Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Homburg

A day in Bad Homburg with Victoria, Song and hanna.
We took the train to BH, one thing is weird in germany is you just need to buy the ticket and you don't have to actually scan it at all you can just walk in to the train, so it's shocking.
We went to the dvd store to return some that we borrowed and then walk down a street of shops and finally stopped at this ice cream shop to have some ice cream :D
the weather was sunny but obviously not as warm as Malaysia.
We had to walk a lot!

This one belongs to song, i forgot what's it called but it's chocolate ice cream!
This one's vicky's and it's strawberry ice cream!

This one's Hanna's and it's strawberry spaghetti ice cream :D

Finally, HERE's MINE! The Chocolate Spaghetti ice cream with walnut!
i seriously has the spaghetti taste no kidding. This will probably be the most expensive ice cream i paid for which cost med 5 Euro's which is equivalent to 5*4= Rm20

TA-DA and ice cream day for us!

when we were walking back, we passed by this cool looking house, ok i made it look haunted but it's actually this blue nice house =) so schön!


Street Festival

so i went with Stefani, charly, fabi and (i don't know what's the other friend's name)
It was pretty awkward if would have been more fun if i had known people there but i didn't ):
There were some hotties there but too bad s doesn't know any oh well.. i'll just have to wait for vicky to introduce ;D
no picture for the festival.. saw scary punky people though.
OH! I had this creps' (however you spell it) It was yummy yummy good!
It's something like "hot n roll" with nutella chocolate!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here is part of frankfurt city in the eyes of my camera.

This picture below here is a a typical "bratwurst" , it is said that bratwurst and beer are famous in germany. It does taste really good!
The buns are called "brötchen" They are a little hard but the sausage is really good!
Das schmeckt gut!

i think had more Bubble Tea in Germany then in Malaysia which is funny but their bubbles are a little weird, they have the black typical ones and popping bubbles, it's like they have different flavors such as laici, strawberry and ect in the bubbles.
So the flavor that i pick was vanilla and strawberry popping bubbles, doesn't it look pretty?

This is a picture of hendrik,song and me with the big €uro sign behind us.

and here is a picture of me and vicky taken in the streets of luxury. There were like lots of expensive cars example ferari and such, it was really cool. Unfortunately i can't afford to buy anything there.

i know this isn't the complete story of my day but there are lots of words to describe from the picture's i have taken =)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hallo von deutschland!

Hello from GERMANY!
12 hours of flight wasn't so bad, slept through most of it ofcourse i woke up in between.
First impression when i went in to the boarding room was like woah 97% of them were ang moh's. I already felt like i was in another country, haha.
i set with a german family, we just shared smiles . The family were like really close to each other and it kinda made me miss my parents too.
When i first arrived the airpot we actually had to take the terminal bus to the airport and i was like what! where am i suppose to and stuff was pretty freaked out as it's my first time traveling alone but it's not so bad, alles ist gut! :')
The minute i walked out of the aiport, the whole family was there and my host dad took pictures of me, i was pretty tired from dragging both my luggage out. haha..
it felt like a dream for the whole day, i couldn't believe i was standing beside vicky again.
I met Song and josef at home, both of them are AWESOME and funny especially josef cause he speaks like SUPER FAST. i would always interrupt and go like *blasdgsjdhkasdksjkd* ahaha. You get me right? ;P
there are many things different here for example it only starts getting dark at 9pm so i would always think that it's only 7 but it's actually already 9.30pm.

But everything here is really good, i took some pictures today when i visited downtown frankfurt which i will talk about next time when i do finish transferring the pictures, for now das ist alles :P


Friday, July 15, 2011

Living a life

Hello Readers,

i have been really busy as you can see with me leaving for Germany and everything ;)

The day before yesterday i had lots of fun with Patrick, ivan and yvonne.
We watched the most amazing movie ever "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS : Part 2" I really want to say something about it but i don't want to be a spoiler so i'm keeping my *mouth zip*

After the movie we went to OUG's Pasar Malam, we had char kuey teow. It was good but i couldn't finish it as usual.. *small tummy*. We walked around for a bit, sweating like mad cause it was crowded, Since patrick is so tall it's so easy to spot him from far if we lost him or something. OH! we also tried chow tau fu, smelly taufu/ actually it's fermented taufu. It stink like poop or as patrick put it rubbish. But it wasn't so bad actually except that our mouth taste and smell like smelly tau fu :P

From left ivan, yvonne, ME, patrick and Brenda

Ivan , patrick and me went back in one car cause we had to send Patrick home, which we had a hard time finding it, we actually went one whole round before successfully finding his condo.
It was still a good day!


We were early this time to the airport, woke up like 5 something. Our flight was at 7.40am at LCCT, don't really like that airport but that's where all Air Asia plane took off. We were just in time, when we check it they were just about to Open the gates. That's what i call PUNCTUAL! Mom ordered breakfast on the plane which she actually doesn't have to cause the plane ride was like 5 minutes. Here's what happen i was just opening the nasi lemak packet and taking a few bites then there was an announcement saying "we will be landing in 5 minute" ad i was like WHAT!? i'm not done eating yet. My mom and sis were like just pack it or something, i had no choice but to do that cause we had to place back the tables and blah blah.. the first joke early in the morning.

