Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Homburg

A day in Bad Homburg with Victoria, Song and hanna.
We took the train to BH, one thing is weird in germany is you just need to buy the ticket and you don't have to actually scan it at all you can just walk in to the train, so it's shocking.
We went to the dvd store to return some that we borrowed and then walk down a street of shops and finally stopped at this ice cream shop to have some ice cream :D
the weather was sunny but obviously not as warm as Malaysia.
We had to walk a lot!

This one belongs to song, i forgot what's it called but it's chocolate ice cream!
This one's vicky's and it's strawberry ice cream!

This one's Hanna's and it's strawberry spaghetti ice cream :D

Finally, HERE's MINE! The Chocolate Spaghetti ice cream with walnut!
i seriously has the spaghetti taste no kidding. This will probably be the most expensive ice cream i paid for which cost med 5 Euro's which is equivalent to 5*4= Rm20

TA-DA and ice cream day for us!

when we were walking back, we passed by this cool looking house, ok i made it look haunted but it's actually this blue nice house =) so schön!


Street Festival

so i went with Stefani, charly, fabi and (i don't know what's the other friend's name)
It was pretty awkward if would have been more fun if i had known people there but i didn't ):
There were some hotties there but too bad s doesn't know any oh well.. i'll just have to wait for vicky to introduce ;D
no picture for the festival.. saw scary punky people though.
OH! I had this creps' (however you spell it) It was yummy yummy good!
It's something like "hot n roll" with nutella chocolate!


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