Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's Been A While Since I Have UPDATED.
I've been lazy to type any details of my daily life now.
Let's see, Tuition has started this week it was pretty good. VeryComfy. (:
Sangie,kaveena,thiba,edwin,justin,yvonne and others whom i can't remember are in the tuition and it's load of fun and very funny! I actually understood what the teachers were sayin
g.. i know , right? - amazing :P
School was very hectic. We have like TONS of homework and i mean TONS . En.Cheah give us like alot of maths homework and i don't understand what he says
at all. I had to learn from my friends.
Wednesday is the most busiest day ever because after school i have extra-activities and later on i have tuition for 3 whole hours, can you imagine how exhausting it is!?
so anyways, today i baked some cupcake's! I didn't take any pictures yet though.
ImTooLazyToGetTheCamera. DOT.
VALENTINE's is next saturday and everyone is talking about it.
I don't see any big deal out of it. Seriously, it's going to be another boring valentines.

I Edited This Picture A Minute or so Ago.
Isn't it pretty? :P
I like this picture. Esspeically the wordings. hehehe.
Well im off.

Cher Minn. X

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