Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Fest

i debated whether i should go for the lantern fest outside my house. I was feeling really lazy since i would get mosquito bites and all D: But anyway i did go because RL and KS came so i had to walk around with them, at first it was totally BORING but it got better when we started to see people we knew all around, lots of people from school came ;) P8 is da BOMB!
Anyways i hanged out with Aina too
we walked around and hanged out, talking talking yada yada.. thats about, oh yeah not forgetting i met up with shawty, and the rest of 1992 grouppe. Didn't really know what are their names D: sorry! haha, it's like no one can differentiate me and my sister anyway, SOME' people.
The sad part is we did not play candles D: i miss those times! Shall do it next year! Who cares if were off age ;P

"you egotistic bastard.."

Friday, September 17, 2010

My heart doesn't beat fast yet.
But my mind constantly flickers an image of you programmed into my brain.
what should i do?
i can't just say it's love yet.
maybe as time passes by, love can be develop.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i'm having this bubbly feelings inside me again. BAD BAD BAD!
1 minute
2 minutes
3 minutes
4 minutes
5 minutes..
argh trying to restrict myself.

"i can't help myself.."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i know i suck at writing and im trying to learn how to write like a real blogger but it takes time. So this is my style of writing, hate it? screw u :D

It all started with a study group with Aina , more like a gossip group haha.
OK we were multi-tasking :P So it isn't so bad!
We were also suppose to have a MOVIE NIGHT TOGETHER! So A suggested to go over her house and we can have one. It was really FUN!
had some delicious mouth watering Raya cookies :) I was actually wearing my thermal Pajamas, and i was like literally complaining most of the time how HOT it was and A was like what kind of Pajamas are you wearing, haha in the end i had to wear one of A's cause i was like dying of hotness , i felt so much better after that and it was freezing when i woke up in the morning. Coming to that part! So we slept at 4am because we were bullying shawty! it was so funny and fun :D Oh and ofcourse not forgetting Aina's beau! Couldn't stop talking about him the whole night through. We woke up late from one alarm snooze to another, we got up rushing around chaos! just kidding haha wasn't like that at all.
oh oh oh! i so forgot to mention the part we tried with the polaroid , it was awhsome ;)
we took two awesome pictures, one made us look as white as ghost coz we had a makeover haha it was superbly scary, ok im exaggerating again but that's me :P anyways i have to second one with me now, i'll try upload it but it's not like anyone cares, so whatdaheck!? haha.