Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I suddenly have the URGE to blog for the
second time of the day :]

So i actually watched a little of MUSIC BANG.
I watched a few and then it started to R A I N.
I was like WTH!?
But anyways the singers were like so B O R I N G
sorry to say but the first few weren't that good at all..
Anyways, after the rain stopped i continue watching
at first there was this weirdo guy with big round spects singing
and after that it was F(x) ~ Lachata
WOOOOOO! they RAWK!!! love them to the max.
after this i stopped watching.. hahaha!
btw Rach , KS whomever is a korean freak, is KARA good?
because i keep seeing her name everywhere.. i mean in allkpop :]
Yes i've been keeping up ^^

I was browsing through blogs and i saw this movie trailer
called "Valentines Day" it looks AWESOME
take a look-

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