Thursday, March 19, 2009


First of all, michelle l came to hang out
i end up falling asleep while she was using my laptop. hehe..
in the evening i went to pyramid met aina there.
and OMG i saw this GORGEOUS GUY!
and fell inlove with him.
his name is unknown, lol but he skate's great!!
and his blonde, and his from australia that's all i know.
his freaking HOTT!
don't believe ask aina, she was there to witness it and she thinks his hot tooo!!!
*sighs, im sad that'll probably be the last time im gonna see him
His here for a holiday.. :P
wish i had taken his picture. -sob-

Friday, March 13, 2009


i did something stupid today lol!
i woke up an hour late thinking i was late but i was
extremely early.

now im so simply.
i completely wasted my time waking up! WTF!
i want to sleeeep! but today is the last day of school!
unfortunetly, there's still tuition ):

i think im going to take a few minute naps downstairs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Disneyland !

I received a mail from my japan penpal today!
She got me this biscuit from disney sea (tokyo disneyland)
it's really awesome and i love it so much!
the post card is just so cute!
i have yet to try the biscuit though, it's too pretty to be open :P


Friday, March 6, 2009

Guilty , Hurt

Caught in between.
School, accounts and bm tuition is finally over.
Thank me for that, i went through the day!
*gives herself a pat*
Okay, i know i'm being silly :P
We need some sillyness now, eveything has gone well moody'.
Today, we had a new bm teacher and she's scary , i want the substitute teacher back!
This new teachers seems more strict and creepy.
Moving on, had a roll with my grandma, she spends to much in my opinion and obviously
she won't admit it, even my mom says so. She's out of control!
She spends as if there's nothing to worry about when were having a financial crisis!
Accounts tuition was surprisingly tolerable.
I fell asleep only almost once but i was awake when she gave work to do.
It if was talking' i would have probably gone to sleep.
Bm was okay as usual not as boring, time flies.

So cheers , next tuition class will only be on tueday (:

ATM : Baking Cupcakes <3

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bitch From Hell !

School was actually okay today , not that boring because we don't have much
important subjects. The only one that is important was English, which teacher was absent and Maths , the work wasn't that hard.
It rained today at school while i was having maths class, it was really nice to see the raindrops it looks like a waterfall in the school compound area, if you look properly it really does look like a waterfall.
When i got back from school my aunt alison and sean was in my house.
I didn't much except i came online for a moment talk to my mates and after that, did my homework. I didn't complete all, im going to continue doing it later after i blog and have a bit of rest.

p.s very dissapointed in you

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Fat Liar

To sleepy to even write.
You will understand (:


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You know what's weird?
Every weekday i feel as free as a bird but when school starts everything goes
really hectic and there's hardly any time for anything.
At the moment i've got kazillian's of homework and struggling with them.
Yesterday, was at pyramid had skating class in the morning with sergay it was good
but i hurt my toe 'again.
Alot of people from my school was there timothy and the gang was there.
Even michelle! but didn't get to see her ):
It was the day after sports day so we had a day off :P
I really got to start my revision if i want to ace my monthly test.
So make me! and i will MAKE MYSELF !!!
*scolds herself*

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Went to the mall today and bought a new book called "cut" from MPH.
It's kind of a depressing book.
It's about this foster parents taking in a 13 year old girl who was abused and have some mental illness like sleep walking.
Didn't do much , just hanged out in dad's shop .
There's no school tomorrow but i've got tons of homework and something tells me that i have to do it now. :P