Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confidence and Independence

"An umbrella can’t stop rain but allows us to stand in rain,the same way confidence does not bring success but it gives power to face the challenges."

I think today has been one of the happiest day i've had so far. Auf Deutsch : Ich bin heute sau gluecklich! If you don't know me then you probably should know i'm not one of the most confident person. I'm pretty much scared to do something alone and always have to have someone stick by me. I'm afraid of being lost. I'm afraid of taking risk. I'm afraid of being alone and not being able to find my way back. But there has to be a day where i have to break free of that cause living in this world is taking a lot of risk and i think today is that day. I know i should have break free from this from the day i arrived here but i guess i'm a late bloomer. But it doesn't really matter cause as long as i can bloom that's what counts!

It snowed yesterday so today the roads were filled with light snow it was really pretty with the snow. Surprisingly it wasn't as cold as last week but still cold since i had to walk all the way to school. Which was btw a 20 minute walk. My school moved to a new building so it's not a 5 minutes walk anymore. The old building was really ugly and old filled with graffiti but the new school is really pretty. They have this modern outlook it actually doesn't look like a school. It looks more like a university or office. Which is pretty cool. I'll try to take pictures next time but it would be weird. i'm not sure if im even allowed to bring a camera because we are not allowed to bring phones to school but nobody cares. After school, i took the train to rödelheim ffm. That when when i first got my confidence cause i've never really took the train alone all the way to frankfurt. Plus i had to find the German centre myself which i have never been too but have looked a far. At first i was lost but then i started opening my eyes bigger and found the place that i was suppose to walk too ~phew~ . The minute i got in to the Centre i was overwhelm by the people in it. There were so many international students, (P.s i saw koreans ;D) I felt like i have finally came to the right place. Cause then i'm not the only one who has trouble speaking german. They were facing the same problem as me. The guy who worked in the reception was pretty cute too ;) There were also lots of cute guys there ;D Moving on, i had to take the A2 and B1 test unfortunately, my grammar was horrible BUT the guy said i could speak and understand well *thumbs up* for me. What's good is i can speak and understand just that my grammar needs some brushing up! So i start in March and i'm looking forward to it! Hopefully i'll find some friends :-S
Then i called Mami and decided to visit her in Bad Homburg at the hospital that she was living in. I was practically jumping with joy when i saw her. Had some delicious cake and latter machiato with her. Talked about my wonderful day then Steffi came. We shopped around for a bit. Bought stuff that we needed and then finally headed home. It was a really busy and wonderful day though ;D


More stories to come, old stories but till then

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