Friday, August 28, 2009


I love this ride *SPLASH*

wooot fun fun fun in the water.

one of the group pictures we did not really have a group one ):
i swear that pink mascot is inlove with timmy. HAHA!

My mom's favourite ride :P

opps forgot to turn it the other way :P

they are insane to ride that ride (:

our favourite ride (: can't stop riding it
joe has a funny expression.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get a life (:

Been doing loads lately.
Yesterday i went to the lagoon with tim,joe,ninn,vic,simon and yuuka.
it was a bunch of fun!
First ride was this i can't remember but something with "lost" hahah!
it was a roller coster thing we set on it twice actully 3 times in total.
i can't seem to put my head up because it tickles my tummy, HAHA!
and then we set on the cobra ride thingy, sorry cause i can't remember the ride names.
The first time we did not get really wet but the second time i got totally wet but it was
fun fun FUN!
After that the round boat thingy? hahah! i was trying to move away from the water getting me.
It was funny. Surprisingly not many people were there so we did not really have to queue up.
we ride on it twice too (:
actually there's nothing much to do there when you actually go there every year and don't know
how many times in a year..
the rest went for the 360 boat thingy, it looked real scary haha i can see them all
scared to death went the thing stayed upside down for my second gosh i don't know
how they got the courage *salutes them*
we went for one of the africa slide thing i got totally wet there. HAHA!
was awesome.
After that we head to the mall and had our dinner? we had KFC it was good after
having loads of fun in the themepark.
The food there is like so freakinly expensive and little!
after dinner we decided to watch a movie .
few of them went back but stef and jeet came, we watched i love you, beth cooper.
It was seriously hilarious! the movie was okay :)
that was about what i did yesterday.
will get pictures soon ^^

p.s whoever you spammer are ,spam all you want after all it's a free country right?
thanks for the comments i'll just happily accept it.
and i hope you get a life, if you ever.
i feel very sorry for you (:
anyways , take care :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Themepark ♥


My sister woke me up and said that we were going genting.
So i got up and got ready.
It was only a day trip.
A trip with Me,my sister,mother,grandma and victoria (:
We arrived there about 11 i think?
The weather was perfect sunny and nice.
Not too cold or hot.

Our first ride was the swing thingy

I really like the corkscrew!
We rode on in twice, i set with mom (:
when the roller coaster turn upside down i opened my eyes and it was wicked!
We packed our own food so we did not have to buy any food.
Actually we did not spend any money except for the entry tickets ^^
My grandma rode the ferris wheel (:

While me and my mom were inside the ferris wheel we were camwhoring, haha!

After this the weather got really misty and cold!

picture with the flying coaster

and the last ride was the slow car thingy .

and the end of my trip (:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i PAINTED my nails :P
it's light pink and blue (:
My toes are redish pink, but i did not take a picture of it though.
I don't take feet. HAHAH!

Had wine noodles today, it was delicious.
I actually did not do much practically
sims 3.x
watch tv.
and all over again.

Very intereting i know.

i was bored so i re-edit this.
hope you guys like it (:

Well i have nothing to say.

♥auf wiedesehen.


the yacht in the club

my car tolling my boat :P


Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
okay so i just finish watching this thriller movie ORPHAN.
It's a stupid psychopathic movie.
I am never ever going to watch this kind of movie again.
After watching this movie i was literally shaking.

Anyways sorry for not updating i wanted too but i did not have the mood.
Starting on thursday , the day is started my holiday (:
Me and my sisters did not go to school, we followed our mom and dad to the yacht club.
we tolled our boat there.
It was a cool place i have pictures in facebook though.

