Friday, September 18, 2009

Pariis ♥

Woke up in Daze ;

How do i put in away to make my day
interesting ?
Oh well, i'll try (:

Mom took me and v out shopping,
more on me because she wanted to get me
and my sister a baju kebaya.
I'll take a picture of it and post it when i wear it
this sunday :D
mine is white and pink
my sister has beige and purple
before that we had to follow mom to do her errands.
While me and v were waiting for mom she taught me
some german which was ubber difficult, well some of
the words .. okay maybe most !
i don't know how to spell out the words that i had learned ;P

V got a package from her mom there were loadz
of chocolates from germany ;P
so now my fridge is stock up with german chocciis ♥
temptation , be very jealous RACH!
Oh yeah v's mom got me a cool fan thingy from marcoca spain
it's uber cool .

Tuition was a real joke.
Our bm teacher is a BIG S joker.

Watched Bride Wars for the 100th time again today.
well technically i watch most of it but the ending part i
came upstairs to check my laptop , as you know
once i touch my lappy it's hard to get out of it ♥♥

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