Friday, July 31, 2009

Chocolate Addiction

I have a big addiction to chocolates since Victoria arrived and edwin keeps giving me chocolates!
I need more! Victoria gave me some chocolates from germany, it's very Delicious!
Just had 2 minutes ago.. Sighs*


We had aerobics in school today morning for 2 or wait 3 periods!
It was super boring.. the instructor sucks.
Keeps giving us boring and same steps.
Which boring song.
Except the part where there was MJ song that was nice.
mikhail and edwin were dancing the macarina? i don't know how to spell it.
it was awesome, edwin was hilarious shaking his *arse*.

So anyway, stayed back for YE it was lengweilig as usual.
Did some very little some stuff, but it was a briefing for tomorrow.
and talking about tomorrow.
It's the YE SALE !
so please come support our group smk pbp (1) optimax.
Buy stuff from us :D


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cupcake Day !

It's not really cupcake day but i made cupcakes (:
After 1 week or wait its 2 weeks break.
I made it with Su yen (cousin) , Victoria (sister) and Simon (cousin's foreign exchange a.k.a bro)
It was fun :) and funny!
Simon only made 2 because he wasn't good at it, and there were ants on the side and he was like
"fuck you" to the ants , me and my cousin burst out laughing! It's hilarious!
I've got some pictures taken.
Bon' apetite!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Down with a Flu..

Being sick sucks, well i am not exactly sick but the flu is really annoying!
Since i kept taking tissues from aina and kept blowing on my nose and it still doesn't go away.
Gahhh! I pity her so i bought my very own pack of tissues, hahaha
I don't know how i got this dumb flu, i took my vitamins!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As you know v.v.l is here now and we are getting along just great :)
School's been busy , i think?
I actually studied today during add maths, i tried to study chemistry but aina wanted her book
back so ):
Accounts was boring as usual, accounts class is a perfect place to fall asleep.
As Aina call it, when the teacher explain about accounts it's a perfect lullaby, because
she talking like word by word by word and *snores*
yesterday had YE meeting but i was busy helping kah sim with the zippers which is awesome
now i can sew it (: *proud* I have 2 more to do >.<>
at the moment, i am suffering from a flu, it is very irritating.

So this are the few words that i learned in german:
Auf Wiedersehen - good bye (formal)
tschuess (informal)
Hallo - Hi, hey , hello
Du bist verruekt - you are crazy
ich hasse dich - i hate you
ich liebe dich - i love you
druncken - push
eins, zwei,drei - one,two, three
so still - so quiet
guten morgen - good morning
gute nacht - good night
danke - thank you
von - from

Yep that's all i currently know how to say and spell it (kinda)

My cheek hurt don't know why .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Moment You Have Been Waiting

The Day Will Be Revealed..
As you know i woke up at 6.40 am ? Yeap, i woke up automatically. Was too excited i think?

Everyone of us woke up early but i went to my parents room and fell asleep there again. About 11-ish ? Me, my sis and dad went to pyramid. Me and my sis had to get something, we met edwin there too' he was there to watch the mighty minds competition i think? Anyway i drop by MPH to check whether they have the book i wanted and too my disappointment they don't ): Have to wait again. After that we went to Popular because i had to get a pen, the pen that i was using was *cacat*
we saw the mighty minds place it looks *i don't know how to describe in words* . Alot of students there wearing uniform..

After this, we went home to collect my mom and dad had to go do something which we had to wait for almost ONE hour till my dad was done, so we were late to go to the german ambassy! As it was getting nearer to the place i got to excited and nervous! I got a glimpse of all the students but i couldn't see vvl' . They were having the same briefing again so we actually didn't miss much. Finally it was time for the students to come out, and i saw V :P All the students had to sing Rasa Sayang and say Malaysia Boleh! it was weird and funny :P

Handing Student to the host family (: I look ew!
Same chapter, another family

kesian him, he has to wait for one because his host family couldn't take him in because of something.

another host family

another host family

The students (: singing rasa sayang

German Ambassador

All the other ambassodor's

Made it the biggest, this are all the host family and students.

Finally it was the handing over ceremony! ours took like ages till it was out turn. Yeap and we finally met V everyone was like shy, shy awkward phase. so need to chill first :P
We took her to the Chinese restaurant at sunway pyramid esquire kitchen to eat. It was her first time having some food like that . Then we went out and bought her school uniform and shoes. That's about it :) not so interesting, right?

At Sunway, i look crappy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can't Sleep!

Currently the time is 6.50 am , satuday and i can't sleep!
I slept quite early yesterday like 11? that's early for a weekend.
Okay i admit it today is the day i will be meeting vvl after counting down everyday and im super nervous! Hope everything goes well :)
i think i want to try and sleep again <33

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spank Spank Spank!

