Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here is part of frankfurt city in the eyes of my camera.

This picture below here is a a typical "bratwurst" , it is said that bratwurst and beer are famous in germany. It does taste really good!
The buns are called "brötchen" They are a little hard but the sausage is really good!
Das schmeckt gut!

i think had more Bubble Tea in Germany then in Malaysia which is funny but their bubbles are a little weird, they have the black typical ones and popping bubbles, it's like they have different flavors such as laici, strawberry and ect in the bubbles.
So the flavor that i pick was vanilla and strawberry popping bubbles, doesn't it look pretty?

This is a picture of hendrik,song and me with the big €uro sign behind us.

and here is a picture of me and vicky taken in the streets of luxury. There were like lots of expensive cars example ferari and such, it was really cool. Unfortunately i can't afford to buy anything there.

i know this isn't the complete story of my day but there are lots of words to describe from the picture's i have taken =)


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