Friday, July 19, 2013

What gets me excited?

Here is what gets me excited .. PRESENTS and packages, i love it how inside the box will be full of goodies and surprises! 

Guess where this package came from? KOREAAA :D 
My awesome awesome best korean friend Eunji sent me a package few days back and it finally arrived today, is it me or the mail man has become much more efficient? 
While i was having lunch the bell rang and i went to see who was it.. and it was the POSTMAN! The minute i got my hands on the package i was literally jumping around the house with joy and excitement! Yes i love packages that much, don't you? its so FUN unboxing something :D 

Package #1 

here is  little Cute 2NE1 card and behind Eunji wrote me a message :) 

Besides getting excited over packages, you have to know i have an obsession with lipsticks. I can never get enough of it, all i ever look for when it comes to make up are lipsticks, lipsticks and more lipsticks! 
In my opinion, lipsticks are easier to apply on rather than the whole drill where you have to put foundation > concealer>powder>eyeshadow>ect on your face, its easier to just apply lipstick on BUT i still love the process of make up!
For some, people who do not like make up and think that girls who uses make up is because of self unsatisfactory or for some sort of other reason..they are wrong.
 For me i am happy with my looks and i just love make up, the whole process of it! Experimenting with make up is just a whole bunch of fun! I don't think boys will understand this.. mm well maybe some :) 

Moving on, here are my new babies!
from left chosungah (its in the sugar lime color and it helps moisturize your lips, i will write more when i have tried it out myself :), Second one is Masqueology Magic Lipstick (its in the color yellow and apparently when you put it on your lips it will turn to your natural lip colour..again more explanation later) and finally my 3 concept eyes lip lacquer that i have been dying to get my hands on and FINALLY i've got it, i am super duper excited to try it out :D 

My pretty new lipsticks!

I've also received some hydrating mask! 

and finally these are gifts for my mom from Eunji!
(My mom says thank you Eunji and Eunji's Mom) :D 
I know i initially just asked for the lip lacquer and i was a little shock when i saw a parcel coming in, as you can see i am soooooo excited, so thank you very very much i love all of it and thank you on behalf of my mom too :D WE HAVE TO SKYPE SOON!
I miss our sleepovers, come back to malaysia! <3 p="">
SARANGHAE <3 nbsp="" p="">

As you can see i've been getting a few packages these pass few weeks, ok not few but just 2! Enough to get me really excited!

Package #2 came all the way from Germany!

if you haven't know i was in Germany for a year and my host mom sent me these goodies for my belated birthday :D
Living in germany for 1 year has definitely made me a HARIBO freak, i can never get enough of it esspeically when you live in Germany, they are so many chocolate and gummybears and it is really cheap! (yes i did got fatter after my 1 year stay but i lost all of it) ahha.. 
My sweet awesome host mom sent me some haribo's, a birthday car, cup, a pair of earing and a really cute tiny mirror!
(P.s there were initially 3 packets of haribo but i already ate one heheeh can't help myself!) 
Isn't this mirror so PRETTY? *_*

My host mom has a doctor's handwriting, it took me a few tries to understand it and it is in german!
i still can't guess certain words.. hmm.. a little help please?

Message to my host mom:

Liebe mami, DANKE DANKE DANKE für das süßes Geschenk, ich liebe es und ich liebe dich!
hoffentlich können wir bald nochmal sehen, ich vermise dich und alles in Deutschland, Liebe grüße Minnieeeee xx 

I shall give a more detailed update about my lipsticks soon :D
ciao bella! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minion Craze!

The whole Malaysia has gone mad with Mcdonald's Minion Toy! Since when has anyone gone to mcdonald just to queue up for their Happy Meals? Well thanks to despicable me, it has brought the inner child out of all adults. The reason why Mcdonald is sold out with these toys are because of the adults, yes adult and not kids that are queuing up for the toys! I can't even remember the last time i even bought a happy meal, that was like ages AGO! Today was my first in many years, yes im one of the crazies who went early in the morning for breakfast at mcdonalds to get my happy meal with two of my  buddies Yvonne and Ivan :) I haven't been waking up early since holiday started and today was the day i woke up for this cute little fella here..

Look at the queue at 10am.. 
Apparently, they came out with a new memo that they can't sell the toy alone but people can only buy it with a happy meal so look how many meals we had to get for 4 minions? 

My mcdonald pancake breakfast, i'm hungry nooowww after looking at this picture..

My happy meal toy!

