Friday, July 15, 2011

Living a life

Hello Readers,

i have been really busy as you can see with me leaving for Germany and everything ;)

The day before yesterday i had lots of fun with Patrick, ivan and yvonne.
We watched the most amazing movie ever "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS : Part 2" I really want to say something about it but i don't want to be a spoiler so i'm keeping my *mouth zip*

After the movie we went to OUG's Pasar Malam, we had char kuey teow. It was good but i couldn't finish it as usual.. *small tummy*. We walked around for a bit, sweating like mad cause it was crowded, Since patrick is so tall it's so easy to spot him from far if we lost him or something. OH! we also tried chow tau fu, smelly taufu/ actually it's fermented taufu. It stink like poop or as patrick put it rubbish. But it wasn't so bad actually except that our mouth taste and smell like smelly tau fu :P

From left ivan, yvonne, ME, patrick and Brenda

Ivan , patrick and me went back in one car cause we had to send Patrick home, which we had a hard time finding it, we actually went one whole round before successfully finding his condo.
It was still a good day!


We were early this time to the airport, woke up like 5 something. Our flight was at 7.40am at LCCT, don't really like that airport but that's where all Air Asia plane took off. We were just in time, when we check it they were just about to Open the gates. That's what i call PUNCTUAL! Mom ordered breakfast on the plane which she actually doesn't have to cause the plane ride was like 5 minutes. Here's what happen i was just opening the nasi lemak packet and taking a few bites then there was an announcement saying "we will be landing in 5 minute" ad i was like WHAT!? i'm not done eating yet. My mom and sis were like just pack it or something, i had no choice but to do that cause we had to place back the tables and blah blah.. the first joke early in the morning.

Taken at Kelly's house

haha, iceko such a cutie. As you can see all of us are in WHITE!

the view from the bedroom we stayed in, it's so PRETTY and so happen they were rehearsing for singapore's independence day (:

i know this was a really delayed post and im sorry i have just been really preoccupied with stuff.



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