Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tired-y Day.

Yawns. I'm so tired.
Indeed i am. I didn't do anything speacial today. Just the same old same old.
OH btw it's 19 more days till my 15th birthday! YAYY!!! hahahhhah.
Ok . So i woke up and got ready for school. Umm.. i had chicken pop? for breakfast.
Don't know why but im feel really tired today. hahahha.
I didn't do anything special at school. I had recess with YK and she wasn't really in a good mood as i can put it but she was aight. I wonder what happend to her and rach. -hmmm thinks of what happend- My dad was in school having PIBG meeting. BORING. umm.. On sivik period it was awefully boring. The teacher gave like so much notes to write that i nearly fall asleep TWICE. GAWD! haha
So moving on. today i went home early YAY. KZ hit a bird but luckily it wasn't dead. The wing just broken. haha so she took it and ask one of the students to care for it . She wanted to ask me but i say NO WAY! LOL. im scared of most animals. hahaahahha! FUUU!
I online when i got back i chated with katy with webcam ofcourse than she had to go to school. Now i just finish some of my homework. just now i was chatting with thomas = tom with webcam now his finding a job so i have to wait an hour to on it with him again. BAHHAHAH! his accent is cool! ^^ and so is katy's. Now im feeling sleepy so imma stop here now. XD

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