Saturday, May 24, 2008

depressed, no?

Am Depressed for no reason?
okay maybe it's because "stupid piczo" Im not going to say anything.
This penpal of mine of so called "penpal" She's like so rude. I bet she's a spoilt kid .
Somehow i don't feel excited. Mom asked me what i wanted but i have no Effin ; idea.
Anything i want cost alot alot.. or many i shall ask her for the sims2 game, no?
Pfff ! ;
I already got TWO presents:
  • A story book - from sister
  • RM 50 - from grandma

Yeps. I think i need emergency book cheering up. =.-

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


  • Storybooks:
  1. The ashleys: Jelous
  2. Twilight
  3. septimus heap : 4
  4. and any others that is interesting :)
  • Contact lens
  • sidekick phone
  • anything nice XD


WOWZERS . Time sure past real fast.
My best friend ever is soon leaving to Japan . So lucky i know. Im so jelous of her right now. :)
Sorry i hadn't have time to update it's just i've been busy with my freakish exams.
I think i did badly in this exam. :(( I WILL DO BETTER ON MY NEXT EXAM!!
Lives been suckishly boringg. :
Someone here *jumps out at down meemem* turning 15 soon. o0oh yeah! hhahahah WOO!
Tomorrow is the last day of exam. WOOO!!
well imma just keep this shortt.. =))

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hallo :)
Yesterday at tuition i feel ditched by SW. It got to me that SW prefer to hang out with SA.
But i got to know Kam better. She's going to tutor me. :)
Getting on with the day. I was tired today. Don't know why but i've been tired this pass few days.
I didn't do much today so there isn't much to say. I'm just stressed with the exams coming knowing that i'm dead!! LOL ! Okay im not dead. XD
I had tuition it was super super boring we got a test i got 24/40 judging by the book i wasn't too bad. ^^ hahahha. maybe i copied a few and simply do some about 10 questions. :)
well later.
17 days till Miss Cher Minn's birthday :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the suspense !!!

OHMYGAWD! i have less than a week to study for my exam. ahhhhhhh!
I'm so dead ! I only remember most of the sejarah but i can't remember in straight detail only
know how the stories goes. =(( And i have to really study up my Kemahiran hidup after failing it before. -cries-
So this is what i did today. I went to school. SAM was absent no idea why. Who cares. LOL!
umm didnt do much today. Puan cik ah call me to see her today but i didnt cause i have no idea where she will be im so not going to the pejabat. HHAHAH! Scary in there. So yeah . i think she meant when ur free i think? today i went to class straight away as i saw her talking to other teachers so i decided not to disturb her. LOL! i don't wanna be a prefect or librarian their so boring jobs and i need to get good grades i cant keep up. So yeah.. they rest of the day was boring. i chatted with katy today with webcam it was hilarious. XD Soon i have to go to tuition. BOO!
oh well i better study some sejarah! hahahahah. cya's.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tired-y Day.

Yawns. I'm so tired.
Indeed i am. I didn't do anything speacial today. Just the same old same old.
OH btw it's 19 more days till my 15th birthday! YAYY!!! hahahhhah.
Ok . So i woke up and got ready for school. Umm.. i had chicken pop? for breakfast.
Don't know why but im feel really tired today. hahahha.
I didn't do anything special at school. I had recess with YK and she wasn't really in a good mood as i can put it but she was aight. I wonder what happend to her and rach. -hmmm thinks of what happend- My dad was in school having PIBG meeting. BORING. umm.. On sivik period it was awefully boring. The teacher gave like so much notes to write that i nearly fall asleep TWICE. GAWD! haha
So moving on. today i went home early YAY. KZ hit a bird but luckily it wasn't dead. The wing just broken. haha so she took it and ask one of the students to care for it . She wanted to ask me but i say NO WAY! LOL. im scared of most animals. hahaahahha! FUUU!
I online when i got back i chated with katy with webcam ofcourse than she had to go to school. Now i just finish some of my homework. just now i was chatting with thomas = tom with webcam now his finding a job so i have to wait an hour to on it with him again. BAHHAHAH! his accent is cool! ^^ and so is katy's. Now im feeling sleepy so imma stop here now. XD

Monday, May 5, 2008

boo. im lazyy.

