Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minion Craze!

The whole Malaysia has gone mad with Mcdonald's Minion Toy! Since when has anyone gone to mcdonald just to queue up for their Happy Meals? Well thanks to despicable me, it has brought the inner child out of all adults. The reason why Mcdonald is sold out with these toys are because of the adults, yes adult and not kids that are queuing up for the toys! I can't even remember the last time i even bought a happy meal, that was like ages AGO! Today was my first in many years, yes im one of the crazies who went early in the morning for breakfast at mcdonalds to get my happy meal with two of my  buddies Yvonne and Ivan :) I haven't been waking up early since holiday started and today was the day i woke up for this cute little fella here..

Look at the queue at 10am.. 
Apparently, they came out with a new memo that they can't sell the toy alone but people can only buy it with a happy meal so look how many meals we had to get for 4 minions? 

My mcdonald pancake breakfast, i'm hungry nooowww after looking at this picture..

My happy meal toy!

Say Hi to this little fella! 
P.s my sister took it away and it is now in her room pfft im just a loving sister!

i know this post was suppose to be up last week but i just haven't got around to post it up till now ;D



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