Monday, July 4, 2011

Skate Malaysia + Part-time job + EUPHORIA!

yellow,hello there people who reads my blog.
I know i have been avoiding the blog for the past few days but i'm just too lazy to put pictures so i'll just continue with words and you guys can just imagine,aight? :P

So Skate Malaysia was alright, it brought back lots of memories when i was still young,fresh and have so much love for ice-skating. I actually do miss it a lot ): I was planning to start skating again but some maybe good news came up? which i'll tell you guys later about it ;)
Dad opened a booth during the competition, we sold, small candy hampers and stuff as gifts to the skaters, it's a tradition where close friends and relatives throws gift after the participant has finish their program. i really missed this moment ;P

The pass few days were BORING, except FRIDAY, cause..
i went to EUPHORIA.
and yeah i've got pictures for you ;D

a group picture taken, from left ivan, jihan,me,yvonne,some dude (forgot his name),yen li,another dude and leo i think. those who are sitting down, uh not sure who they are :P
Most of them are Yvonne's College mates. The Ausmat kids.

Yes, me met EAN from , SO FRIENDLY

And JJ from

we actually met Jin too but the picture did not turn out well ):
Oh and ivan actually posted it on twitter and it was on the huge screen on Euphoria MOS.
I was like shit, its an ugly picture! But the Experience was really FUN!
Suppose to be clubbing but it was more like a mini concert. BUT-anyway it was plenty of Fun.
After that, we went for a movie MONTE CARLO, which was typical but i liked it. Especially the FRENCH dude, gosh his accent was making me MELT. I actually watched it twice with my sister on the second time and her bunch of funny friends. The second time was already boring, so watching the movie once is good enough. Next movie to watch TRANSFORMERS!

Did i say that i'm officially jobless? Yep my part-time job is OVER and DONE.
Now all i have to do is WAIT WAIT and WAIT, which im getting really sick of.

Au revoir.

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