Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Feeling moody, i have no idea why i just feel moody!
it's already tuesday Means only 4 more days :)
somehow that doesn't still cheer me up from my moody-ness.
Again today i did not have mood to study.
*concentrate* Cher Minn CONCENTRATE!@#$%
exam is coming 3rd f-king August.

Bm teacher did not come in to class today, so i've got time to read CHOSEN.
Couldn't put it down was hooked to it, ask aina :P
whole day i've been glued to the book.
Physic was completely and utterly tedious
i have to tell you the teacher is really weird, when she scolds people she actually SMILES!
i know, weird!!! no one takes her seriously. Come on, if you smile and scold you think
people will think you're serious? LMAO.

Anyway, at first i did NOT want to stay back for YE but because of Aina i stayed back!
see im such a good friend (:
Anyway, it wasn't an official meeting we were playing this game something like
truth and dare but not like it. It's like we ask you question and you have to answer
truthfully. I kena twice, first regina ask me name all my crushes i was like crapp !@$%
but she only said find answer one so i did. HEHE not going to tell.
Second was how i met aina, which i can't clearly remember but yea ;)
Dad was at school had to talk to teacher or something.
i Smell Durian, it STINKS!

4 tage.

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