Sunday, May 31, 2009


One of the picture, will post all of 'em later XD

First of all, Thanks to Regina for organizing this wonderful Surprise party!
I am very touched (:
and Thanks to everyone who help and attend the party :)
  1. Dadddy
  2. Mommy
  3. Grandma
  4. Cher Ninn
  5. Regina L
  6. Yvonne
  7. Edwin
  8. Demi
  9. natasha
  10. mikail
  11. timothy
  12. siva
  13. danny
  14. Stefan
  15. Kahsim
  16. Yuvaraj
For attending and making this surprise party successful.
I was really Stunned and Shock!
i can't believe i didn't notice you guys planning this .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet 16

From Dad

From Sis (outside)

From Sis (inside)

From Mom

From the above look at the names (lol)

from regina, rachel , yvonne and michelle


From Mom

From Kah Sim

Thank You Everyone For the Birthday Wishes and Presents.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A lot has happen since the last post.
Yesterday i was suppose to go for Accounts tuition and Bm tuition but couldn't make it
because i went out with Aina and her mother for this book sale thing but it turn out
it wasn't our kind of books but anyway before that we drop by to Sunway Pyramid so i got to collect my private series book "Paradise Lost".
I finished it today while i was shopping :P
Yes, i couldn't put it down at all it was way WAY WAY too interesting.
I can't wait for the next book it's not out yet, they only have the prequel called "Last Christmas".
I rather want the next series book because i really want to know what happen to REED BRENNAN!
Here's the ending of the book (it annoys me a lot because it makes me want to know what happen next) :

"The last thing i heard before i hit the cold, dark water was the sound of gleeful squealing and cheering, as someone at the tables won big."

Moving on,
Today almost the whole day went shopping at sungai wang and midalley bought some hoodies, shorts and dresses (:

Tomorrow is senna's suprise birthday party! woo get to see sharmaine.
Her brother has the same birthday as me.



Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally the WEEEKEND!
3 more agony days of exam left!
3 more days till i Officially turn 16!
Time really flies.

Accounts exam today wasn't too bad!
Thanks to my dear Aina! She helped me study 1 hour before exam.
Here's a story about yesterady:
i was suppose to study but again i didn't had the mood, felt depressed?
i don't know why..
Anyway, i had my afternoon nap and then most of the time i was on the computer
being Bored!
Baked some cupcakes for the shop.
watched abit of American Idol, great finale
Those two bitches were really hilarious!
The first girl, tatiana she was told to sit there and they will hand her the trophy but she went to the stage anyway and sang eventhough there was like 2 bodyguards there to take her down but she still got away, so FUNNY!
Next was katrina? if im not mistaken aslo known as 'bikini girl'.
i think she got a boob job or something lol because her nungas were bigger then the last time.
Kara the forth judge , she sang and she was AWESOME!
We thought she and that bikini girl was gonna like have a cat fight or something but nothing happen:P

S.O.D You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Winner IS


Jumps up and down with *JOY*.
I was shocked when Yvonne text message me that
I really thought
Adam Lambert would have won.

Anyways, i DO not want to talk about EXAMS.
Too much negativity will come out from me when i talk about exams so,
No to

yvonne's crapping about some baby full moon dinner? LOL!
Im so BLUR!

Don't know why i feel so depressed today.
Sleep also kept thinking and thinking..

Monday, May 18, 2009


was horrible, really horrible
90% i guessed the answer.
Modern Maths was tolerable but i left 2 question out and some others
i simply do it.
when the results come out , it's probably going to be an


There is still some hope left that i might pass maybe 20%?
Tomorrow paper2 !


Sunday, May 17, 2009



Watching it now, Last disc thought i might just finish it.
will TRY to study ADD MATHS later.
A lot of Formula's to remember.

8 days Till my birthday.
9 Days till exam ends.
2 weeks till Holiday Arrives.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Boring-ness Day Ever.
I practically didn't do much.
had to go and take care of my dad's shop untill 1 or 2pm
Turn out the staff couldn't make it so i had to stay untill at night.
Anyway! I went to collect my REVELATION book (:
It's really interesting, shocking and The way the author twist the story is like
I recoment this Private series to everyone who loves to read (:
So i finish the back in the evening , LOL!
Yes, it took me less then a day to finish it.
I went back to MPH and ordered the Next Book called "HOLIDAY PARADISE"
Can't wait to get it.

