Saturday, May 3, 2008

bimbo. ordinary day.

Hallo !
Today is a boring day. Nothing interesting however i wished it was. But sadly it isn't. Oh well ..
So i chatted with tom and katy on midnight with webcam. It's aye normal thing but fun! hahahhaha.
I also watched Gossip girl season1 epsode 14. I wish i could watched 15 but it wasn't working. sad. It was getting interesting again untill this bad luck thing happen. GRRR ! Than i chated for awhile. I got tired and decided to sleep about 2 something in the morning. hahaha! I woke up 9 something the next day . I was probally the last one who got up. Than i played some computer, watched tv and practice a little of my piano actually it's an organ but i dont have a piano so i have no choice. bahahahha! I had tuition at 1pm-2.30pm it was okay. Not as boring as thursdays. LOL. I took some pictures today i would post it but maybe later hahaha! i'm lazy to do now. =)) After tuition i headed straight to piano lessons , it was horrible. LOL! that's cause i suck at it. I have no talent in music. But without music no life. Music brings life ! hahaha! Now im back at home blogging and chatting and listening to music. boring boring..
maybe i'll update this post later. for now

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