Friday which is today.
Went to pyramid.
Skated for a bit.
met my classmates :P
everyone ponteng ponteng!

forgot to mention confirm 1 case H1N1.
so lucky we did not go school.

anyway today was a shopping day. first pyramid then summit.
We went to summit with my cousin.
i bought 2 books.
My sister's keeper and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! (finally i own it.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fashionista ♥

Me , Dad and schatz ♥ (vicky) hahaha

glimpse of the models.

i love this ♥



School was awefully boring without yvonne and her loud noise :P.
4C only 13 people came, cool aye? HAHAHA!
I did not have any mood to study at school.

i was pretty lonley because 2 of my buddies DID NOT TURN UP TO SCHOOL!

you're excused this time.
Today i went for this fashion show by Anya Hindmarch.
It's a brand from london i think.
it was awesome.
Everyone was so fashionable there even this little girl i saw.
We had cocktails and omg the chocolates was just so Delicious!
They were also so delicate looking but i couldn't resist it anyway i put it into my mouth
and it's in my stomache now. HAHA!
The fashion show was cool, not all the models were pretty.
They are actually so skinny. But i really like this one coat it's so nice but the price is
$$$ not affordable for me.
Even the bag is like Rm2000 + .
Serena C was there she had blonde hair, it was kind of cool and her outfit was chick lit :P

made by,yours truly :)

Not forgetting tuition, i brought my camera so we were camwhoring :P

P.S should i try out to be a prefect? comment.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Love Drunk

woke up at 12pm today.
I wanted to online but the internet was ill.
I drove today but only into my house porch.
It was awesome (:
My sister CN tried it too , her driving was horrible but it was so funny :P
we kept on laughing and laughing.. V tried it too ofcourse my mom was beside us.
I was the best *beams* :)
Driving is fun but scary.
After that, we went Giant to buy groceries, as there's not much food left at home.
I think the food we bought will only last a week, hahahaha.
When were done paying it was raining outside and we did not have an umbrella with us
so we had to wait and wait. While waiting i was standing by the side watching people
go in and out of their cars it was quite interesting, LOL!
Watched Princess Hour, i forgot how awesome this korean drama was :P

1 more week ♥

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Canteen Day'

How did my day go?
well surprisingly it went well..
although some parts are boring but you can't have everything perfect right?
When i woke up today , my ear has this echo sound and i still have it untill now.
*go away sound!*
it's really annoying , i did not have any problem waking up actually :)
Dad drove us to school.
The beginning was boring because they had speech and prize giving *snore*
congrats to those who got the prize though.
After that we had some performance it was Malay, chinese and then indian dance.
it was good! *thumbs up*
We camwhored ,will post the pictures up soon probably on facebook.
I'll think about it, arraso? :P
it wasn't really a camwhored. I look ugly anyway..
V belanja me pizza and donut :P too bad i did not take a picture of it
i was enjoying it too much i suppose.
LEO had a talent show and there was one group who danced to MJ song
they were AWESOME!
Timmy came to our school, stef's costume was cool!
Hmm.. that's about it? did not much actually just walked around.. look see look see :P

auf wiedersehen

Friday, August 14, 2009


Anyeong (:
Yesterday we finish watching BOF , for me it was the second time.
I can't seem to get enough of it .
I hope there's a next season.
it's like a dream..


not forgetting there's school tomorrow but it's "Hari Canteen"
I am still not sure whether i should go or not..

Had lisan today, of all days the examiner have listen to our group.
We did "Isu: Dadah"
I thought the examiner was just going to sit there and listen but she took out
her phone and took a video of us i was like *crap*
but i guess i did ok?
She also took out a the recorder.. but she was nice and not scary luckily.. :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


this days there are so many complications in live.
Haven't been doing much really.
On monday i skipped tuition because i followed my parents to a police dinner function thing.
Something to do with appreciation giving award for them, i think?
it was kinda boring. S.A.M and V were there too.
I had to help take pictures.
I tell you the way they serve to food is seriously SLOW.
I think even the tortoise is faster.
Tuesday did not do much, school and tuition?
oh yeah not forgetting BOF (:
Today i don't know why but i was so freaking sleepy in school.
I've been feeling sleepy in school almost everyday the teachers are just too uninteresting.
During moral, another teacher came in to teach us how to answer our moral spm papers.
That was seriously boring i tried to listen but i just couldn't i serious fell alseep
but i immediately wake up because teacher can see me if i fall asleep.
Then the last 2 periods my maths teacher was absent and we had substitute teachers
but we could do anything, so i just slept till the last period i was talking with friends for a bit..
that is how interesting my life gets.. NOT!
"not mad at you."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ich vermisse dich

