Friday, May 21, 2010

i want you but you're just so fcking arrogant.

People like you shouldn't get any attention from me.

i FCKING Screwed my exam papers.
No surprise there.
2 and half weeks left before i am OUT of here.
I need a breather.

This place that i live in ,
it's just too depressing.

I want to be young again.
To be innocent and not know anything.

Thank you so much for telling the whole world.

Why are you so hard to please?

I should stop now right?
But i can't.
I suppose it takes time.
But i don't want to let go.
Why am i being so stubborn?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You have this unique look that i love so much. ♥

It seems that every time i blog it would be like few months later.
So i decided to update this blog since it's already been so LIFELESS.
What's new with my life?
Well there has been some stuff going on lately,
but that's just for me to know (:

Last saturday,
I had the most AMAZINGG ♥ Party ever.
Thank you Mummy and Daddy for making this happen.
Thanks everyone who came even though it was so LAST MINUTE.
ILY so much ♥

They think their some rock stars xD


My SEXY Bitches ♥

Midterms are like next week.
So i am pretty much SCREWED!

; i turn 17 in 12 days <3

"I admit it. I think of you every second. You're my fave subject to talk about. When I hug you, I wish I could never let go."