Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I suddenly have the URGE to blog for the
second time of the day :]

So i actually watched a little of MUSIC BANG.
I watched a few and then it started to R A I N.
I was like WTH!?
But anyways the singers were like so B O R I N G
sorry to say but the first few weren't that good at all..
Anyways, after the rain stopped i continue watching
at first there was this weirdo guy with big round spects singing
and after that it was F(x) ~ Lachata
WOOOOOO! they RAWK!!! love them to the max.
after this i stopped watching.. hahaha!
btw Rach , KS whomever is a korean freak, is KARA good?
because i keep seeing her name everywhere.. i mean in allkpop :]
Yes i've been keeping up ^^

I was browsing through blogs and i saw this movie trailer
called "Valentines Day" it looks AWESOME
take a look-


T H A T ' S S O R A N D O M !

i get inspired at very random times.
While sitting in the car.
While walking around.
it just POPS UP!

The weather now is BLOODY hot but i think
it's raining soon :]
i love rain, don't you?
it makes malaysia cooler.

P8 is going to have a Latern Festival gathering in the park
this Saturday, so if anyone's interested please do come..
{and entertain me.. :] }

should i join dance class?
or not?
Thinking hard*

it's OCTOBER soon.
DAMN the time past like so freaking fast.
the year is over.
(well soon very soon)
NOOO! i don't want it to end..
Form 5 is going to be a DAMN serious year.
I hate S E R I O U S.
But i guess we should just move along :]

Twitter me guys - iluvedwardcullen4vr

Thursday, September 24, 2009


i am very proud to present

cherninncrisp production :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Had to wake up early again,
Another eventful day.

Had to go to my cousin's wedding tea ceremony.
Our family is not very close to this family..
Because their abit of the far far side relative..
not the close one, my dad's side so their all
talking chinese.. HAHA!
here's a big problem when you don't understand
chinese, you can't really communicate with them.
Tea ceremony was nice, it's funny when they had
to play old traditional game where the groom had
to play all kinds of games to get to his bride :P
Next time when i get married i'll stick to this
traditions, it's cool to see the groom fight their way
to their LOVE.

The minute i reached home i went to my bed and
fell asleep, i was too tired to be awake.. HAH!
i slept for quite long i think about 12? untill 3.
We got ready for the wedding dinner at 6.
I wore a black strappy dresss that my cousin gave me.
Dinner was great, that had pictures screening in the wedding
and the pictures of the couple are so sweet!
there's one picture of them kissing it was like so *AWW*
The food was nice and very feeling.
I drank like so much of tea that my stomach was filled with water.
Oh yeah, im quite use to wearing HEELs now, i love them now :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009


with the sports minister.

picture of me in my kebaya

shaking hands with the PM's wife.

my cupcakes :P

I need to blog about my day now if not
i'll be lazy to do it tomorrow but
i am starting to have a headache.

Let's begin with the morning.
Woke up at 9 am got dress for our day out.
It was one BUSY day.
My stomach is really BLOATED
and i mean really, my belt felt like it was
poking my tummy.

Everyone that means the whole PPP group
gathered at Datuk M kayveas house first before
heading of to the PM's house, yes actual official house.
Everyone wore the baju kebaya and my dad wore ofcourse
baju melayu with songkok he look so cute in it , haha
I was also wearing high heels and my leg HURTS from it
but i love those pink shoes :P like ballet shoes.

We had to walk up hill to the PM's house because
we can't park inside , yes walk with my high heels
can you imagine how painful, at that moment it wasn't
that bad yet.. Anyways, the front of the house is A M A Z I N G.
Like out of the movies or something the front is so grand .
All the YB,Datuk's , diplomats and ambassadors were there.
It was so cool when all the cars went in to drop off the ambasadors.
Their cars had their coutry flag infront, and i tell you the cars are
so freaking nice and luxarious , ofcourse.

the interior design inside the house is very modern and is like really
huge , felt like staying inside there, it's something like the white house
except ofcourse the white house is probably bigger.
Oh yeah, we went into the VIP section that's why we can get in and dine
in with all the VIP people :P
it was like cool!

I saw this family, mom says the dad is a diplomat but anyway
they have a cool family!
they had a daughter and 2 sons, one son is adopted because he was a
different race.
Anyway the son is quite good looking but his still maybe like 13?
His quite tall, the way they are dressed up is like so cute,
the girl was wearing a white polo dress and the son a tux white and black.
their family looks like those on tv you know the rich kind? like
royal family? not exactly royal, ok more like politicians.
The dad is quite good looking also, (btw they are AMOR)
i shooked hands and took picture with Jacklyn victor, the first
Malaysian idol winner, she was very nice (:
I also shook hands with the PM but it was more like a "touch and go".
Because he had to shake hands with like so many people anyway and i
think he hadn't had his lunch yet , poor him.
Here comes the hard part, we had to walk all the way
downhill and it was drizzling, my heels were really killing my leg
I think i have a few blister on my legs.
My Poor Poor Leg.

with jacklyn victor

Next raya house was to our neighbours house, Aunty Datin Laila.
Almost everyone left already when we got there but we just went
to drop by that's all.
After that we went home first to change my heels, to a LOWER one.
I felt better wearing it but it still hurts, actually it still hurts now.
I think i need to put a pillow under it, hahah !

