Monday, October 26, 2009


Birthday Boy!

This month there are like so many of my friends birthday.




love you guys lots and lots ♥

Last saturday:
Edwin's birthday, rachel,ks and yvonne came over to dress up.
yvonne was first and we curled our hair well i did, yvonne wanted too but it
didn't really work out :P
then Rach and KS arrived, i borrowed a dress to rach that fit her perfectly (:
We left the house at aout 7? and picked stef up.
While we were driving through sunway, there was a heavy traffic because of
Akon's concert. But we arrived in time.
Alot of people were already there. The place looks like a night club , it was cool (:
the party was like the best party i have ever been too ^^

Picture taken by Victoria von lewinski :)

Sunday -
He was so freaking like !@$%!@$!^ CUTE. HANDSOME. HOT.
when we arrived there it was like so PACK with people.
We had to squeeze and fight for a place. it was INSANE like every other
celebrity event we went :P
Yeap this is not my first time but third.
We had to use the elevator up and down to actually look at him.
When i was nearer too him i was like SCREAMING because i was OMG
his real and life there standing infront of my eyes. HYPERVENTILATE!
i so want to see him again.
i think if i go nearer to him i might just faint.
So went he went back backstage everyone was going to the other direction
pushing me along and then suddenly LEE MIN HO was So freaking near to me
as is very very near , my sister actually touched his freaking shirt, AHHH!
It was the awesomest moment ever. He totally can just stand there and smile ,
and i'll just melt he doesn't even have to open his mouth to say anything :P

okay enough of my craziness :)


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I received a letter from my russian penpal today :)
I've just finish writing the reply letter so now i need is stamps and to post it off.
talking about post, v got a package from her mom, there were chocolates, YAY!
I love chocolates .

School was as usual.
hmm.. what did i do?
what the heck!?
im sure you don't even want to know how it was.
School is the most tedious subject anyway.

Anything fun happen today?
N O .

i watched a movie when i got back from school, it's called fighting.
Was okay, not that interesting but yeah tolerable.

I can't wait till i can D R I V E.
super super Excited!


Saturday, Girls dressing up day weeeeeeeeeeee !
Sunday Lee Min Ho DAYYYYY!

Cher minn

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :D

So the last two periods teacher was absent and it was
so very boring, then aina brought something it was the Hand-na? don't know
how to spell it but yeah, peakky did mine (: Sorry it's blur
because i didn't put it long enough to make it darker, and also school was
almost ending. Anyway it's a branch with the top saying "Min Ho" ^.^
And on the top left there's a heart that i drew.
I want to get a better one.. i've always wanted to do this since i was little.

yesterday was ninn' s birthday.


We had a Cappuccino cheesecake for her (:
It was so scrumptious .

"i will shower you with kisses" one less lonely girl - justin bieber.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shopping Spreee ;

This was Yesterday the YE tractors malaysia trip xD
It's really a long and boring story so i will skip it.

This is the shirt that i bought from Body glove and the Pants from Nichii

The shirt by itself xD

the pants by itself :D

I know im bored so yeah.
Today i went shopping with Ninn,Yvonne and ivan.
it was a BLAST!
I wish we could go shopping more often.
But we all know shopping means $$.
So to sum up i spend a total of Rm90
That's not really the correct amount i just assume it.
Anyways, Atleast i got me a shirt, which i still need to get more
and throw all my old shirts away because their like getting small and OLD!
So v will be staying at an indian family for 3 days starting today.
Means i got the room to myself.
My parents are currently in thailand having a blast shopping i pressume.
i wonder what they got me? :)
i MISS them lots!

♥Cher Minn

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


one of my favourite things to do is searching for rooms, so this is one of my dream rooms
so pretty right? The price for this is also pretty.

Today is like the most
MOST Boring-ness DAY EVER.
♥♥♥♥Something Something ♥♥♥♥
it's just a fairytale.
so i shall not keep my hopes high.

I wasted my whole bloody time doing nothing.
I had Physics tuition in the morning
everyone kept yawing.. LOLOL
well it's not really funny.. but yeah i just love to laugh.
Laughing is good.

i Had lunch with my DAD, well more like
i set there and watch him eat.
I did order Fish and Chips but they were so
F$%^# slow that i had to pack it and
we all know that packed fish and chips doesn't
taste good if you don't eat at the place.
i still have the leftovers, i don't plan to eat it
since it's all cold and soggy and ew?

Oh yeahh, Wkay bought me Starbucks xD
but it's so sweet i didn't really finish it it's still here with me.

i was happy for a moment,
everything past by in a blur,
but you left me hanging.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


cutee cutee cutee.

okay i have to stop squeelingg.squicking?
hahah okay i'll stop crappping.
but Crapping is funn!

I have to totally stop watching this drama's.
like seriously.
hmm before you know it i'll become a drama queen.
BAHAHAH! like i ever will be.

1 more week , i have to get serious.
like seriously..

im so fickled minded.
i change my mind every second, minute, hour , day and year.
Which is BAD!

okay i'll stop really crapping.

"Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be.
But before you start pointing your fingers,
make sure your hands are clean." -Bob Marley

Cupcakes ♥

Welcoming myself back after not updating my blog for
so long, well maybe few days?
i don't know, dont' care .

So i've been baking alot this week.
I can't really remember what i did for this whole week.
Probably i've been lazing around alot, not good!

What do you think of my cupcakes? =]
Hope you like it, it's not that professional though
it's just the beginning (:

Sunday, October 4, 2009


HAPPY CHUSEOK! to the koreans =]

Today was a good day =]
It started with a very tedious morning.
I could hear music blasting from the field when i woke up in the morning.
We were having a carnival thing =] and it starts at 3pm.
Had physics tuition at home with Yvonne and Ivan.
The teacher was funny =]
anyways, after tuition, me,my mom and v went to the bakery to
get some baking stuff total money spend for my baking stuff is
RM105 .
After putting the stuff home, i went to the park to look around and i had rojak it
was delicious, argh, my tummy is growling now by just
thinking of it. We walk to ashveen's house and eat at the same time.

When i went back to the field, regina arrived and soon after that rachel did.
We decided to bake cookies =] it was a big success i had lots of fun with them!
pictures will be posted later. Suprisingly it taste good for our first attempt =]

Edwin and eddlynn came after that and stefan,jeet and alot of rest were at the park
eddlynn was so cutee =] we played candles and the guys burned sticks and paper.
HAHAH! typical. We watch timmy's performance and the rest it was SUPERB!

Today was a SUCCESS!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


loves making her friends smile.
Rachel, we have to snap out of that fantasy :(
but we still can Dream :]
if i ever become a BILLIONAIRE's Daughter.
*tries to snap out of it*

Me and rach were just discussing and day dreaming about
if i were a billionaires daughter i would bring Super Junior, F[x] and SNSD
to rachel's Doorstep. HAHAHA!
Sounds really impossible.
But there's a saying "nothing is impossible" :D


Sorry Sorry :D