Monday, July 13, 2009


The House Of Night - Betrayed
it's an awesome series besides twilight and private series ofcourse .
THON is my third favourite :)

School was boring but tolerable.
During assembly i had my betrayed book to keep me occupied while the teacher babble's all the
announcement. History class was extra boring ! We had to go to the computer room where it's
stuffy and hot, i'd rather study in my own class where i am comfortable most and i can actually
pay attention to what the teacher is teaching. I did not even have the mood to study history which usually i am interested in the minute i stepped into the computer room.

Wbs was fun got to hang out with my mates! and we got to hang out in the library where it
is air-conditioned! Ofcourse, i was occupied with my betrayed book instead of talking to my
mates , can't seem to put it down.

The weather was HORRIBLE today, it was so hazy and it's not a good environment to study
at that moment but looking out my window now it seems to be fine.
we got to stay at the library for BM again as usual reading betrayed.

5 tage.

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