Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Moment You Have Been Waiting

The Day Will Be Revealed..
As you know i woke up at 6.40 am ? Yeap, i woke up automatically. Was too excited i think?

Everyone of us woke up early but i went to my parents room and fell asleep there again. About 11-ish ? Me, my sis and dad went to pyramid. Me and my sis had to get something, we met edwin there too' he was there to watch the mighty minds competition i think? Anyway i drop by MPH to check whether they have the book i wanted and too my disappointment they don't ): Have to wait again. After that we went to Popular because i had to get a pen, the pen that i was using was *cacat*
we saw the mighty minds place it looks *i don't know how to describe in words* . Alot of students there wearing uniform..

After this, we went home to collect my mom and dad had to go do something which we had to wait for almost ONE hour till my dad was done, so we were late to go to the german ambassy! As it was getting nearer to the place i got to excited and nervous! I got a glimpse of all the students but i couldn't see vvl' . They were having the same briefing again so we actually didn't miss much. Finally it was time for the students to come out, and i saw V :P All the students had to sing Rasa Sayang and say Malaysia Boleh! it was weird and funny :P

Handing Student to the host family (: I look ew!
Same chapter, another family

kesian him, he has to wait for one because his host family couldn't take him in because of something.

another host family

another host family

The students (: singing rasa sayang

German Ambassador

All the other ambassodor's

Made it the biggest, this are all the host family and students.

Finally it was the handing over ceremony! ours took like ages till it was out turn. Yeap and we finally met V everyone was like shy, shy awkward phase. so need to chill first :P
We took her to the Chinese restaurant at sunway pyramid esquire kitchen to eat. It was her first time having some food like that . Then we went out and bought her school uniform and shoes. That's about it :) not so interesting, right?

At Sunway, i look crappy.

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