Monday, May 5, 2008

boo. im lazyy.

Say Hello , hello !
Bahahahha! Okay i know i'm going nuts. I'm really lazy to tipe everything down now but oh well.. I'm trying to continue writing. ^^ hehheheh. So what i did yesterday that i didn't blogged in? is.
My cousin celebrated his 21st birthday in my house. He had about 8 friends and all are guys. BOO!
But my cousin sis came YAY! hahhaha. We didn't do much just ate and watched movie "gameplan" . hahhaa! The macaroni was good. So was the salad and cake was ok. hahhaha!
Okay! Moving on.
Today 5-05-08
The stuff i did. Wasn't really interesting. hahahha. I go to school and study blah blah blah..
Than i had recess with rach and YK it was fun! I was talking and laughing again.
YAY ME! haahhaha. It's not like i ditched SJ she's just not really interested in what i am in. And besides half of the time im talking to the wall and She doesn't really gets what im talking. sad i know. hahahah cheh wah! hahahha. So i recently finish reading the "shopaholic and baby" it was just FABULOUS ! I loveee it! hahah. The baby was a girl and named minnie brandon!
How cute it that? hahahah.
well if anyone is reading this u'll probally don't get what im saying. hahahh!
You know you love me
Gossip girl
NOT! hahahahah

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