Saturday, May 23, 2009


A lot has happen since the last post.
Yesterday i was suppose to go for Accounts tuition and Bm tuition but couldn't make it
because i went out with Aina and her mother for this book sale thing but it turn out
it wasn't our kind of books but anyway before that we drop by to Sunway Pyramid so i got to collect my private series book "Paradise Lost".
I finished it today while i was shopping :P
Yes, i couldn't put it down at all it was way WAY WAY too interesting.
I can't wait for the next book it's not out yet, they only have the prequel called "Last Christmas".
I rather want the next series book because i really want to know what happen to REED BRENNAN!
Here's the ending of the book (it annoys me a lot because it makes me want to know what happen next) :

"The last thing i heard before i hit the cold, dark water was the sound of gleeful squealing and cheering, as someone at the tables won big."

Moving on,
Today almost the whole day went shopping at sungai wang and midalley bought some hoodies, shorts and dresses (:

Tomorrow is senna's suprise birthday party! woo get to see sharmaine.
Her brother has the same birthday as me.



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