Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The weather is divine today.
I actually studied and did my accounts work , usually i don't because it's too tedious.
It seems like very few people came today, i mean whoever that follows my van.
Usually there's 8 people but today was only 5.
Okay, maybe that's not a lot :P
Anyways, i got my chocolate from edwin :)
thank youuu !

Today, i was wishing that there would be no chemistry today and i seriously
got my wish, teacher was absent but sadly she had assign a teacher to give us some work.
Which i did not do , have no idea how too , copied all the way :P
Set with Aina today she's have flu , not swine flu if not i would not have even set beside her.
Aina, skipped EST today because she could not stand the sickness, so we went back
together. In the van, the were suddenly talking about crushes, which i won't reveal, pinky swear*
Dreading tuition tonight..
talking about tuition, tomorrow's add maths private tuition got cancel because i won't be free.
Have to attend this AFS briefing thing, excited!
VVL flying today , arrive tomorrow !

3 Days ..

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