Taken at Kelly's house

haha, iceko such a cutie. As you can see all of us are in WHITE!

the view from the bedroom we stayed in, it's so PRETTY and so happen they were rehearsing for singapore's independence day (:

i know this was a really delayed post and im sorry i have just been really preoccupied with stuff.



Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here goes, The good news is i'll be leaving for Germany in 2 weeks yes exactly 2 weeks.
bad news is i'll be missing my family and friends like CRAZY!
I'm even feeling a little bit homesick now and i haven't even gone yet!
i'm starting to have doubts, cause i know once i touch down to germany my life will be very different cause then i'll have to be independent and not depend on my parents anymore.
i'm asking myself if i'm emotionally prepared? am i? well i suppose i have this 2 weeks to really prepare myself. I feel like i can't really look at my parents and wished they would annoy me more so i wouldn't miss them so much. (as im typing this i'm trying really hard not to tear up).
Okay i have to get hold of myself.
fuuuuh. Okay im chilled.. i suppose i can do this, 1 year, being independent *laughs* , i'll be back again next year with vicky and stephanie, maybe i'll be a totally different person? who knows ;)
Cher Minn will change for the B E T T E R!

14 days / 14 tage

So so, i'm going to SINGAPORE tomorrow i suppose most of you who's followed me on twitter will know this cause i was whining about packing my bag and all a while ago.
suppose to be sleeping now cause of the early flight tomorrow. have to get up at 5AM, seriously have not gotten up that early since national service, i think i've said that before woops :P but yeah, it's been awhile since i woke up THAT early.
it's going to be a blast, will write after when i get back <3


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Pink Baby!

So as you know, well for those of you who are close to me you'll know that i'll be flying to Germany SOON, can't tell you exactly when. Well i actually want it to be a

Today was definitely filled with Up's and Down's.
We were late to the embassy as it closes at 11.30am, as usual mom got caught up with work. By time we arrived KL it was 11.15am and we were rushing like mad, everyone got MAD but thankfully we got there in time. I think if i were a few minutes late i wouldn't be able to already go in.
We go it, B U T..
i needed to take like a new passport picture cause the one i had was with me smiling we teeth and it seems that we can't smile with teeth..
The lady told us to come back at 1.30-3.30pm, so mom had an appointment to attend first. After the meeting we 'accidentally' met an old friend of hers, who suggested a very far walking distance (well not far but a waste of time) place to have my picture taken. Eventually we rushed back and went to KLCC walked up and down to find a place that i can take my picture. By the time,we got the picture done it was like 3.15pm and yes we have 15 minutes to go to the embassy. Luckily, it's not that FAR.
By the time i arrived in front of the embassy the guard was standing outside, he told me it was suppose to be 1.30pm but then i said till 3.30pm right? which was already is and we all know how punctual german's are. But the lady was nice enough to let me in and accept my passport,money and picture. But i have to come back again tomorrow to collect it which i could have done it all by today if i arrived a wee bit earlier. Oh well..

Here's the good part of the day, mom decided to go to Subang Parade and what she bought me
my beautiful 'Peti sejuk' Luggage, isn't it just lovely?

i would have totally done a sound effect thing but i can't unless it's a video ;P

S H O P P I N G S P R E E M O D E !
I T ' S M E G A S A L E !


Monday, July 4, 2011

Skate Malaysia + Part-time job + EUPHORIA!

yellow,hello there people who reads my blog.
I know i have been avoiding the blog for the past few days but i'm just too lazy to put pictures so i'll just continue with words and you guys can just imagine,aight? :P

So Skate Malaysia was alright, it brought back lots of memories when i was still young,fresh and have so much love for ice-skating. I actually do miss it a lot ): I was planning to start skating again but some maybe good news came up? which i'll tell you guys later about it ;)
Dad opened a booth during the competition, we sold, small candy hampers and stuff as gifts to the skaters, it's a tradition where close friends and relatives throws gift after the participant has finish their program. i really missed this moment ;P

The pass few days were BORING, except FRIDAY, cause..
i went to EUPHORIA.
and yeah i've got pictures for you ;D

a group picture taken, from left ivan, jihan,me,yvonne,some dude (forgot his name),yen li,another dude and leo i think. those who are sitting down, uh not sure who they are :P
Most of them are Yvonne's College mates. The Ausmat kids.

Yes, me met EAN from , SO FRIENDLY

And JJ from

we actually met Jin too but the picture did not turn out well ):
Oh and ivan actually posted it on twitter and it was on the huge screen on Euphoria MOS.
I was like shit, its an ugly picture! But the Experience was really FUN!
Suppose to be clubbing but it was more like a mini concert. BUT-anyway it was plenty of Fun.
After that, we went for a movie MONTE CARLO, which was typical but i liked it. Especially the FRENCH dude, gosh his accent was making me MELT. I actually watched it twice with my sister on the second time and her bunch of funny friends. The second time was already boring, so watching the movie once is good enough. Next movie to watch TRANSFORMERS!

Did i say that i'm officially jobless? Yep my part-time job is OVER and DONE.
Now all i have to do is WAIT WAIT and WAIT, which im getting really sick of.

Au revoir.