Say Hi to this little fella! 
P.s my sister took it away and it is now in her room pfft im just a loving sister!

i know this post was suppose to be up last week but i just haven't got around to post it up till now ;D



Friday, July 12, 2013

Acme bar and coffee

Here is my delayed post of my trip down to Acme Bar and Coffee for Aina's Birthday! 
We were deciding if we should try food foundry or Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC) and we decided on this. If you don't know Aina and Ivan are my best friends of 5 years and.. still counting :)
The atmosphere in ABC is really nice and classy, love the decoration in it.
It is located in Kuala Lumpur so we had to do a little driving down to the city, Ivan nice as always drove us down :D heee thankyou ivan for always driving! 
I manage to take a picture of the Menu. Yes as you can see the sophisticated names of each meal, i was having a hard time deciding what to eat.. The food was good but it is a little overprice though, but it is KL we are talking about so i guess its acceptable or normal? 

This was the Buffalo Wings we shared, it was Good!

This was what i ordered, i didn't know what to choose so i just picked something safe to eat. Spaghetti Bolognese, tasted good, it wasn't so heavy and just nice (P.s luckily i didn't have any breakfast that morning or i probably wouldn't be able to finish it) but than again how different can spaghetti taste? 

Aina picked the lamb, i didn't try it but it looks really good. It was a really really big portion though so if you are not a big eater i suggest to just share it with your partner or friend :) 

Ivan chose to eat Ostrich. It doesn't sound so appetising but it wasn't so bad, not my favourite kind of meat though. 

Now this was the best part of whole meal, Sizzling Brownies with Oreo Ice Cream.
It tasted good, it looks good and it even sounds good!
You know how usually brownies are really really sweet that sometimes (it causes me sore throat, i'm not much of a sweet tooth) ? But this brownie was not too sweet and just perfect! I actually took a video and if you want to have a look at how it sizzles check it out on my instagram (@cherminnrawks)!

The gorgeous birthday girl, Aina!

All 3 of us together from left Ivan, Me and Aina :)

it's good to have my best friend back from UK, although whatsapp keeps us not very far apart. Thank you for todays technology! 
till then.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

닭갈비 at Uncle jang's

Spent the day with the family watching random shows on TV and than dad decided to take us out for dinner. Ninn and i decided to take our parents to Uncle Jang (it was mostly ninn's idea) since my parents have never tried Dak Gal-bi before. This is probably my 4th time at Uncle Jang's. If you don't know what is is uncle Jang it is a Korean restaurant that serves Dak Gal-bi. Apparently it was created  in 1960's where it is served in inexpensive food in small taverns. Dalk gal-bi is made out of marinated diced chicken, chilli pepper paste based sauce and sliced cabbage, rice cake, onions and others. 

If you haven't try it, and you like korean food. This is a definite place to eat but warning its better if you don't shower first because the minute you walk in you will be hit by a strong smell from the chilli pepper paste sauce, its strong that it can make you cough, your clothes would also smell of it but the food is good! 

Can't go to a korean restaurant without having Soju! 
I don't think Soju is my thing though. I didn't really like the taste of it unless it's mix with something, teehee!

This is how it Dak-galbi looks like before it is cook. As you can see the tons of cabbages on the hot plate, underneath those cabbages were the chill paste and diced chicken.

This is how it looks like when it is cooked. We had sweet potato, rice cake, ramen and cheese on our dalk-gal bi! 

My Parents with the cute apron they had prepared in case the sauce splashes onto our clothes. 

People usually eat it with lettuce wrapped and dak gal-bi in it, it's really good!
I just had it but looking at the pictures im already hungry again! ^o^ 

in terms of price i guess its not so bad. 
They count of heads so 1 person is Rm19 (normal)
theres another one that is hot Spicy Rm22  (p.s its already spicy enough in my opinion, i can't imagine if we had chose the hot spicy one)
The side dishes like ramen, sweet potato, rice cakes they cost about Rm6/each 

There were 4 of us but we ordered for 3 person. 
Knowing my family we all have small stomach and the serving was HUGE. 
usually after we have this we would order Fried rice but this was already enough for us.

They have a few branches, the one i know is in Ampang and the one we ate was at Bandar Puteri Puchong right next to Giant. 

If you have tried it, leave a comment and tell me your experience in uncle jang =) 

안녕! ㅋㅋ 

Parent Trap

Does anyone remember this movie? It's been ages since i've last watched it and i finally took the courtesy of downloading it and watching it again with my family. 
Can you believe how fast as time flown by? The last time i watched this was when i was really young i don't even remember how old was i when i first watched it but i know i loved it. 
These were the time when Lindsey Lohan was innocent and Justin Bieber did not exist yet. I wonder if they will ever re-film this movie, i would definitely watch it.

