Thursday, August 6, 2009

The word awkward screams out!

Woke up at 6 as usual today but was very sleepy but i remembered to
make my bed :)
Wanted to go for the sejarah seminar thing but it was full so i did not get to go.
my sejarah teacher was like if don't got then she won't give pity marks or something like that.
it's kinda childish. I wanted to go anyway but it was full!
Sejarah is quite interesting.
can't believe it? :P
Most of the teachers did not turn up today
So we did not study much if we did it was the subjects that i hardly pay attention too and
the teacher doesn't really care such as physics.
So today i've got my

English - 85% (could have done better)
Modern maths - 60% (not bad for not studying)
Additional maths - 20% (expected :P )

Stayed back for YE, had to wait for half our i think less then one hour for the rest
because they had EST.
The meeting started at 2, along with Mr.Nathan
We did this fishbowl thing it's like people will write down your weakness and
strength and tell you about it, i was so so so NERVOUS!
lucky we did not have enough time so we had to continue next week!
I couldn't think of what to write about the members and i could only think of the nice
stuff about them (:
Ughh got a headache.

adios amigo.


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