Saturday, June 27, 2009

averiderci, laptop

Bye Bye, laptop
Au revoir, Laptop
sayonara, laptop
bye in every other language.

It's probably for a good cause. I won't be on so much.
So don't miss me (:

Study study study study.
here i come.

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Micheal Jackson

King Pop Star

R.I.P Micheal Jackson.

He died at such a young age, well 50 is not that young but it's still young for a dying age?
Anyway, i wish my condolences to his family and hope he will rest in peace.

So this week has been very hectic.
There's alot of homework, it's a never ending thing.
It just keeps adding up everyday..
Hardly have time to even come online, it takes me ages to complete everything
even so, i am sure that there will be still more waiting for me.
So Petronas Science field trip is next week tuesday, can't wait!
A day out of school during school time (:
So tomorrow is report card day and i am doom, and i mean really doom.
Funeral day' .
Aina's having her sweet 16 on the 11th June, woo can't wait !

peace out!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I can see the world again ;P

Ola` , busy day today.
Woke up at 9am when i heard the buzz of my watch but my mom called with the intercom phone to wake us up.
Me and my family had Bak kut Teh for breakfast, it was Delicious.
it's been a while since i had some.
The only way you can get me to finish 1 bowl of rice is by eating Bak Kut Teh.
It's just so yummy.
After Breakfast, we went to sunway pyramid to my dad's shop.
Had some customers there and my mom wanted to get her phone fixed so me,my sis and my mom went to the phone shop to get it checked.
While i was waiting for the phone to get fix my dad called and said he needed help so i walked all the way down to the shop and help him up.
at about 1.30pm my mom drove me and my sis home, dad wanted to stay at his shop.
I actually did my sejarah homework!
Still have some essay correction left , almost done.
Mom went out for a meeting and came back about 5 something .
She asked me if i wanted to follow her to pick my dad up so i said yes.
We went to do abit of shopping too, dad needed new shoes and i wanted contact lenses.
It took me about 1 hour to get both contact lenses into my eye, finally i can put it in my eye but it sting a little but i slowly got use to it, it was nice! finally i got my contact lenses after seeing all my friends have one.
So that's about it !

Happy Father's Day !

Happy Father's Day, Daddy !

"Will always Love you !"

Woke up by the sound of my phone blaring th
e song "everything i want".
Hitting the the snooze button before going back to sleep.
Mom came in a few minutes later waking us
up to get ready for work.
I dragged myself out of bed and got myself ready packing my books just in case , never hurts to bring extra (= Mom drove us to sunway, to dad's shop.
Me and my sister were basically hanging out in t
he shop waiting for customers.
I left my book in the car so i could not read.
At 11pm Sue arrived with Mitto/Nobell her cute little daughter, she was all cheery and she has the most cutest eyes ever !
So sue took over the job while my sister and i went to p
opular to get stuff, we both bought the same seventeen again magazine, yes we have to have one on our own each .
That's because DAVID ARCHULETA was on the front cover and inside contents.
gosh his so cute !
Here are the picture's of the seventeen magazine , isn't he just So Cute !

I Love This Picture (=

Beside's oggling over david while reading the mag, I bought some pens and a notepad.
My pens are running out of ink and i needed the notepad for my bm tuition.
Knowing me, all the paper i have written on will be lost.
We had hot and rolls' for lunch, it wasn't that satisfying but tolerable.
We went back to the shop , didn't do much in there, just played with mitto and day dreaming.
Sue had to go buy lunch so we waited in the shop and when they got back we went out again this time we went to MPH before that it was popular, yes we support both of them (=
My sister bought the same 17 mag again because she wanted 2 to cut one out i suppose?
I bought the private series prequel LAST CHRISTMAS , yes finally they are having it in mph, i was so broke at that time , i had only like 25 bucks? and the book cost 59.90 ! It's exp because it was a hardcover, and there was only one left so i had to get it ! My sweet sister borrowed be 50 bucks and i bought it ! I also saw the second privelege book which is also connected to the private series but i didn't have enough money to buy it )= it cost 39.90 still kinda exp and im currently broke, need to start saving and studying.
We skated today, and yes i still can skate and balance after not skating for a few months now !
sadly, i lost my sit spin ): that cannot happen i must practice to get it back!
Didn't skate very long because my toe hurt, wish it would recover soon it keeps getting worst.

Dear Friends, Fans and Everyone ,
Please sign this petition it's free, just sign your name and e-mail!
Every vote counts, so please it only takes a second!
Thank You!

David Archuleta Concert (make it happen)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zero Gravity

I feel horrible.
I did very badly in my midterms, well the person to be blame is myself because
i did not study or put any effort on it.
I was enjoying too much.
I need to stop that now.
Well I am trying' .
Somehow i keep saying that every time but not really making any progress.
How do i solve this problem?
how am i going to explain to my parents?
i am such an embarrassment )=

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cameron Highlands.

I just got back from a place called "cameron highlands" It's was nice there with the cold weather, about 20 degree celcius Better then in town where it's 30 something ! We stayed there for 1 night 2 days at a hotel called " De La Ferns" weird name but the rooms were good! I took some pictures i'll upload it for you later.
So you can see it there, it was really green there but there were some nice sceneries (:

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Quick update.
helped out at the shop for a while, bought tickets for 2 movies
Hannah Montana : The Movie x 3
Seventeen Again. x 5

It was nice catching up with sharmaine again, miss her loads!
we watched 2 movies together along with sis.
Cousins came along for the the second movie.
Seventeen again was very nice and funny!!
Hannah montana was just okay...

"Love at First Sight"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little us`

Picture of Me and Megan when we were Little`
Aunt sent it to me today (=
Megan look's so Cute `
Chubby chubby`.
I still can remember she use to hold that blankie of hers and
always say everything is hers ;)
Now she's all grown up' (:
Time flies

Monday, June 1, 2009


Picture's taken while we were BORED (:

my beautiful sister (LOL)

Sweet 16'