Friday, October 16, 2009

Shopping Spreee ;

This was Yesterday the YE tractors malaysia trip xD
It's really a long and boring story so i will skip it.

This is the shirt that i bought from Body glove and the Pants from Nichii

The shirt by itself xD

the pants by itself :D

I know im bored so yeah.
Today i went shopping with Ninn,Yvonne and ivan.
it was a BLAST!
I wish we could go shopping more often.
But we all know shopping means $$.
So to sum up i spend a total of Rm90
That's not really the correct amount i just assume it.
Anyways, Atleast i got me a shirt, which i still need to get more
and throw all my old shirts away because their like getting small and OLD!
So v will be staying at an indian family for 3 days starting today.
Means i got the room to myself.
My parents are currently in thailand having a blast shopping i pressume.
i wonder what they got me? :)
i MISS them lots!

♥Cher Minn

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