Monday, September 14, 2009

BLURY eyed

Edited this picture of me ♥

went to pick simon and v up from camp.
simon looked really sunburn and i mean really.
v wasn't that bad, but she had pimple scars.
We met suyen and aunt alison at pyramid, we were suppose to
have dinner together paid by aunt but the place was full as in no place at all.
Me,my sis and su yen went next to kim gary and had BUBBLE TEA.
It was very feeling as if i had taken a whole bowl of rice, so that night
bubble tea was my dinner :D
no kidding.

At night, we drop by vanishri's house because V had to try on
the punjabi suit for today's singing performance.
KM sang like the loudest and im sorry to say but it was Atrocious.

oh i got consolation price for the sejarah quiz, i seriously have no idea how
i end up getting the prize, i asked soo yee if teacher really did call my name.
I really thought they were mistaken but there it was my name in black and white.

Next week H O L I D A Y !

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