Today is actually Datuk kayveas daughter 15th birthday so
we had to go all the way to midvalley to celebrate her 15th with her.
85% were adults, we were the only few kids.
Anyway, i have to most DELICOUS buttercake ever, ofcourse
it's delicious because it was from secret recipe.
My stomach started bloating there, it was seriously really good.

Mom's ex boss house was next, that was where we could enjoy
actual good food, not cake or the pm's house where you can't
really enjoy a homecook meal.

finally our last destination was to my Uncle's house.
We just had cookies and stuff because neither of us
had any more space to stuff food into ourselves :P


(will upload pictures, tomorrow)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pariis ♥

Woke up in Daze ;

How do i put in away to make my day
interesting ?
Oh well, i'll try (:

Mom took me and v out shopping,
more on me because she wanted to get me
and my sister a baju kebaya.
I'll take a picture of it and post it when i wear it
this sunday :D
mine is white and pink
my sister has beige and purple
before that we had to follow mom to do her errands.
While me and v were waiting for mom she taught me
some german which was ubber difficult, well some of
the words .. okay maybe most !
i don't know how to spell out the words that i had learned ;P

V got a package from her mom there were loadz
of chocolates from germany ;P
so now my fridge is stock up with german chocciis ♥
temptation , be very jealous RACH!
Oh yeah v's mom got me a cool fan thingy from marcoca spain
it's uber cool .

Tuition was a real joke.
Our bm teacher is a BIG S joker.

Watched Bride Wars for the 100th time again today.
well technically i watch most of it but the ending part i
came upstairs to check my laptop , as you know
once i touch my lappy it's hard to get out of it ♥♥

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Standing by the stove..
Reaching my hand out to turn it on..
Suddenly i felt a chill running down my spine..
turning around i glance at the dry kitchen..
i saw a shadow that looks like a guy who
was walking into the kitchen towards the room near
the kitchen..
it looks like the shadow was walking towards the toilet
or the room..
i couldn't make out where the shadow was moving too..
i shuddered.
Feeling scared i prayed to god and hope it wasn't some murderer.
I figured it was the boss but then if it was him he wouldn't have gone there..
I waited to see if anyone came out.. waited and waited..
but no one came out..
finally i found the courage to go out and peep into the room
no one was there.. shuddering again i quietly open the toilet door
but there was not a soul in there..

-written by Cher Minn

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y !


It was a waste of time going to school because
we didn't really study..
First period past by like a blur.
During 2 periods of PE i skipped with Aina and went
to the P Room..
We didn't even study during physics and english..
i was reading "the duke & I" this book is actually interesting ♥
During maths i had to go to the magazine editing room to put
the YE picture i edited into the computer..
but whatever it's the past now so i shall enjoy
the holidays :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am thinking of taking up a sport.
Maybe Squash or tennis?
It's boring not being as active in anything as
i use to.
Thinking of starting skating again.

Yesterday i had the longest dinner ever.
from 7 something to 10.30 ++ with my cousins.
Actually my family got there first and my aunt was late
because of the atrocious traffic.
anyway, it was fun :)

i heard like alot well not alot but a few that i know says
that their not coming to school tomorrow, and i don't want to
go either because it's going to be like so b o r i n g.
all the subjects are b o r i n g.
and i have sejarah crap i forgot.
i've got lots and lots of h o m e w o r k untouched.
need to get started on them.

I W A N T C A K E ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



my head is now totally blank.
like empty nada zit.

i hate naps they make me grumpy when i wake up
but if i sleep the next morning i will be not tired.
RAINY day in the morning.
Felt Sleepy.

I actually finished 2 karangan's yesterday.
what crap am i talking about now!?

I hate it when i have 10th period class which is every
tuesday because then i will have to wait for that freaking van
who is not punctual.
because of that i got really pissed and i kept on cursing.
I had to call my mom and she even took like 15 minute to arrive
or was it 20? by time i was boiling mad !

First day of physics home tuition today.
it wasn't so bad.
Although i felt sleepy and nearly almost wanted to sleep.
I really wanted to pay attention and study.
i think i learned something today :D

U = initial velocity
V = final velocity
S = displacement
A = average
t = time taken

i did learn something :P

i skipped accounts, it was not intentional.
i thought Aina was going out for a while so i followed her, but we
end up heading to the prefects room and spending our time there
talking for 1 hour which i did not even realise because the time past
so fast when we were in that room.

Monday, September 14, 2009

BLURY eyed

Edited this picture of me ♥

went to pick simon and v up from camp.
simon looked really sunburn and i mean really.
v wasn't that bad, but she had pimple scars.
We met suyen and aunt alison at pyramid, we were suppose to
have dinner together paid by aunt but the place was full as in no place at all.
Me,my sis and su yen went next to kim gary and had BUBBLE TEA.
It was very feeling as if i had taken a whole bowl of rice, so that night
bubble tea was my dinner :D
no kidding.