Disney use to produce really good and amazing movies but these days all the movies are just not as good anymore except for Monster's University and Despicable Me. Actually the cartoons are getting much better but not the what do you call it? with human acting in it? blah. Hollywood movies? oh well. 
It would have been nice if i was in this movie it was just too perfect *hearts* 
Those of you who do not know this movie, i'll link the synopsis below:

Identical twins, separated at birth and each raised by one of their biological parents, discover each other for the first time at summer camp and make a plan to bring their wayward parents back together.

If you haven't watch it, you definitely should! 
Spend time with your family ;) 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Graduation & Prom

Yes.. thats me in my graduation outfit. I, Cher Minn have officially graduated from the Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP)! This also marks me being here for almost a year since i got back from Germany, oh how i miss it there. CIMP has been the most dramatic and adventurous experience i have ever had, it is definitely a good and bad one. Nothing is perfect after all, in life there is always ups and downs but at the end of the day we move on. We can't live for the past, we can remember the past and live for the future! 

Before graduation.. 
I have never had prom, not in high school or when i was in Germany. This was my first prom and i must say that it was really really fun but it was just too short. It was really fun getting ready for prom, i wore my mom's vintage dress which is absolutely FA-BU-LOUS and my silver shiny heels, what more can a girl ask for? ;) 

Guess who got nominated for prom queen? Actually a lot of us got nominated, most of my friends but they pulled out at the last minute =.=' and by the time i wanted to do that it was too late. I didn't regret it though, it was definitely a good experience. I can't believe i cat walk to the stage, i thought i was going to trip, fall or something embarrassing would happen but thank goodness that didn't happen, it was definitely fun and i am honoured to be nominated, thank you to those who nominated me :')

The day ended with a lot of pictures taken and a fun sleepover at my house :)


Saturday, April 27, 2013


Lately i've been having this new hobby that i picked up, first it was photography but now i've decided to try videography, Finally after so many procrastination Amanda and I decided to do a music video cover after having a very lazy sunday, its my first time so it's not perfect but i tried :D More to come, you know the old saying 'practice makes perfect'. I hope you guys enjoy this awesome video cover by Amanda Foo

Please do share if you like it, thanks for your support :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Lately I've been having this mood to do photo shoots and I did some for my sister and eunji, below are some pictures that came out well, they may not be professional but I'm still learning, more photoshoots to come and I'm excited for it! Sister's pictures were taken in the playground and at home, it was pretty last minute, I took out dad's old camera and bought a new tripod, yes full on photography mode!

Monday, April 8, 2013


After months, i have the sudden urge to blog again. I was suddenly inspired by xiaxue and a few other bloggers who were recommended by Esther, so thank you!

It's been an interesting sunday. instead of lazing at home my family and i went for breakfast. We were suppose to have some good food in KL but all the restaurant we wanted to go to were close, yes CLOSED and we drove all the way there, luckily the traffic was clear so it didn't take us long to drive back, in the end we just decided to have breakfast at sunway. The day got interesting when we went to do some grocery shopping at TESCO. Since dad had extra loads of points on his credit card we loaded two trolleys with snacks and other grocery stuff that we need, it took us an hour or more to load those two trolleys. When we were about to pay my mom re-confirm if it was okay if we use those points and the lady was BLUR, earlier on we had already ask the information and they said it was okay, after waiting for a little while, one of the supervisors came and told us they canceled the contract, like SERIOUSLY LQKSKS:SQLLSQ ?! It took is forever just to search what we want and now this! In the end we just pushed they trolley aside and walked out with 2 items, from TWO TROLLEYS to TWO items, tsk!

THROWBACK< yesterday we went to GIANT to check if we could use the points and they said Yes, this time it work.

So after being annoyed and walking out of TESCO we decided to go to GIANT to do our grocery shopping, this time we left with TWO TROLLEYS, things in giant were actually much more expensive compared to TESCO, odd.The smell in giant is just horrible, makes my hair stink 'of giant'. HAHAHA okay that was lame. The amount of stuff we bought made us look like we were feeding 10 people, it was pretty funny cause the cashier was like "woah banyak barang!" I'm a happy girl now cause we have a whole load of snacks in the pantry, finally we have a well stocked kitchen :)

Met two high school friends in Giant and Tesco, was pretty weird seeing them again. I would elaborate more but i think i'll just keep it to myself ;)