Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Goood Afternooonnn.
Let's see what i did today.
Oh Yeahh! Today there was a fight on assembly time.
I knww! early in the morning also have fight. it was between
the teacher and a form 5 student if i'm not mistaken.
Yepps, i have no idea what they were fighting tho. Everyone witness it because
we were all sitting on the floor staring at them in silence.
They were shouting at each other. teehee..
Anyways, teacher ask him to get out of the schooll and he did and he was like talking
back to the teacher. How rude and insolent of him. Nowadays people have
gone madd and i mean the world is just falling apart.
So the whole day i didn't do much just the same old thing. nothing new.
Than after school i went down to wait for my van.
My friend , ben "skip" school without his mom's acknowlegdement. -naughty Naughty-
HAHAHA! Yepp so we talk bout nothing much mostly. I talked to lydia too and this primary school
girl Elayne. She is an anoying lil kid. She's Spoilt. She probally get's
whatever she wants. Well tomorrow is a holiday YAYs~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

School Life.

Today school was awfully boring. AS USUAL.
The class was soo hot. No fan i know right so run down. =.-
Anyways, SJ made me mad again. I didn't like what she did.
I don't know why but i seem to get pissed very fast nowadays . Hmmm.. Maybe it's Hormons.
So yepps. I didn't like the fact that she didn't even ask for my permision that she can borrow her friend
my history project stuff. I mean have some manners and ask first, rightt? GRRR.
Yepp well i didnt do much so cya's.
-Miss Cher Minn.