Sunday, March 18, 2012

Language Class + ECT


i've been so busy lately that i don't really go online as often as before but i still do of course i can't keep myself away from the computer ;D
So if you don't know, i took 1 month away from school and currently attending a German language class instead, which is so much more fun then being in school because i get to learn something NEW and UNDERSTAND what i learn. Al though not everyone in my class seemed friendly but i made friends with another aunty (she's from belgium so she's sort of french, Super nice!) i don't know why but i get a long with Aunty's well :-S and then another girl name Elisa and she's from Columbia she's doing an Au pair program here, Au pair program is like Being a nanny + you get paid and you study here in another country. 'Google it if you want to know more about it'.

If you want to know more about the language school i am in Please click:

P.s they should pay me for promoting them ;-P

The other good thing about going to the language school is i get a monthly train card and that means i don't have to keep paying for the train ticket every time i get on the train. So i've been really busy lately meeting up with friends and going shopping, Yes i am broke!

That was actually the old news and the quick update of what i have been up to.

Today i was at Korean School (koreanische schule) in Frankfurt for the 3rd time and it was fun to learn something new even though i had some trouble understanding when majority of the time they were speaking in Korean but they do speak in German too which is good because i actually can understand that language *proud*

Korean Worksheet we did today ;-)

Frankfurt Korean School! (Peurangkeupu reuteu hanguk hakgyo)

KimBab (김밥) - Best kimbab ever, it was really delicious. Talking about that i'm craving for some, i didn't get to buy some today :'( Keine Zeit!

This was last saturday with Koharu and Julia in the City shopping!
Koharu is from Japan and she was in the same exchange program with Julia in Korea, she's is so Kawaii! (귀엽다) ㅋㅋㅋ.

and TODAY i was having lunch with Aleyna at a chinese restaurant and then we went to her house and played some wii with her cute little brother and and took banyak banyak gambar ;D

Take #1

okay that's about it for now ;-)

뽀 뽀!