Friday, July 31, 2009

Chocolate Addiction

I have a big addiction to chocolates since Victoria arrived and edwin keeps giving me chocolates!
I need more! Victoria gave me some chocolates from germany, it's very Delicious!
Just had 2 minutes ago.. Sighs*


We had aerobics in school today morning for 2 or wait 3 periods!
It was super boring.. the instructor sucks.
Keeps giving us boring and same steps.
Which boring song.
Except the part where there was MJ song that was nice.
mikhail and edwin were dancing the macarina? i don't know how to spell it.
it was awesome, edwin was hilarious shaking his *arse*.

So anyway, stayed back for YE it was lengweilig as usual.
Did some very little some stuff, but it was a briefing for tomorrow.
and talking about tomorrow.
It's the YE SALE !
so please come support our group smk pbp (1) optimax.
Buy stuff from us :D


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