Say Hello , hello !
Bahahahha! Okay i know i'm going nuts. I'm really lazy to tipe everything down now but oh well.. I'm trying to continue writing. ^^ hehheheh. So what i did yesterday that i didn't blogged in? is.
My cousin celebrated his 21st birthday in my house. He had about 8 friends and all are guys. BOO!
But my cousin sis came YAY! hahhaha. We didn't do much just ate and watched movie "gameplan" . hahhaa! The macaroni was good. So was the salad and cake was ok. hahhaha!
Okay! Moving on.
Today 5-05-08
The stuff i did. Wasn't really interesting. hahahha. I go to school and study blah blah blah..
Than i had recess with rach and YK it was fun! I was talking and laughing again.
YAY ME! haahhaha. It's not like i ditched SJ she's just not really interested in what i am in. And besides half of the time im talking to the wall and She doesn't really gets what im talking. sad i know. hahahah cheh wah! hahahha. So i recently finish reading the "shopaholic and baby" it was just FABULOUS ! I loveee it! hahah. The baby was a girl and named minnie brandon!
How cute it that? hahahah.
well if anyone is reading this u'll probally don't get what im saying. hahahh!
You know you love me
Gossip girl
NOT! hahahahah

Saturday, May 3, 2008

bimbo. ordinary day.

Hallo !
Today is a boring day. Nothing interesting however i wished it was. But sadly it isn't. Oh well ..
So i chatted with tom and katy on midnight with webcam. It's aye normal thing but fun! hahahhaha.
I also watched Gossip girl season1 epsode 14. I wish i could watched 15 but it wasn't working. sad. It was getting interesting again untill this bad luck thing happen. GRRR ! Than i chated for awhile. I got tired and decided to sleep about 2 something in the morning. hahaha! I woke up 9 something the next day . I was probally the last one who got up. Than i played some computer, watched tv and practice a little of my piano actually it's an organ but i dont have a piano so i have no choice. bahahahha! I had tuition at 1pm-2.30pm it was okay. Not as boring as thursdays. LOL. I took some pictures today i would post it but maybe later hahaha! i'm lazy to do now. =)) After tuition i headed straight to piano lessons , it was horrible. LOL! that's cause i suck at it. I have no talent in music. But without music no life. Music brings life ! hahaha! Now im back at home blogging and chatting and listening to music. boring boring..
maybe i'll update this post later. for now

Friday, May 2, 2008

i need a true friend, desperately.

Ni hao.
Urghh what a day. Everyday it's getting suckish. boo.
I hardly remember what i did today. letme think for a sec. ^^
Okay. I woke up at 6am than on the laptop, ofcourse. -snickers- muahhaha!
Than on the music but not too loud as my sister was sleeping. zZz..
Than i got ready for school. When i was all dressed up i chat for awhile with my fellow friends. :)
At 6.35am sharp i put my computer to sleep. Yep there is such things. hahahha!
So i went to school blah blah blah it was so boring. I was suppose to get back my sejarah
paper folio thingy from SJ but she gave it or in this case borrowed it to one of
her boy classmates i was like pissed at her but i controlled. I mean like WHAT THE HELL
is wrong with HERR!? GRR!. Okay chill..
Today i had recess with my friend YK and RC. =) they were okay i guess but
i never felt like i use to with my old friends i miss them so much.
GAWD! i feel like cyring thinking about it :'( . But everyone seems to have
gone their own way except me. poor me. a loser i am no wait A WINNER! hahahah!
-think positive minn =) - bahhahah!
Than i got home and ON the laptop straight away again. HHAAHAH!
i chatted with my friend "katy" with the webcam it was fun. hahah!
"tom" was asleep though. bahahahha!
I had tuition at umm 2.30 pm - 4pm it was super boring.
My other tuition at 5.30-7.30 pm tuition was boring too. But i guess i had some friends there
like SA and SW but i think she SW prefers more to be with SA. If SA were not there
she would definetly hang out with SA more . as what she calls - SA is her twin-
Yepp, and i'm left ALONE once again. -sighs-
I guess im that boring, huh. My life in virtual world is better.
That why i guess most of the time i stay online more often than talk to so called friends
whom makes me sad all the time.. they totally don't know how i feeel.
It's really depressing esspecially not having a best friend. ='(
well that's about it for today.
adios amigos.
muax muax!
hahahhaha !

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Aye Day.

I slept about 12 am ++. I'm not sure because i dose of without
offing my laptop. LOL! Apparently i was too tired. swt.
I woke up at 6++ because my phone alarm was BLARINGGG. But i went back
to sleep again. I finally woke up at 9 something. I couldnt find my glasses but i found it on the
floor anyway. HAHHA! What a morning. Than i came online for awhile.
Chat with some of my friends.
I had brunch near Giant. I had roti jala -yum yum- bahahhhha!
When i got home again i went straight to my room and turn on the computer. LOL!
So i had great chat with my newest e-pal from england "katy and tom"
Their a funny bunch. haahha! It was awesome we had the webcam on and everything.
I totally adore their accent. HAHAH!
I was late for tuition because i was chatting with them but it was
worth it. Tuition was and absolutely bore. With didn't do much just completed our
unfinish work. :) bahahhah! It is soooo HOT! today. Till i can dive in a bucket full of ice.
LOL! nah.. i won't seriously do that i'll get freeze. >.<
So yepp that's about it for today. We might have pizza. YAY! =)