Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthdayy partayyy!

Yesterday, Shalinie ( Cher Ninn's Friend) came for a sleepover.
They were doing their own stuff and i was doing my own.
I actually slept quite early yesterday. Friday's are always very tiring.
With all the school and tuition activity's .
Did not do much in the afternoon.
Just waited for rachel to pick me up to attend to yvonne's partayy!
We hanged out at yvonne's house.
The best part was when yvonne got a cake and after we sang happy birthday and all the other song's her uncle was like " you wish to lose.."
Yvonne says " my virginity".
Everyone burst out laughing, that was the best party! It was just so hilarious!
Didn't get to stay back to eat cake because my ride with Kah sim had arrive oh well.
I'll just have to find out what happend after :P
All in all it was worth going. (:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Picture of me


Don't you just love chocolate?

Today, was one of the most boring day ever at school.
probably because i don't have a story book to read.
I finished reading the book "good night,beautiful".
it was kind of a sad story.
Anyway, i have to go!
Accounts tuition in a few minutes. ciao.

Accounts tuition was so boring and i keep falling alseeep!
this bitch in my accounts class i think she was talking bad about me with her friend.
I don't know what they say but what she told her friend made them both burst into
laughters. WTF!? who cares.
Later on had tuition at pelangi, it was better then accounts , accounts always makes me sleep.
tomorrow is yvonne's birthday party, can't wait! :P
Rachel's taking me to the party.
will tell you how it goes tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heyy ya'll!
It's been like so long since i've blogged.
Guess what? im just too lazy to give a damnn.
Oh yeahhhh, i got a new ipod !!! I'm so so so Happpppyy :P
School's been busyyy ! im crossing my fingers hoping Aina would let me join YE because
i desperately want too. English society sucks, it's like super boring wasting my time being there.
But we had no curiculum for like 2 weeks already because with sports day this sunday their getting ready for and im no going because im not involve and since it's a sunday we get a monday holiday!
which meant i have a bonus holiday :P
Sangie's planning to go back to US! :( im devastated.
I hope she changes her mindd. I would miss her like hell!
Its yvonne's birthday in 30minutes.


I've really nothing to tell other then that i so want to go study in US, or NZ
i don't mind anywhere else except asian countries.
It would be nice to go to an international school! :P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been meaning to update , so here i am but i'll have to make a breif one because im not suppose to be online now. I'm not allowed to online on a weekday. So today was really busy like every other they. It's really hectic esspecially in class. Im sitting next to a person who has to have her site and cannot touch her share of table. i was kind of offended. But im like that in some way i just don't tell the person straight in the place. How rude. Today we had english society it was so Boring and i mean very BORING. My group consist of natasha, ying yi,michelle and yvonne. We had to find places to hide the clue for our treasure hunt game next week. Oh yeah before that, me,sangie,yvonne and michelle went to eat outside of school compound it was sort of my first time doing this kind of thing.. ok maybe not my first time but still i hardly do this. Anyway the food was good and feeling enough to make me full untill now. I don't have much homework today but i need to do some research on this topic "Menacing Mircrobes" for EST. Don't ask me what it is because i have no clue. I feel like dropping EST but i don't know how to confront teacher. I have tuition soon so will update asap.

Cher Minn x

Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's Been A While Since I Have UPDATED.
I've been lazy to type any details of my daily life now.
Let's see, Tuition has started this week it was pretty good. VeryComfy. (:
Sangie,kaveena,thiba,edwin,justin,yvonne and others whom i can't remember are in the tuition and it's load of fun and very funny! I actually understood what the teachers were sayin
g.. i know , right? - amazing :P
School was very hectic. We have like TONS of homework and i mean TONS . En.Cheah give us like alot of maths homework and i don't understand what he says
at all. I had to learn from my friends.
Wednesday is the most busiest day ever because after school i have extra-activities and later on i have tuition for 3 whole hours, can you imagine how exhausting it is!?
so anyways, today i baked some cupcake's! I didn't take any pictures yet though.
ImTooLazyToGetTheCamera. DOT.
VALENTINE's is next saturday and everyone is talking about it.
I don't see any big deal out of it. Seriously, it's going to be another boring valentines.

I Edited This Picture A Minute or so Ago.
Isn't it pretty? :P
I like this picture. Esspeically the wordings. hehehe.
Well im off.

Cher Minn. X