joy when i saw her. Had some delicious cake and latter machiato with her. Talked about my wonderful day then Steffi came. We shopped around for a bit. Bought stuff that we needed and then finally headed home. It was a really busy and wonderful day though ;D


More stories to come, old stories but till then

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year in Frankurt

Being home alone and doing nothing all the time is so damn boring. I can't wait till i "maybe start" my germany classes. So i was having the weekend home alone most of the time cause the others were away somewhere. Luckily, on saturday i had ready made plans. I met Alison and Jimmy with their cute little daughter Joelle at the BH Train Station! If you don't know who is Alison or Jimmy , They are friends of mine. I met Alison in Goethe-Institut Malaysia where i studied german and from there i met her husband and daughter. We took the train to frankfurt then transit from another station to Neu-isenberg where the restaurant that we were suppose to go as Deutschland Malaysian Club hosted a tiny CNY celebration there. Met lots of Jolly group of Malaysians, feels almost like home except all of them are people who are much older then i am but age doesn't matter right? Even Joelle made tiny little friends. I'm not going to lie but i miss home and Chinese New Year in Malaysia is still the BEST! Not having celebrating CNY has been an experience but i don't think i want to miss it again ): There is no joy in celebrating cny without your love ones and friends <3
After the lunch, we went to hauptwache and from there i met up with Karin and Belle <3 We went for a little shopping and i bought myself a Pants :D Which i have been wanting to but couldn't find the right one and finally i did! We also had our normal tradition Drinknig bubble tea when we meet everytime ;D Before we knew it we had to return home cause Karin had a curfew oh well, we took the Gonzenheim train and when it was their stop we said our good byes.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Today was the day that i really missed home. I woke up and realize that everyone back home is anticipating for the Chinese New Year eve. Yes, it's Tonight! (it's passed midnight in malaysia now so GONG HEYY FATT CHOI!) The whole "tiong" family are back home reunited together while i'm the only one missing )':
I miss the Malaysian chinese Food, the family, the gambling, the fireworks!
But i guess this is an experience not being able to celebrate Chinese New Year for the FIRST TIME! (omg that's just so not normal) Imagine, celebrating it for the whole of your entire life and now it's the first time you'll not be celebrating D: , that's just WOAH!
Well technically, i am celebrating but just through skype, it's not as real though but better then nothing. Got a skype call from the family and yes i started bawling my eyes out *homesick moment* i decided to cheer myself up by playing some Sims 3, Yes sims 3 the best game ever! Finally my sims 3 can do laundry and i finish building a house ;D When it was almost midnight in Malaysia i received another Skype call from my family. I watched the fireworks through the camera thanks to Modern Technology im not missing out much.

Missing everyone back home.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

thank God

Few days back, or was it yesterday? ah, screw it! it doesn't really matter. I'll just get on with my story.

Despite the sudden drop of temperature, it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining.
Victoria (my host sister since forever <3) was oddly in a really cheery mood.

Me: Uh, are you ok? Cause you seem to be overly cheerful today (ok i didn't exactly say that but i can't exactly remember what i said).
She : Nothing, it's just a really beautiful day, let's go for a drive!
Me: How about we go for a picnic?

and so we started to prepare stuff like making coffee, cutting apples (yes vitamin) , packing bread and a bottle of apple juice.
Steffi (my lovely younger host sis) decided to tag along and so did Sammie the cute Doggie!

Everyone was ready and we were off to our adventure. We didn't exactly know where to go so we decided to drive around the place to find somewhere we can hang out.. soon the sky was turning darker and darker till the moon was up and ..
we still haven't found a place to settle (too late, aye?)
Then it happen, there was a weird sound under or somewhere of the car.
I had a pretty bad feeling about it, i was having a flashback or what was going to happen.

Vicky decided we should stopped at the Car Repair shop. We were debating if we should wait here till 7 or come back on friday (btw it was 6pm) and so the decision was made. We will stay so we all (including the dog) got down from the car and went inside to sit while they get the car checked.
Vicky got the news from the repair man that if we wouldn't have gone there earlier something really really bad could have happen and for a moment we were in a state of shock cause thank god we made the right DECISION.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frankfurt Occupy

To continue with my story..
On saturday after the Korean classes, i followed Julia to this place where they were demonstrating against :

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is a protest movement which began September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district, initiated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters. The protests are against social andeconomic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption, and the undue influence of corporations—particularly from the financial services sector—on government. The protesters' slogan We are the 99% refers to the growing income and wealth inequality in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population. The protests in New York City have sparked similar Occupy protests and movements around the world.

But only it's not in USA but frankfurt.

At first when i look at the place, i had second thoughts about going in there because it looked kind of creepy. They had this campsite set up in the park. Yes, they really camp there but some of them do go back home and stay there during the weekends. I admit i was kind of being a spoilt brat by looking at how dirty it was :S *it wasn't that dirty actually* i think the cold air killed all the germs anyway. But after a while it wasn't actually that bad. I even met some people from different parts of the world mostly backpackers and they were extremely nice! I even helped them up at their "so called" kitchen. Yes, i cut the fruits :D
Are you curious where they get the money or food from? Well it's all donated by people from all over. I find this really interesting and something different. It can be really fun too! It was a good experience.

-more stories to come ^_^

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Korean as a languge

I had the best day ever today and i mean it but it didn't start out all good cause i had trouble sleeping last night i kept waking up. It was really annoying. Imagine when your alarm rang and just before you finally fall into a deep sleep, frustrating much? I suppose i didn't sleep well was party because i think i was nervous for the Korean class? YES! I actually went to a Korean School held every Saturday. I had to walk all the way to the train station which takes about 20 minutes from where i live and it was still pretty dark! I had second thoughts at first cause i don't usually walk alone anywhere, yes i'm a chicken i admit :P but yeah i did it anyway. I think i'm starting to get use to it? I shall explore frankfurt more now ;-) Met Julia at the Train station, Julia went to Korea for an exchange and she can write/read korean which is so cool! There are only 3 germans and this Korean School and the rest are KOREANS, the minute i walked into the school i felt like i was in Korea or something, it was pretty cool. The teacher was really hyper and nice to me but i couldn't understand her at all cause she was speaking to me 95% of the time. The only words that i recognized are "..can't remember" . haha!
Met new friends too, 2 german girls Aleyna and Ani both Kpop freaks, and Priska a really nice korean girl who was born in germany, and also 2 other guys whom i don't know their names .. sorry :-P One of the guy reminds me of Wei heng! The other one i think he was a mix cause he was pretty good looking but he has definitely the korean eyes haha.
I almost memorized my hangul! (한굴) *Proud of my self*
i'll write more soon, this is not the end of it ^_^


Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know, im 13 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012.
I don't know what to think that's it is already 2012 and with the movie 2012 isn't it freaky?
With the global warming and not normal weather, it's scary but nah ja, i don't think we will die till maybe 100 years later or so.
So, my english has been going from good to BAD and i need to start practicing my blogging more, i guess that would help? ;D It's probably cause i've been hearing too much german around me. Talking about german, i think im getting better at it i just need to.. practice/talk more but i have this problem of being too shy? Help? i really need to overcome this big problem of mine.

BEFORE 2012 :
Yes my family came over to Europe and spent the christmas and new year holidays with ME!
We went to beautiful Venice and cam whored a lot, what can you say when you are at the city of love<3
My awesome family in the Water bus, since there are no cars in venice but only water transportation.

The small streets with lots of bridges in Venice <3

It was the awesomest holiday ever with my family and lots of Big smiles!
I'm missing them so much right now and can't wait to see them when i return home in the Summer.

i'll write more soon? ;-)