Friday, July 19, 2013

What gets me excited?

Here is what gets me excited .. PRESENTS and packages, i love it how inside the box will be full of goodies and surprises! 

Guess where this package came from? KOREAAA :D 
My awesome awesome best korean friend Eunji sent me a package few days back and it finally arrived today, is it me or the mail man has become much more efficient? 
While i was having lunch the bell rang and i went to see who was it.. and it was the POSTMAN! The minute i got my hands on the package i was literally jumping around the house with joy and excitement! Yes i love packages that much, don't you? its so FUN unboxing something :D 

Package #1 

here is  little Cute 2NE1 card and behind Eunji wrote me a message :) 

Besides getting excited over packages, you have to know i have an obsession with lipsticks. I can never get enough of it, all i ever look for when it comes to make up are lipsticks, lipsticks and more lipsticks! 
In my opinion, lipsticks are easier to apply on rather than the whole drill where you have to put foundation > concealer>powder>eyeshadow>ect on your face, its easier to just apply lipstick on BUT i still love the process of make up!
For some, people who do not like make up and think that girls who uses make up is because of self unsatisfactory or for some sort of other reason..they are wrong.
 For me i am happy with my looks and i just love make up, the whole process of it! Experimenting with make up is just a whole bunch of fun! I don't think boys will understand this.. mm well maybe some :) 

Moving on, here are my new babies!
from left chosungah (its in the sugar lime color and it helps moisturize your lips, i will write more when i have tried it out myself :), Second one is Masqueology Magic Lipstick (its in the color yellow and apparently when you put it on your lips it will turn to your natural lip colour..again more explanation later) and finally my 3 concept eyes lip lacquer that i have been dying to get my hands on and FINALLY i've got it, i am super duper excited to try it out :D 

My pretty new lipsticks!

I've also received some hydrating mask! 

and finally these are gifts for my mom from Eunji!
(My mom says thank you Eunji and Eunji's Mom) :D 
I know i initially just asked for the lip lacquer and i was a little shock when i saw a parcel coming in, as you can see i am soooooo excited, so thank you very very much i love all of it and thank you on behalf of my mom too :D WE HAVE TO SKYPE SOON!
I miss our sleepovers, come back to malaysia! <3 p="">
SARANGHAE <3 nbsp="" p="">

As you can see i've been getting a few packages these pass few weeks, ok not few but just 2! Enough to get me really excited!

Package #2 came all the way from Germany!

if you haven't know i was in Germany for a year and my host mom sent me these goodies for my belated birthday :D
Living in germany for 1 year has definitely made me a HARIBO freak, i can never get enough of it esspeically when you live in Germany, they are so many chocolate and gummybears and it is really cheap! (yes i did got fatter after my 1 year stay but i lost all of it) ahha.. 
My sweet awesome host mom sent me some haribo's, a birthday car, cup, a pair of earing and a really cute tiny mirror!
(P.s there were initially 3 packets of haribo but i already ate one heheeh can't help myself!) 
Isn't this mirror so PRETTY? *_*

My host mom has a doctor's handwriting, it took me a few tries to understand it and it is in german!
i still can't guess certain words.. hmm.. a little help please?

Message to my host mom:

Liebe mami, DANKE DANKE DANKE für das süßes Geschenk, ich liebe es und ich liebe dich!
hoffentlich können wir bald nochmal sehen, ich vermise dich und alles in Deutschland, Liebe grüße Minnieeeee xx 

I shall give a more detailed update about my lipsticks soon :D
ciao bella! 

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  1. I like packages too, but most of the time they are stuff I buy from ebay. Same amount of excitement though. Haha!