Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthdayy partayyy!

Yesterday, Shalinie ( Cher Ninn's Friend) came for a sleepover.
They were doing their own stuff and i was doing my own.
I actually slept quite early yesterday. Friday's are always very tiring.
With all the school and tuition activity's .
Did not do much in the afternoon.
Just waited for rachel to pick me up to attend to yvonne's partayy!
We hanged out at yvonne's house.
The best part was when yvonne got a cake and after we sang happy birthday and all the other song's her uncle was like " you wish to lose.."
Yvonne says " my virginity".
Everyone burst out laughing, that was the best party! It was just so hilarious!
Didn't get to stay back to eat cake because my ride with Kah sim had arrive oh well.
I'll just have to find out what happend after :P
All in all it was worth going. (:

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