Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spank Spank Spank!

I love spanking people's asses Virtually :P
*Spanked Aina's , Megan's and Michelle's*
Who else needs a spank?

currently i am no inspired to write but i will do my very best.
today was the worst thursday EVER!
because aina wasn't in school ,so i was very lonley*
fadhilah was absent too, so i had no one to talk to which made me grumpy, cranky!
P.E was boring we played field hokey , the teacher was teaching us the same thing again because
there was another teacher who came to judge her teaching. So we were like acting to learn
again. This gets me annoyed.

During physics, i don' t have to say it but i will anyway :P
I was sleeping , seriously no one even listen to that teacher, she's just weird.
i don't think she has the qualification to teach in my opinion.
1. her english isn't fluent.
2. her spelling sucks.
3. she's just plain weird.

English was another one, even though i love english , i must say i am not very fond of the teacher.
So, she asked us to do an essay yesterday after god knows when was the last essay we wrote
and she did ask us to hand it in the next day, i did not copy down the essay was too busy doing
other homework that i totally forgot to jot down the question and the next day which is
today she asked us to hand it in and i was like CRAP! because i did not do it about 14 of us
did not complete it, she asked us to go to the office and do our work there, i wasn't that
embarrassed i did not actually give an ass anyway, we did our work 80% copied, that's what
she gets for rushing us, she should have give us like last week so we can complete it
not when the F-king time when the head of the subject wants to check our books.
GOSH, it really pissed me off!

well that's all the drama i've got today.
AFS briefing meeting tonight :) wonder what their going to brief us on.
vvl arriving 7pm today :)


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