Friday, May 15, 2009


10 Days.

English test was Tolerable.
I hope i did my essay correctly if not im dead.
Anyway, nothing interesting happen.
i curi-curi brought my iPod to school, wanted to show Nat something but she in the
end she didn't follow the van so i have to wait untill the end of the day to show it to her.
Hannah Montana : the Movie ' one of the songs is stuck in my head but i don't know what's it called.
There bellow here is the song that i kept thinking about.

I've got Accounts tuition exam, *yikes* In 30 minutes, must go flip through books soon.
Later on, got BM'

along with all the SCIENCE subject.
I see a Dark Cloud.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cinta Ini Membunuhku.

Woke up at 4 am today ,
To study Moral and supposingly sejarah but i not enough time.
Memorising take's forever. I fell asleep for another half an hour till i had to wake up.
Exam was chilli hot paper DIFFICULT! I'm serious no kidding.
Maybe there are SMART ASSES out there who can answer it easily but
not me.


Kau membuat, ku berantakan.
Kau membuat, ku tak karuan.
Kau membuat, ku tak berdaya.
Kau menolak ku, acuhkan diri ku.

Bagaimana, caranya untuk,
Meruntuhkan, kerasnya hati mu.
Ku sadari, ku tak sempurna,
Ku tak seperti, yang kau inginkan.

Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikap mu,
Tak sadarkah kau telah menyakiti ku.
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
Cinta ini, membunuh ku.

[#] ~~ [Reff]



Woo… Hu~u… Haa…
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
Cinta ini, membunuh ku.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Picture's i Promise


Study Group 2.

I'm Going to say that i'm so doom for my Bm paper 1 and 2.
I know everyone says bahagian B for paper 1 is okay but for me it wasn't i think i picked the wrong
essay. *sob*
I need private BM tutor, anyone has good ones? I need recomendation PRONTO!
i really need help for my BM. (oh yeah, Cynth just told me MY HAND HURTS from writing so much for BM)

Today was my second study group with Aina except it didn't really turn out to be a study day because we were like talking .. talking.. hangging out.. LOL!
So i have to study now and skip tuition.
First, we hanged out by the pool dipping our legs in the cool water, it was nice :)
Then we went to the park , it was so secluded there, like so creeepy.
But we took some picture's which i will post it up when aina's sends it to me.

Time to study Sejarah and Moral

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just feeling like a crazy person.
School was boring, only when rehat time.
Rachel, oh Rachel.
Sivik was not so bad, i fell asleep after i finished the paper.
Just now went to giant , to ebooks, to buy some revision books
for tomorrow , last minute. haha!
i can't find this damn KOMIK sejarah(history) book SOB!
After that, my grandma 'belanja' me Pizza, :P

tomorrow BM paper 1 & 2.
So doom.

-take me away to a different place-

Monday, May 11, 2009


It starts TOMORROW !!!
Musty study Must study Must study.. and it goes on..
School was the same old same old..
hanged out with friends...
Nothing to write...

addicted to this song 'cinta ini membunuhku'.
Oh yeah, had a hard time sleeping last night, kept on thinking and thinking about
stuff.. and then finally slept but sister woke up at 4am and turn on the lights , ruined my beauty
sleep. PFFT.

I'm currently having macaroni, it's good :P

Went to Aina's House for a study group just now :)
It was great we did BM!
We talked hanged out, ate pizza.
The normal usual teenage stuff (=
thanks' aina for everything.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My Sister and the Card for Mom.

Sister and card (front)

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's Out There
So yesterday we made this card for our mom will give it to her in a while.
I'm still woozy from waking from my sleep.
( didn't get to take a picture of me with the card because i look ugly)
I forgot to turn my laptop off, as usual wants i lie on my bed to close my eyes for a while and would fall asleep.

well have nothing else to say,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wish List.

