Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Study Group 2.

I'm Going to say that i'm so doom for my Bm paper 1 and 2.
I know everyone says bahagian B for paper 1 is okay but for me it wasn't i think i picked the wrong
essay. *sob*
I need private BM tutor, anyone has good ones? I need recomendation PRONTO!
i really need help for my BM. (oh yeah, Cynth just told me MY HAND HURTS from writing so much for BM)

Today was my second study group with Aina except it didn't really turn out to be a study day because we were like talking .. talking.. hangging out.. LOL!
So i have to study now and skip tuition.
First, we hanged out by the pool dipping our legs in the cool water, it was nice :)
Then we went to the park , it was so secluded there, like so creeepy.
But we took some picture's which i will post it up when aina's sends it to me.

Time to study Sejarah and Moral

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