I love spanking people's asses Virtually :P
*Spanked Aina's , Megan's and Michelle's*
Who else needs a spank?

currently i am no inspired to write but i will do my very best.
today was the worst thursday EVER!
because aina wasn't in school ,so i was very lonley*
fadhilah was absent too, so i had no one to talk to which made me grumpy, cranky!
P.E was boring we played field hokey , the teacher was teaching us the same thing again because
there was another teacher who came to judge her teaching. So we were like acting to learn
again. This gets me annoyed.

During physics, i don' t have to say it but i will anyway :P
I was sleeping , seriously no one even listen to that teacher, she's just weird.
i don't think she has the qualification to teach in my opinion.
1. her english isn't fluent.
2. her spelling sucks.
3. she's just plain weird.

English was another one, even though i love english , i must say i am not very fond of the teacher.
So, she asked us to do an essay yesterday after god knows when was the last essay we wrote
and she did ask us to hand it in the next day, i did not copy down the essay was too busy doing
other homework that i totally forgot to jot down the question and the next day which is
today she asked us to hand it in and i was like CRAP! because i did not do it about 14 of us
did not complete it, she asked us to go to the office and do our work there, i wasn't that
embarrassed i did not actually give an ass anyway, we did our work 80% copied, that's what
she gets for rushing us, she should have give us like last week so we can complete it
not when the F-king time when the head of the subject wants to check our books.
GOSH, it really pissed me off!

well that's all the drama i've got today.
AFS briefing meeting tonight :) wonder what their going to brief us on.
vvl arriving 7pm today :)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The weather is divine today.
I actually studied and did my accounts work , usually i don't because it's too tedious.
It seems like very few people came today, i mean whoever that follows my van.
Usually there's 8 people but today was only 5.
Okay, maybe that's not a lot :P
Anyways, i got my chocolate from edwin :)
thank youuu !

Today, i was wishing that there would be no chemistry today and i seriously
got my wish, teacher was absent but sadly she had assign a teacher to give us some work.
Which i did not do , have no idea how too , copied all the way :P
Set with Aina today she's have flu , not swine flu if not i would not have even set beside her.
Aina, skipped EST today because she could not stand the sickness, so we went back
together. In the van, the were suddenly talking about crushes, which i won't reveal, pinky swear*
Dreading tuition tonight..
talking about tuition, tomorrow's add maths private tuition got cancel because i won't be free.
Have to attend this AFS briefing thing, excited!
VVL flying today , arrive tomorrow !

3 Days ..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Feeling moody, i have no idea why i just feel moody!
it's already tuesday Means only 4 more days :)
somehow that doesn't still cheer me up from my moody-ness.
Again today i did not have mood to study.
*concentrate* Cher Minn CONCENTRATE!@#$%
exam is coming 3rd f-king August.

Bm teacher did not come in to class today, so i've got time to read CHOSEN.
Couldn't put it down was hooked to it, ask aina :P
whole day i've been glued to the book.
Physic was completely and utterly tedious
i have to tell you the teacher is really weird, when she scolds people she actually SMILES!
i know, weird!!! no one takes her seriously. Come on, if you smile and scold you think
people will think you're serious? LMAO.

Anyway, at first i did NOT want to stay back for YE but because of Aina i stayed back!
see im such a good friend (:
Anyway, it wasn't an official meeting we were playing this game something like
truth and dare but not like it. It's like we ask you question and you have to answer
truthfully. I kena twice, first regina ask me name all my crushes i was like crapp !@$%
but she only said find answer one so i did. HEHE not going to tell.
Second was how i met aina, which i can't clearly remember but yea ;)
Dad was at school had to talk to teacher or something.
i Smell Durian, it STINKS!

4 tage.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The House Of Night - Betrayed
it's an awesome series besides twilight and private series ofcourse .
THON is my third favourite :)

School was boring but tolerable.
During assembly i had my betrayed book to keep me occupied while the teacher babble's all the
announcement. History class was extra boring ! We had to go to the computer room where it's
stuffy and hot, i'd rather study in my own class where i am comfortable most and i can actually
pay attention to what the teacher is teaching. I did not even have the mood to study history which usually i am interested in the minute i stepped into the computer room.

Wbs was fun got to hang out with my mates! and we got to hang out in the library where it
is air-conditioned! Ofcourse, i was occupied with my betrayed book instead of talking to my
mates , can't seem to put it down.

The weather was HORRIBLE today, it was so hazy and it's not a good environment to study
at that moment but looking out my window now it seems to be fine.
we got to stay at the library for BM again as usual reading betrayed.

