Saturday, April 27, 2013


Lately i've been having this new hobby that i picked up, first it was photography but now i've decided to try videography, Finally after so many procrastination Amanda and I decided to do a music video cover after having a very lazy sunday, its my first time so it's not perfect but i tried :D More to come, you know the old saying 'practice makes perfect'. I hope you guys enjoy this awesome video cover by Amanda Foo

Please do share if you like it, thanks for your support :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Lately I've been having this mood to do photo shoots and I did some for my sister and eunji, below are some pictures that came out well, they may not be professional but I'm still learning, more photoshoots to come and I'm excited for it! Sister's pictures were taken in the playground and at home, it was pretty last minute, I took out dad's old camera and bought a new tripod, yes full on photography mode!

Monday, April 8, 2013


After months, i have the sudden urge to blog again. I was suddenly inspired by xiaxue and a few other bloggers who were recommended by Esther, so thank you!

It's been an interesting sunday. instead of lazing at home my family and i went for breakfast. We were suppose to have some good food in KL but all the restaurant we wanted to go to were close, yes CLOSED and we drove all the way there, luckily the traffic was clear so it didn't take us long to drive back, in the end we just decided to have breakfast at sunway. The day got interesting when we went to do some grocery shopping at TESCO. Since dad had extra loads of points on his credit card we loaded two trolleys with snacks and other grocery stuff that we need, it took us an hour or more to load those two trolleys. When we were about to pay my mom re-confirm if it was okay if we use those points and the lady was BLUR, earlier on we had already ask the information and they said it was okay, after waiting for a little while, one of the supervisors came and told us they canceled the contract, like SERIOUSLY LQKSKS:SQLLSQ ?! It took is forever just to search what we want and now this! In the end we just pushed they trolley aside and walked out with 2 items, from TWO TROLLEYS to TWO items, tsk!

THROWBACK< yesterday we went to GIANT to check if we could use the points and they said Yes, this time it work.

So after being annoyed and walking out of TESCO we decided to go to GIANT to do our grocery shopping, this time we left with TWO TROLLEYS, things in giant were actually much more expensive compared to TESCO, odd.The smell in giant is just horrible, makes my hair stink 'of giant'. HAHAHA okay that was lame. The amount of stuff we bought made us look like we were feeding 10 people, it was pretty funny cause the cashier was like "woah banyak barang!" I'm a happy girl now cause we have a whole load of snacks in the pantry, finally we have a well stocked kitchen :)

Met two high school friends in Giant and Tesco, was pretty weird seeing them again. I would elaborate more but i think i'll just keep it to myself ;)