At night, we drop by vanishri's house because V had to try on
the punjabi suit for today's singing performance.
KM sang like the loudest and im sorry to say but it was Atrocious.

oh i got consolation price for the sejarah quiz, i seriously have no idea how
i end up getting the prize, i asked soo yee if teacher really did call my name.
I really thought they were mistaken but there it was my name in black and white.

Next week H O L I D A Y !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Full house

Stuck watching full house practically the
whole day.
dad got pissed and say i better return the CD back to
my friend on monday or else he will destroy it.
how vicious.

i slept at 3 am yesterday it was nice
sleeping alone.

Alina's coming over next week and im excited!
she's a friend of V's who is also from germany
and stays with a host family in kuala terengganu.

come to think of it i hardly got out of the room like the
whole day , i only went out of the room when i need to eat.
i had vine noodles and popiah today it was delicious.

after this i must promise myself to complete all my karangan and kerja amal.
must start studying too.

craving for chocolate and chips.

Friday, September 11, 2009

broken into two



Cracking my head for this YE thing that i have to create for the
school magazine.
trying very hard to be creative.

V has left for camp for 3 days and 2 nights
leaving the whole room to myself
it feels so refreshingly good
not being mean or anything
i need to have a peace of mind for awhile.

halfway through HUNTED, it's awesome.
im going to start babbling about it
Heath, Erik and Stark
Human, vampyre , red vampyre
hate heath
love Erik and Stark.

3 months till megan hoo comes DOWN!

SPAMMERS, SPAMMERS, i found out where you live.
i'll be haunting you...

lacha lachata ta ~ f(x)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Girl

Go For 9 !

Counting down the korean drama's i've watched.

Princess Hour
Boys Over Flower [the best]
My girl

all this korean drama's are actually the same , all with the love triangle, it's so funny!

the reason why i did not come only for the past 3 days for my dad locked the internet but i
didn't really mind because i was watching my girl i was jumping up and down like a monkey
and laughing like a maniac and also crying !


i have to stop this, hahahaha.
it's making me insane.
anyways, lives been up and down.

about school, today during pe i mean after Pe we were changing in the girls changing
room and we got lock inside, it was so funny but then one of the maids unlocked it :P

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saranghae ♥


I have to say this i actually love LACHATA!
F[x] is such a cool KOREAN girl band :P
RACHEL! that girl who looks like a guy is HOT (:
i believe you now , HAHAHAAH !
i know this is so not me~
im not lesbian or anything im still straight.
at first, i wasn't that crazy but i kept on watching the video and i just fell inlove♥ with it.



okay enough of spazzing over korean's now.
Moving on, on what i did today.
I woke up at 5.30 am
because V had a photoshoot with the other AFS students in dataran merdeka
they had to wear any of malaysia's traditional clothes, V wore baju kebaya.
i talked to a few of them well actually it was more of my mother who did the talking
because i was shy as usual.. (:
me this girl from japan her name is KOKA
and switzerland (sorry i forgot the name)
Australia, (lol forgot again)
Germany Sophie or mary .
oh yea and i met the american guy his name is coulter :)
he looks like one of those soldiers you know.. his accent is so cool :P
btw they girl from australia she was the first batch the one who came at the begininig if jan
she sounds alot like a malaysian already.. but she still has her aussie accent :P
pictures will come in later (:

after the photoshoot, me and my sisterS went for baking at my mother's clients house
she's a british and her kitchen with all the baking utensils are like so COOL! i wish
i had them all , and the amount of story and cooking book she has is A M A Z I N G.
no kidding. we bakes chocolate fudge cake, scones and sweet patato scones.
My job was the scones
V was the chocolate fudge cake
and ninn Sweet patato scones.
All came out well and eatible i love my scones :P
they taste good with tea (:
again pictures will come in later.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

korean-fied :P

wow i have haters, awesome XP

everyone agree with this?

no one is ever perfect :P
im with natasha, we are all retards !


this is just an early post.
I slept at 4 am :D
woke up at 11 something, mom broke my sleep .
not sure what's planned today yet :P
HOLIDAY on monday !

S.O.D Coward - SS501

"don't waste your time haters, because i ain't gonna fall for your silly games :P love ya "
yours truly, suckishly retarded.
i don't need anyone to fall inlove with me.
im already inlove with SS501 ! hahahah :P "

Friday, September 4, 2009

Korean HAWT!

Okay i know this is weird but i think i have become one of the
i know totally unbelievable.

rachel, KS and regina f[x] is cool (:

i SS501
hyun jung
jung min
(pshh the others i don't know, LOL!)

i BOF x3

i this (:
their so cute.
the making was cool :P

haha okay i have to stop SPAZZING over them :P




Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Suffering in silence

i don't have mood to write about my trip to cameron highlands so i will
write about it some other day or maybe never?
So holiday week is OVER ):
i miss it already..
okay so holiday review.
I went to

Batu caves
Sunway lagoon
Cameron highlands

other then that we did shopping at sunway pyramid, KLCC and summit.

sorry if this update is so dull, i feel dull ):