Was suppose to wake up at 8 today but i guess i was too tired, got an intercom
phone call from my mom, that woke me up.
Got ready for a day out to midvalley.
My aunt, Grandaunt, grandma, mom, my sisterS and i went.
It wasn't that interesting, it was actually annoying because first of all it's a saturday.
So the traffic is just terrible and what more is the mall is pack with humans so we can
hardly enjoy our shopping.
Walked for abit and after that we got fedup so we just had MCD for lunch and went home.
We watch 1 episode of BoF :)
at about 6 ish had to start making our fruit salad it looks not delicious but it isn't that bad
when you try it, i'll get the picture's on asap.
at about 8 we left and went to one of the hoster house for AFS as we had an AFS gathering.
The Fruit salad was meant to be a german dish.
Met a few people there , i did not talk much to them.
one of them was philip , and the other i cannot remember his name.
There were also AFS returnees the one who went abroad for a year.
They all said it was a good experience and i would really love to go for this program!
all in all this gathering was a success (:

"don't wait"

Friday, August 7, 2009


I drew all this :)

Had inspirations to draw this, lol

what i do when i am insanely bored.

I took this picture out of randomness.

totally random :P

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The word awkward screams out!

Woke up at 6 as usual today but was very sleepy but i remembered to
make my bed :)
Wanted to go for the sejarah seminar thing but it was full so i did not get to go.
my sejarah teacher was like if don't got then she won't give pity marks or something like that.
it's kinda childish. I wanted to go anyway but it was full!
Sejarah is quite interesting.
can't believe it? :P
Most of the teachers did not turn up today
So we did not study much if we did it was the subjects that i hardly pay attention too and
the teacher doesn't really care such as physics.
So today i've got my

English - 85% (could have done better)
Modern maths - 60% (not bad for not studying)
Additional maths - 20% (expected :P )

Stayed back for YE, had to wait for half our i think less then one hour for the rest
because they had EST.
The meeting started at 2, along with Mr.Nathan
We did this fishbowl thing it's like people will write down your weakness and
strength and tell you about it, i was so so so NERVOUS!
lucky we did not have enough time so we had to continue next week!
I couldn't think of what to write about the members and i could only think of the nice
stuff about them (:
Ughh got a headache.

adios amigo.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Through our doubts,
In my violence,
In my turbulence,
Through my fear,
And my confessions,
Through my joy and my sorrow, In the promise,
Of another tomorrow,
I'll never let you part,
For you're ALWAYS in my heart.

Did not do much, been watching movies and been online :D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Horrible, terrible, ATROCIOUS!
Exam Day 2 was okay but as i said above ;)
1 more freaking DAY!
Tomorrow's subject is the most BORING-NESS subjects ever.
Hate :
x Physics
x Pen. Sivik
x acounts
x add maths

Goddess, HELP ME!
Stayed back today, tried to study physics but everything went in and came out :P
Today i felt moodless.
Did not feel like doing anything that includes studying.
Maybe ... MAYBE i will stay up to study (?)

Sarcasm Rocks :)

"When you Look me in the eyes"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Exam Day 1

Day 1 is over 2 days to go.
Woke up at 5.05 am, chocolate wake up call.
I actually did not feel very tired, proud of myself for sleeping early.
I had to continue reading sejarah bab 5.
It's quite interesting but i had to run through so i can't entirely remember everything.
First subject was BM , It was tolerable but peribahasa was totally out, and prosa tradisional
wasn't very good either.
Next was Sejarah, now sejarah was fustrating because i could have answered everything
if i had my text book with me or if i had memorized more because the questions was quite
ok, UGHHH! *bang bang bang*
After recess i did not take chinese or islam, so it was my break time, V didn't have to take
at all only english and she's going to skip school for 2 days, lucky!
Wish i was a foreign exchange, hahaha ;P
English was not bad, summary abit confusing but it was ok? i did well.
i DO NOT want to FAIL !@#$&%

Dreading DAY 2.
Mod Maths.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Proposal

Camewhored in the car, i look like i am sleeping here, hahaha!

