Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here goes, The good news is i'll be leaving for Germany in 2 weeks yes exactly 2 weeks.
bad news is i'll be missing my family and friends like CRAZY!
I'm even feeling a little bit homesick now and i haven't even gone yet!
i'm starting to have doubts, cause i know once i touch down to germany my life will be very different cause then i'll have to be independent and not depend on my parents anymore.
i'm asking myself if i'm emotionally prepared? am i? well i suppose i have this 2 weeks to really prepare myself. I feel like i can't really look at my parents and wished they would annoy me more so i wouldn't miss them so much. (as im typing this i'm trying really hard not to tear up).
Okay i have to get hold of myself.
fuuuuh. Okay im chilled.. i suppose i can do this, 1 year, being independent *laughs* , i'll be back again next year with vicky and stephanie, maybe i'll be a totally different person? who knows ;)
Cher Minn will change for the B E T T E R!

14 days / 14 tage

So so, i'm going to SINGAPORE tomorrow i suppose most of you who's followed me on twitter will know this cause i was whining about packing my bag and all a while ago.
suppose to be sleeping now cause of the early flight tomorrow. have to get up at 5AM, seriously have not gotten up that early since national service, i think i've said that before woops :P but yeah, it's been awhile since i woke up THAT early.
it's going to be a blast, will write after when i get back <3


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