  1. StoryBooks
  2. Clothes
  3. iPodTouch
  4. iPhone
  5. Handbags
  6. ticket to NZ this coming holiday
  7. Contact lenses
  8. New iPod ear plugs
  9. iPod cover protactor



For my birthday, which is pretty soon - 25th may.
I was hoping that i could get tickets to NZ as my birthday present.
Obviously, it's a no - with the fck up money crisis.
for a present she said i already got mine, i didn't even agree to anything .
I Doubt she would let me have a grand party.
Being 16 is not big in our country but in the USA it is.
for me in my head im already thinking USA and not here.
It's just S.A.D

Needs the next Private series book called revelation.
Already ask them to search it for me, hopefully there is one.

missing him.

100th Post :)

Wooo! Finally i've reached my 100 post, congratulates myself*
The picture above is aina and my doing when we were so bored in physics class.
We were trying to escape class with a good reason but neither had any so we didn't have a choice.
cool, aye? (=
So i already have 6 of the private series books :) I finished reading
inner circle and Legacy
Both were fairly interesting, Now i'm currently reading the 7th book ambition.
I don't know what i think of it yet.
can't wait to get the Next book Revelation.
People who loves to read should totally read this series.
It's saturday means i have exactly 3 days to freaking study!
OMG , study the word blinds me.
Have to work at dad's shop today )=
Good news is i get paid or i wouldn't have work at all, Hahahaha.


Song of the day : cinta ini membunuhku.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

'appy 'appy !

Ola munchkins'
Midterms are Next Tuesday and why am i still not studying?
I just can't help it.
Anyway, The picture is Ruben's suprise birthday party.
I look so NERDY!
tsk. tsk. tsk.

I got the david archuleta paper from a chinese newspaper thanks to hui huan!
Zi yang is also giving me another one for my sister, WEE!

I just got addicted with this game called Restaurant City on Facebook!
It's really fun fun fun..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What a day.
Anyway, School was boring as usual.
During physics me and aina was tyring to figure out how to bail physics .
Honestly, the boring-ness subject ever.
So we only got to bail for about almost half an hour by doing some errant.
Then, had nasi lemak for lunch, had YE meeting.
After lunch went outside school field near the housing area for ruben's birthday!
walked with edwin, zi yang. Met the others there.
So here comes the drama.
(anonymous) and (anonymous) was like walking back to school.
Out of no where a car came , it was driving quite fast and almost HIT aina.
We though what this crazy driver thinking and then Sangie was like that's my parents.
Then we gave her puzzled looks.
Suddenly both her parents park at the side and both of them came out like some gangster.
(i can't exactly tell what the conversation was about because i can't really remember everything exactly.)
(anoymous) were like Stunned!
(anoymous) was the brave one, as usual.
S's Dad said " What are you doing out of school? "
A said " a friend of ours (anoymous) was having a small gathering for his birthday"
S wanted to say "friend.."
Then , S's dad said " Shut Up" (how rude).
We were kinda shock at how the way the father speak to sangie like that.
S's Dad "Does your parents let you come out of school?"
A" yes"
S's mom " we don't allow sangeetha to be out of school"
S's dad " tells sangie to get in the car.
They went in the car and left abrubtly. How RUDE!
As if some gangster only.

honestly, I am shocked at a disgraced grown up behaviour.


Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm at my hometown now.
My Cousin tutored me just now add maths and physics she's going to continue tomorrow when she wakes me up at 6. T.T She went to sleep already, early sleeper and an early riser.
She's going to wake up at 4 am to study. Grandma calls her rubber tapper. Except she's not going to do rubber tapping but studying. I seriously don't know how she keeps up with this.

I finished the 2 storybooks i bought yesterday, yes i read it all in a day.
I must have gone crazy but it was so irresistible .
I really need the next book 'inner circle' , 'legacy' and 'ambition' .
Midterms are like really soon, i have exactly 1 more week to study. OMG!
Probably am so doom.

So much to study in so little time.
typical, always worried at the very last, hahaha that's normal..
Well i suppose i have to get back to memorizing all this chemistry crap before tomorrow my cousin will murder me or something.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Bought 2 new books of private series.
it's called "untouchable" and "Confessions"
Untouchable was awesome , finished it today :P
Now im just starting to read Confessions.
Bought it at pyramid today, got a discount since i am a member :P
After that, went out for lunch with family, had seafood.
That's about it.