Sunday, July 12, 2009

Satisfaction ♥

I am now very satisfied with my new blog layout :)
Compare to the previous one, i wasn't that satisfied.
It was a bit cacat-ed .
Loving the cute cupcakes ♥.

Lately, i have the mood to blog again which is good, right?

Like regina said, today i was reluctant to leave the comfort of my bed.
quoting regina "so comforting, warm and tempting".
Actually i wasn't sleeping on my bed it was my sister's , it's just so comfortable compare
to my bed, my bed is so hard like a rock.
My sister didn't want to sleep in her bed because she was sick and did not want to sleep
in front of the AC, so i trade place with her for a few days.
As always, I am the last to sleep and the last to wake up.
Mom, let me and my sister sleep in today, untill 11am .
She actually knock the door call through the intercom phone but i was too tired
to wake up, so i just ignored it . My sister wouldn't even give a damn.
I had the weirdest dream today except i forgot what it was.

My aunt claudia slept for another night and my grand aunt violet came to visit since she lives
just around the corner. My cousins came to visit today and her cute little baby boy , baby brian
came along too, his so adorable ♥. isn't he such a poser? hahaha
He has a cheeky smile :)

Mom bought the transformers DVD yesterday, watching it now for the second time.
It's funny and nice (:
esspecially that dumb robot with megan foxx , it's just hilarious.

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