Thursday, October 22, 2009


I received a letter from my russian penpal today :)
I've just finish writing the reply letter so now i need is stamps and to post it off.
talking about post, v got a package from her mom, there were chocolates, YAY!
I love chocolates .

School was as usual.
hmm.. what did i do?
what the heck!?
im sure you don't even want to know how it was.
School is the most tedious subject anyway.

Anything fun happen today?
N O .

i watched a movie when i got back from school, it's called fighting.
Was okay, not that interesting but yeah tolerable.

I can't wait till i can D R I V E.
super super Excited!


Saturday, Girls dressing up day weeeeeeeeeeee !
Sunday Lee Min Ho DAYYYYY!

Cher minn

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