Family Picture :P

Love this picture, it's so cool esspecially V.
totally candid!

Went to watch the proposal today with my sisterS and Mom.
it was so nice and i want to watch it again , after exam.

have to keep this short, kussi

Saturday, August 1, 2009


First of all, i smell like BBQ smoke.
Which is so STINKY!
I'll tell you why later..

Young Enterprenuer Sale '09.
I am usually not a morning person but today i was up and cheerful? in the morning.
V woke up like immediately too, usually both of us were very blury and tired but today was
not one of those days. I had to bring the christmas tree for decoration for the sale home, and i
forgot to bring it down with me but luckily V reminded and took it down for me.
I am still blur in the morning.
Even my dad was wide awake, he drove us to school from there we took the bus.
We left about 7 -ish? we left kammelia by mistaken but she came by her own .
We thought we were late because our shift was at 7.30am but when we got there
alot of school's had not arrive yet, we were one of the earlier once.
It was pretty dark but not so dark that you can't see.
I was also in the first shift, had to decorate the place and stuff.
I think our school did great, and so did the others (:
Forgot to mention that we had to wear school uniforms which is so lame.
But most of us either change into normal clothes or the YE t-shirt.
So after my shift was done, i went to change into my outing clothes.
Had breakfast at MCD with ed and v.
I went shopping for abit with v , bought a new lipbalm, crazeeps , that's about it.
Not much, but yet i am totally broke.
After this, Dad took us home to get ready for a kenduri , Didi's brother getting married.
It was nice, i love the theme colour. It was really hot though.
After this, my dad sent my sisters and i to pyramid as i had my shift at 3.30 - 5.30 pm
but both my sisters can shop, so unfair.. but hey no one said that everything is fair.
Anyway, the 3.30 - 5.30 pm was boring.. not much to do..
oh yeah, my cousin came to buy stuff from our stall (:
2 of my nieces and 1 nephew came too.
After shift i was pretty knackered, all crumpy and stuff.
Oh yeah sharmaine came! She was there with azim her bestie.
Missed her! she bought me a hippie string thingy, i'll take picture of it when im in the mood.
now there is just too many pictures but i will post some..
V bought me a bracelet colourful like M & M's.
then i bought another 2 hippie strings. :) i just love the hippie strings .
it can be a headband, bracelet,necklace and hair tie, it has many functions and it's quite
cool! all made by Assunta.
the last minute sale was cool, it's where everyone can drop their prices
but too bad i was in a grumpy mood because of my mom..
so i did not browse around to buy stuff ):
oh well ..
but i had to get stuff for mom the pouch bag for the phone and i went to popular to buy
some books i did not have much time to browse so i only bought what i can find which
was karangan and sejarah komik book, there are still a few stuff i want to buy.

When i got home, i was so completely exhausted but i could not sleep because i had to get
ready for a small BBQ gathering at stefan's there was just a few like 3 family, and not
a very big family just a tiny one. Food was delicious. But the whole BBQ concept
thing with the smoke and everything made me stinky.
Stefan's sister michelle has such an awesome collection of books!
i borrowed 6 books from her, can't wait to read it but it has to be after exam.
i can wait (: ... i think? :P
After the food we were suppose to sing? ofcourse not me you know i wouldn't sing.
i don't sing or dance.
I nearly fell asleep while sitting on the couch was just too tired.. it was difficult to keep
my eyes open so finally my dad let me go home (:
that's about it, hope i didn't bore you to death,but to make this interesting,
i post some pictures.