5 tage.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Satisfaction ♥

I am now very satisfied with my new blog layout :)
Compare to the previous one, i wasn't that satisfied.
It was a bit cacat-ed .
Loving the cute cupcakes ♥.

Lately, i have the mood to blog again which is good, right?

Like regina said, today i was reluctant to leave the comfort of my bed.
quoting regina "so comforting, warm and tempting".
Actually i wasn't sleeping on my bed it was my sister's , it's just so comfortable compare
to my bed, my bed is so hard like a rock.
My sister didn't want to sleep in her bed because she was sick and did not want to sleep
in front of the AC, so i trade place with her for a few days.
As always, I am the last to sleep and the last to wake up.
Mom, let me and my sister sleep in today, untill 11am .
She actually knock the door call through the intercom phone but i was too tired
to wake up, so i just ignored it . My sister wouldn't even give a damn.
I had the weirdest dream today except i forgot what it was.

My aunt claudia slept for another night and my grand aunt violet came to visit since she lives
just around the corner. My cousins came to visit today and her cute little baby boy , baby brian
came along too, his so adorable ♥. isn't he such a poser? hahaha
He has a cheeky smile :)

Mom bought the transformers DVD yesterday, watching it now for the second time.
It's funny and nice (:
esspecially that dumb robot with megan foxx , it's just hilarious.

6 tage .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aina's birthday bash :D

I was last to be awake, Everyone actually woke up so early .
So i didn't want to be the odd one out so i woke up too about 8 something?
Edwin and the others asked me to go to the futsal court but i decided not too.
Me and family went out for lunch at puterimart. I had fried keuy teow ? (forgot how you spell it)
After lunch, we went to the shop where they sell the heater? because i needed one for my toilet.
The one in my toilet is like so retarded, The way the water come out like air kencing.. So little.. haha! My mom keep asking again and again to the sales person if they the one she wanted but they already told her that it was out of stock. Anyway, we finally made our decision and bought one that she agrees with. After that we went to the furniture shop to get a new bed for my sister, I KNOW she gets a new one and i have to stick to my old creaky bed but i got a new chess drawer and it's white :) my sister has one too , i'll have to share mine with vvl >.<>
It all cost about 1000+ with my dad's stuff also for his office , so we got something free and the free stuff was a freaking dumb plate! Don't ask me what plate, i didn't even bother to check.
We drop by to the lighting shop to get some lights for my room , sister's room and for dad's office. yep the last time i checked i need new lights it's really deam the light in my room.
Mom wants to get a ceiling fan for me too because she's afraid v can't stand the heat.
Ninn is sick at the moment, hope she get's well soon, talking about that i 'd better go take some vitamins before i sleep :P

Today was Aina's birthday bash :)
No pictures, only with me and yvonne but i don't have it with me.
Helped aina with the preparation.
It was kinda awkward alot of guys were there .
I think there were more guys then girls.
So anyway, at first Rachel and KS not coming but they did luckily!
This yvonne also, first say coming, then not coming then COMING.
nothing better to do.
Toward the end the party went good. Aina and ginsky along with natasha were acting some romance thingy' i don't know can't really hear what they were saying. HAHA!
And then the fun begins! When mikhail was pushed into the swimming pool first *SPLASH*
Can't remember who was next, i knew natasha was the third because me and yvonne pushed her in :P she wanted to go in anyway x) So the people that i know went it was Rachel,KS,yvonne,nitya and the rest i don't know because i had to go home, mom came to pick me up :P so that was it .

Friday, July 10, 2009

6 tage.

I haven't blogged for a week already.
See how fast time past!
It just zoom by ya know' ?

Tomorrow is Aina's Birthday Party.



Didn't do anything extra ordinary.
Everything is the same old same old.
i really want to watch Transformers but i can't seem to find time too!
This weekend i'm busy because of Aina's party and i have to help clean the house up.
Next Saturday VVL! ;P
Oh yeah, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be out next thursday!
So many things to do at ones, tsk tsk.

Yesterday, i had my first Add maths private tuition.
It was okay' .

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Skate Malaysia 09'

Me and Jamal Othman Swiss champion figure skater xD
his so cute, i also got his autograph!!!
He also has joined the winter olympics too =D

Won a Nitendo DS from a lucky Draw (=

Me and karl guilbert from indonesia
but his mix indonesian and amor'
His so cute right? ;D

Me , Miharu , josephine and sis
Both are form Hong Kong but they are Japanese
Miharu is so cute i just adore her!!
isn't she so pretty?

Louvinia, me and ninn
Louvinia is also from hong kong , made friends with her, she's nice ;D

Conclusion, skate maslaysia was nice but very tiring xD
it was eventful!